Meet The 10 Winners Of Our “Caught In The Act” Video Contest

Thank you to everyone who entered our “Caught In The Act” video contest earlier this month…

I asked you to send me videos of your dogs “caught” doing something that drives you crazy, whether it’s just an annoying habit or an outright destructive behavior.

And wow, did you all deliver!

I received over 150 video submissions, so it was challenging to pick the “best of the best,” but I finally narrowed it down…

And good news:

Even if you didn’t win 1 of the 10 prizes, this coming Monday, I have another BIG ANNOUNCEMENT, I’ll be releasing 500 copies of my brand-new dog training program…

Cheekily called “Leave It The F@#% Alone”…

… Perfect for anyone who is FRUSTRATED and FED UP with their dog.

Before you throw in the towel, I think you’ll want to check this out…

Of course, enough about that…

It’s time for the BIG REVEAL, here are our winners:

Grand prize winners all receive a $250 gift card to

And our 7 runners up receive a free copy of “Leave It The F@#% Alone” when it’s released on Monday!

Grand Prize Winner #1:  Maureen Maxand
Dogs Destroyed The House While Owner Away


Grand Prize Winner #2: Lisa Horn
Dog Chaos When Guests Arrive At The Door


Grand Prize Winner #3:  Laura Penland
Dog Refuses To Stop Licking His Privates


Runner Up #1:  Linda Brandon
Dogs Digging Up The Backyard


Runner Up #2:  Lenore McLaughlin
Dog Won’t Stop Barking At The Television

Runner Up #3:  Terri Jackson
Dogs Won’t Stop Barking At The Door

Runner Up #4:  Teana Braun
Counter Surfing Food Thief

Runner Up #5:  Ross Rhoades
Dog Attacking Vacuum Power Cord

Runner Up #6: Paul Faris
Dog Won’t Stop Licking People!

Runner Up #7: Jennifer Bozz
Dog Plays Tug-O-War With Leash

Thank you again to everyone who entered our “Caught In The Act” Video Contest!

Remember, if you have a dog who is FRUSTRATING you with bad habits, you’ll want to pay close attention to your inbox Monday morning.

I have a solution that I think you’ll be interested to hear about.



UPDATE:  8:05 a.m. Monday, September 23rd

I’ve been getting a lot of comments so I wanted to add a few more thoughts:

The winners of our “Dogs Caught In The Act” video contest were chosen because these folks put themselves out there and were OPEN, HONEST, and RAW about the challenges they’re facing with their dogs.

Every day I get emails from people hiding at home in shame with their dogs, embarrassed to go out, have family over, take walks etc.  All because they can’t trust their dogs to behave.

So these winners were chosen because (1) their videos represent common problems I hear about from clients almost daily, and (2) because they’ve been HONEST about challenges I know so many of you are secretly HIDING…

I know from experience, it’s not until we’re willing to be HONEST about our problems do we have any hope of fixing them.

For everyone who is judging … I respectfully encourage you to be gentler with these folks.

You don’t know the history of the dog or the family.  A 30-second video clip is not the full picture of their dog or lives together.

And for everyone else struggling with SIMILAR problems…

Stop hiding!!!

And consider checking out my BRAND NEW training program:

Cheekily called “Leave It The F@#% Alone”…

… Created for anyone who is FRUSTRATED and FED UP with the dog.

If your dog has an annoying habit that gets on your nerves… like licking, boredom barking, whining, door rushing, attacking the TV, sleeping on your favorite couch…

Or, your dog is outright DESTRUCTIVE or just “TOO MUCH” … chewing, jumping on people, dragging you by the leash, digging holes, aggressive barking, etc…

… And you’ve tried and tried, but you can’t seem to change his behavior, this is FOR YOU!

And I’m so confident that this is the solution to your problems, that I’m prepared to actually BRIBE 500 of you to try it.

Stay tuned, I’ll be releasing it at 9 a.m. PST.

UPDATE:  10:14 a.m. PST  … Here’s Where You Can Get The Solution:

You can now get all the details of “Leave It The F@#% Alone” here. 

And … sigh … the shaming continues.  I’m amazed that folks aren’t more understanding.  It’s easy to be an arm chair critic of other people’s problems or lives.  Alternatively, we can try to constructively help these folks… with a little encouragement and kindness in recognition of the fact that life isn’t always easy, we all face different challenges, and what’s obvious to you might not be obvious to someone else.

What’s that expression… ?  People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones?  I’m pretty sure we all have aspects of our lives that others would disagree with or criticize if we allowed video cameras to follow us around. 😉  Right??!!!

Look, if you’re facing a frustrating challenge with YOUR DOG… I’m available to help, and I’m making “Leave It The F@#% Alone” available to make it even easier.

Sometimes, yes, the easiest solutions seem OBVIOUS once you’ve learned the tricks.  But hey?  That’s life and learning.  If you love your dog, you’ve problem tried to fix these issues on your own.  Hiring a professional dog trainer at $150+ per hour to come to your home may not be practical.   And honestly, it probably isn’t necessary.   Do you remember learning long division at school?  It’s a lot of work, and a lot of steps…

With “Leave It The F@#% Alone” I’m going to give you the easy, short division SHORT CUT.   I’ll show you the quick ways to get to the same end result… where your dog becomes enjoyable to live with and stops driving you batty with the same annoying or destructive behaviors.

Again, all the details are here.



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  1. Paul says:

    These are great! Definitely makes me realize I’m not the only one with misbehaving dog issues lol


  2. Sandra says:

    I am surprised at the winner, as her two dogs are not puppies, so obviously there has been
    no training when small. And, it sounds like this is not the first or second time. The dogs look scared like they know they have done wrong by her cussing and total anger! I wonder what the punishment has been?
    So if “this is what I wake up to every morning!” why isn’t some time spent on training and loving her dogs?


  3. Kitte says:

    How long were these dogs left unattended
    This is abuse
    Or neglect at the least


  4. Marianne Hunt says:

    What is wrong with the owner allowing the dog to attack and bite the power cord.Don’t they know it could be dangerous or possibly fatal for the dog? I do not think this should have been nominated for an award!


  5. F says:

    This statement is super judgmental. Tail wagging is so much better than finger wagging. with that said, getting an idea of their day to day schedule, dog energy levels, exercise routine, feeding schedule, etc., will help to build an effective strategy to regain harmony in the family. I’ve found that exercise is the most effective means to control my American Bulldog’ pup’s negative behaviors. Also, I use treats for positive behaviors. We train daily for about 20 minutes, AFTER about 15-20 minutes of fetch. It’s good for the entire household. I have 3 Chihuahuas and then there’s 80 lbs of Bruno, lol. We are still mastering walking on leash, and again, if I exercise him first, it is much easier. Woof to all.


  6. Virg says:

    It’s unfortunate that the big dogs are confined to the kitchen area for 6 long hours. That’s why they pee and poop.
    Pot dogs not their fault


  7. Gail says:

    Looks as if the last video has the person that is on the end of the leash with the dog enticing the activity that is going on by shaking the leash almost as if to offer a game of tug with the furry little friend??


  8. Chanell says:

    Wow! There are lots of dogs with behavioral issues.
    It will be great to see video of how these dogs behave after using the Dog Training Secret techniques.
    (Before and After)


  9. Michele says:

    To all those saying the owner is at fault NOT always… some dogs need different methods and the local pet store trainer is not the solution. people are routinely shamed for their dogs behavior.
    I love terriers and terriers from rescue. EACH comes with different baggage.
    I think these videos are BRAVE and show parts of my life with dogs from time to time.
    Lighten up!!!


  10. Donna says:

    It really is a relief to see that I’m not alone in the struggles with fur babies. I have 2 jack russells who, despite years of training (yes consistent training!) and working with, still have determined minds and selective hearing and who do many of the things I saw in these videos. Its a hard hard challenge with 2 hard headed dogs. At times they go with the program, and at times they act like a pack of rabid whirling dervishes! Stressful doesn’t even explain it, so thank you for showing that others have challenges too. The struggle is real.


  11. Jessica says:

    Thank you Chet for sending out the email calling out all these jerks for being judgmental and unkind. As you said, if these people are willing to send in these embarrassing videos for the world to see in an attempt to get help, they do care about their dogs and are willing to risk getting all the hateful comments from you people to get help. We all need to be more kind to one another and stop jumping to conclusions and being so hateful.


  12. Michele Turnbull says:

    Personally I think it takes a lot of courage and strength to put yourself out for all to see along with recognizing you need help. This doesn’t just apply to the winners but to all who took part in the context. You are to be applauded. Whatever the challenge, whatever the age of the dogs it is never too late to ask for help. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE WINNERS.


  13. SALLY A RENAUD says:

    Looking at all these video’s makes me realize my dog is an angel,,,when its time to eat, all she does is goes around in circles and barks. She’s 12 yrs old now and thank God I’ve never had any of these issues. She has been great since the day we brought her home at 6 weeks. Now that shes getting older,,,she may bark at noises she thinks she hears but that’s because shes going deaf. Shes a Malti-Pom,,,,and she’s great.


  14. SALLY A RENAUD says:

    Looking at all these video’s makes me realize my dog is an angel,,,when its time to eat, all she does is goes around in circles and barks. She’s 12 yrs old now and thank God I’ve never had any of these issues. She has been great since the day we brought her home at 6 weeks. Now that shes getting older,,,she may bark at noises she thinks she hears but that’s because shes going deaf. Shes a Malti-Pom,,,,and she’s great. Also thank you for all the videos


  15. SALLY A RENAUD says:

    I Agree,,,put the dog outside or in another room when vacuuming


  16. Laurie Jean Porter says:

    This one stood out for me, too. For it’s own safety, the dog should be put in another area when she’s using the vacuum until it’s trained not to do that.


  17. Suzanne Borwick says:

    Chet, you have obviously missed the point of the comments of the people in reaction to the “awards videos”. The woman who “wakes up to this every morning” must be a slow learner since she could rectify the problem by crating her dogs at night and spending some time on training them. The dogs look scared of her and it makes you wonder what has happened that isn’t caught on video. This reminds me of your tasteless hawking of your overpriced t-shirts at the expense of a homeless man and his dog. Maybe you should stick to selling your program which actually works…if people take the time to use it.


  18. Neil says:

    I don’t see why anyone should be so damn judgmental and negative. They may need some reconditioning also. I’ve owned and trained many big dogs. Some were easy and complient, others were not so much. Then there were also mistakes I made that compounded some problem areas. So, at those times I needed to a correction. And that’s why I continue to practice and learn. Training methods change over time. They’re certainly different than 40 years ago when I started.

    So wether it’s the dog or the person it doesn’t matter. These people are obviously trying to get results. Let’s help them out for Gods sake.


  19. Shelia says:

    After reading some of the comments it reminds me of how people react to a child misbehaving while out in public. Don’t criticize until you have walked in their shoes. My heart goes out to these dog owners who are lost at options and pleased to see them reaching out for help. Trust me I know how they feel. I could not send in a video because I could not take a video and hold her back from jumping on a visitor or going crazy when seeing a lizard at the same time. On the other hand my girl doesn’t attack vaccuum cords or play tug a war with her leash. Those of you lashing out at others look in your own back yard before jumping into someone else’s back yard. Reach out to help those in need instead criticizing. Have a great day.


  20. Donger says:

    6 hours of leaving your dog unattended is NOT abuse. Most people have to work which is usually at least 8 hours away from your dog. There are lots of people that do not take their dogs to the bedroom when they sleep, which again should be at least 7 to 8 hours. So exactly how is this abuse??? There are other ways to deal with your dog when you are away but if you never leave your dog alone for any length of time then most likely you are creating a whole different set of problems should you suddenly need to.


  21. Donger says:

    That did not sound like a vacuum but more like a power tool in a mechanics shop. Anywho….what bothered me about the video was that the dog was allowed to do it for so long and never once told no or removed from the situation. This is a dangerous behavior and I am glad they are wanting to stop it. But allowing the behavior to continue for the sake of the video was worrisome. I hope that seeking help was the reason for this particular video and not an ulterior motive such as the “prize” the winners received. As we know some will do anything for the sake of winning. That said, while I am not trying to be judgemental, sometimes the fix to the behavior may seem obvious but we don’t know the dog nor the owner. The solution may not be as obvious to them as it is to others. Think about it people. Hairdryers don’t come with a warning not to use it while in the bathtub for laughs sake. That warning has to be on there because some people somewhere sometime have done it at their own peril. That is something many of us laugh at because it is so obvious to us we think surely no one actually does this. But the truth is many need to actually be educated as to why this is not a good idea. Now, please don’t get me wrong as this example was on the extreme side but no less true. I am just pointing out that there is no handbook for life so we either have to be taught things or our common sense can help us to understand the whys and why nots in some cases. I think educating these people in proper ways to deal with these problems is fantastic. It is much better then euthanizing the dog. But dog owners, until you get the proper tools you need to train your dog not to do these things, please, please, please remove your dog from the situation if the behavior is one that puts his life in danger. Hopefully Chet’s new program will give you the tools you need to teach your dogs to leave it the f@#k alone. Keyboard warriors give these owners a break. We weren’t born knowing this stuff. We all had to learn somewhere and we all need help with something or you wouldn’t be here now would you?


  22. Patty says:

    Wow! Some of these people need to step back and take a look in the mirror. I really cannot imagine that all these judgmental people have perfect dogs. The people submitting these videos recognize the need for help and are attempting to get it. I have a 5 1/2 year old German Shepherd that is a very good dog and has had and continues to have consistent obedience training. She passed the Therapy Dog International (TDI) test, successfully completed the local shelter therapy dog program, has her canine good citizens (CGC), has CGC advanced, CGC urban, as well as a C.L.A.S.S. Bachelors and Masters. I do not say this to brag but to point out that all of this and she still has issues. She still pulls wildly on a leash in some situations, especially when she is very excited about where we are going or with whom we are walking. She also barks at every outside movement or loud noise on the T.V. as well as at fast moving children, or approaching adults who for whatever reason she sees as a threat. It is an ongoing battle for me to overcome these behaviors; we take a training class every Sunday, as well as Agility twice a week, and any other things that I can do to have bonding time with her. I have done at least 3 one-on-one training sessions with experienced trainers and still she has her “behavioral” issues. My point being had I submitted a video of her wildly pulling on a leash or lunging and barking I am sure it would look as if she has had no training and was completely out of control. Maybe people should not be so quick to judge and try offering encouragement instead, there is enough hatred in this world.


  23. Karen says:

    I took one of Chet’s courses and the change in my dog (and myself) was amazing. My girl was a bit of a wild child on leash and now she’s a joy to walk. We had gone to different training classes, but Chet’s was by far the most effective. I’ll add that shaming people and dogs is not a strategy I would recommend. It does nothing to alleviate any behaviors. Kindness and patience will always win the day.


  24. Joan says:

    We have a young male a year and a half piebald chocolate and cream dachshund .
    He is intact .Rocket
    We recently adopted a two-year-old wild boar dachshund from Wag “N” Train Rescue . He is neutered . R2
    Both potty trained.
    All of a sudden I’m finding marking spots all over the house this morning I have cleaned up seven times . Help is there a way of training them not to do this .
    Thank you,


  25. Victoria Stringham says:

    C’mon now. For starters, how about we celebrate our universal love of dogs.

    How amazing is that?!

    Like us humans, each animal is different.

    Pretty fantastic that this website gave a safe place and sounding board to those who acknowledge they need more help with their fur babies.

    For all you criticizers, we understand you too. I’ve yet to meet anyone perfect that isn’t guilty of a little judgment here or there. Myself included.

    My vote is to keep the messaging and feedback as open and honest and REAL as possible…. A dog-loving audience will always understand authenticity.



  26. debbie says:

    WOW! Apparently these judgmental people didn’t get the memo. The contest was all about dogs being caught misbehaving! If none of them had been caught on video, there wouldn’t have been any contest and no winners! And why do you all assume that this is an everyday occurrence in their household? I seriously doubt that any of us have dogs that behave perfectly all day everyday, so take a look at yourselves before you pass judgement. And if you claim to have the perfect dog, you’re either a liar or have a stuffed one. Wake up and smell the coffee. I don’t know, maybe they’re all being judgemental because their videos didn’t win?


  27. Taylor Arens says:

    The Dog Training Secret is one of my favorite communities when it comes to training our furry friends! I’m very fortunate to have found this resource as well as to help with all of my training needs. Both resources have helped shape my dogs into into perfect angels!


  28. Truly says:

    Seems like there is a hidden agenda or buried hostility that may or may not have to do with topic at hand. Perhaps all should relax n roll with the flow. We are all trying to learn and that comes more easily in a congenial “room”.


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