How It Works

No Need To Watch Hours of Video, Instead Just…


Pick The Impulsive Behavior You Want Fixed

Choose which behavior you want to help your dog with first, whether that’s jumping on guests, barking at the door, going ballistic every time he sees another dog. (or whatever)


Play The Games Targeting That Impulse

Play the games in the order we recommend. Each game is designed to directly target specific impulsive behaviors in dogs, in a way that your dog actually enjoys the process.


Enjoy Your Calmer Dog

Be prepared to notice dramatic differences in how calm, under control and well behaved your dog becomes, as he learns how to control his emotions without you having to nag him all the time.

Our Testimonials

Read What Our Clients Are Saying

“the results are awesome”

“When I first viewed your impulse control videos I thought – no way – I will never be able to get him to comply. But I gave the program a try anyway. The results are awesome. My husband and I can now give him the command to wait at the stairs and he listens almost 100% of the time. In fact, there are times don’t even have to give the command. He just sits and waits.

Stacey Carstens Bell

“thrilled at his progress in such a short time”

“Our lab mix, Tanner, is a rescue dog and had absolutely no impulse control. Couldn’t teach him any obedience because his mind was just not in a place to learn. Then we started with Impulse control training. We are thrilled at his progress in such a short amount of time! Thanks for sharing your knowledge!”

Stacey Carstens Bell

“puts me in position of control”

“First of all, I want to thank you for this very helpful training program. Your training has been great and puts me in position of feeling I am in control, not him. Before the training, my black standard schnauzer puppy would pick up anything on the ground that was dropped and then chases on. Now, he waits until being told Okay. We will continue to work on all eight of your impulse control videos and we can’t thank you enough because this is about Rio being a well behaved enjoyable member of your family but also one that remains safe and healthy! Thank you”

Shelley Meyer

“feels like some serious Harry Potter magic”

“I’m so serious that this program feels like some serious Harry Potter type magic. I still can’t believe how much progress we have made in a short 4 weeks. I recommend it to everyone I know that has dogs. Thanks Chet for not only making this program, but also making it affordable. I spent $1000 on in-home trainers before this and didn’t make nearly as much progress.”

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