The 3 Secrets To A Well Trained Dog

If you are serious about training your dog to be obedient, we recommend this as the first step:

Most people completely ignore Impulse Control Training, and instead focus on normal dog obedience training.

But to NOT teach your dog Impulse Control would be like never teaching a toddler that it’s INAPPROPRIATE to throw a temper tantrum for everything she wants in her life… if not fixed, this approach ends up raising a monster.

Well, the same goes for training dogs!

Dogs who are not taught to control their impulses:

  • Get WAY too excited to greet people
  • Go ballistic at other dogs or small animals when out on a walk
  • Whine incessantly

And I could go on and on…

Which is why we first recommend that if you have not taught your dog how to control their OVER-EXCITEMENT, you try these 7 brain re-training games, designed to help overly excited dogs learn some self control.

Once Your Dog Learns To Control His Impulses…


The second step is to teach him how to listen to your commands… but to do this in a way that doesn’t resort to using nasty, old school, punishment based methods that have been scientifically proven to hurt a dog’s happiness.

We here at The Dog Training Secret use what we call The Hands Off Dog Training Formula.

This was a formula originally developed as a way to get wild animals to WANT to obey you, even if you couldn’t force them too (like whales, parrots & lions).  And what we’ve done is developed a process specifically for dogs, that uses different motivational rewards for getting your dog to listen and obey you, even though he doesn’t want to.

All are taught in a positive based approach that leaves your dog loving you more and BEGGING for you to train him so he can please you.

Learn More About The Hands Off Dog Training Formula Here

Then Lastly, You MUST Do This…

You have to train them to “Obey While You’re Away”.

Most people stop training their dog once they seem to obey all their commands.

But, what good is a dog who can obey every command you give them, then:

  • Steals food off the counter when you aren’t looking
  • Chews up your expensive shoes instead of his toys while you’re at work
  • Or, hops up to sleep on that couch you were sleeping on the second you leave

And I could go on and on…

That is why we developed our Household Rules Training program:

If you want your dog to be better at “Obeying The Rules Of Your House”, even when UNSUPERVISED, then click here to learn more about this program.

Here’s Why We Take Dog Training So Seriously…