Human Food; Facts and Myths Dispelled

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Giving your dog human food is a very emotionally charged subject for some people.

Some people swear by it, some would and have never given their dog’s human food.

There are myths and there are facts and there are some rules that should be followed.

So let’s get to some simple information that will keep your pet happier and healthier!

Giving My Dog Human Food Will Make Him Beg


Feeding him what you are eating is a sure fire way to make your dog beg, but even if you don’t you can end up with a beggar.

The truth is that your dog’s sense of smell is so good he can pretty much taste what you are eating anyway.  He can smell that it is good and even if you don’t share your dog can end up begging.

If you NEVER share, he is likely to give up hope.  But if you do, even rarely he will probably hold out optimism that it is an option.  After all dogs are eternal optimists (another reason I love them).

But just because you use human food as treats when you are training doesn’t mean he is going to beg when you eat.  After all your dog really doesn’t know whether his treats came from the pet store or the grocery store.

The most important facet is number one not to share the food YOU are eating with your dog.

And to develop a routine that avoids begging.

Thanks Caddis Corner Dog Bed for the Photo

Thanks Caddis Corner Dog Bed for the Photo

Teach your dog to lay on his bed; which should be placed far enough away from the dinner table or where you are eating so that begging can’t be accomplished.

OR, I learned from training Service Dogs that teaching them to lie under the table (where Guide, Service and Hearing Dogs must lay in public) keeps them from developing this habit since they can’t make eye contact with you from under the table.  And although not all dogs fit under tables it does help them feel as if they are part of the social activity that is meal time.

Human Food is Bad For Dogs

Yes!  And NO!

Thanks Vets Online for the Photo

Thanks Vets Online for the Photo

I actually prefer using human treats to buying dog treats for my dogs.

First off making your own dog treats is cheaper than any dog treat on the market.

Plus I know I can avoid salt and other preservatives that are not good for my dogs.

AND, I have worked in this field long enough to see decades of food and treat recalls that can cause kidney damage and death.

If string cheese starts poisoning humans or children and killing them we will certainly find out a lot quicker because human food has to pass a lot of FDA requirements.  There aren’t such requirements for dog foods and treats.

But Not All Foods Are Safe For Dogs

downloadI stick with foods I KNOW are safe for dogs.  Meats (most), Cheeses (in small quantities) and other treats that have been utilized for years.

I use string cheese, chicken breast, lean beef, liver, and low fat low salt hot dogs.  For my favorite recipe click here

I don’t use pork because it is high in fat and salt and both can be bad for your dog (especially bacon!).  Bacon can send dogs to the hospital with life threatening risks as can anything else that is high in fat content.  Dog’s don’t digest fats like we can and fatty things can cause pancreatitis.

I also avoid anything spicy or flavorful.

Dogs don’t need their meat to taste “good” it already tastes good to them.

Things like salt, onion, garlic, cinnamon, and nutmeg can be dangerous or deadly.

I also don’t use extravagant exotic foods, because most often they have not been used and tested on dogs for decades.

Things like avocados, and macadamia nuts can also be deadly.

And even average foods that we eat often like grapes, chocolate, gum, and broccoli can have negative effects.

If in doubt, don’t add it to your treats or use it as a treat!

And for more information on deadly foods and spices click on each link to find out more.

The RuleiStock_000013516991XSmall-200x300

The rule about human food is to keep it small and simple.

Would your dog rather have a “dog treat” or a tiny piece of boiled chicken breast or dried liver?

Mine would prefer the homemade treats and I trust them more.

Dogs also don’t need a ton of variety keep it simple and mix it up with only a few different things!

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  1. Nathan says:

    As soon as she pees in the house, show it to her, tell her it’s WRONG, and take her odsuite right away. In fact go odsuite with her. Again and again until she gets the concept. Make sure you make a really big deal about it when she does go odsuite either pee or poop! It’s a test of your patience but be patient and persistent! It will pay off. Good Luck!


  2. Buhtsecks says:

    How did you bridge that gap between homemade dog treats and dogs pooping on your floor?


    Minette Reply:

    homemade treats should have nothing to do with pooping on the floor


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