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“The God Complex”
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"Discover The Secret To 'Playing God' ... 
And Transform Even The Most Unsocialized Dog Into A Happy, Confident, RELAXED Companion You Can Take Anywhere!"
Dear Friend, 

If you are often embarrassed or frustrated ... 

... because your dog just isn't socialized the way you'd like.

And your dog can't seem to handle everyday situations that MORE SOCIALIZED dogs breeze through JUST FINE, like walks to the local park, play dates with other dogs, visitors to your home, car rides, etc...

Behaving in ways that seem to scare other dogs ... and even people!   

(With out-of-control barking, lunging, jumping, dominant behaviors, etc.) 

And even getting so emotional that his brain seems to “shut down” until he doesn’t seem to hear you anymore ...  

… Then you’ll want to read what follows closely.  

Because I’m about to introduce you to a training method SO POWERFUL you’ll finally have:

The KEY to “playing god” with your dog.  

Literally controlling his view of the world.  

So you’re in the perfect position to: 

  • REVERSE even his *worst* habits.
  • Boost his confidence. 
  • Replace "bad manners" with REAL social skills ... with both people AND other dogs. 
  • STOP surprise situations from triggering BAD behaviors.  
  • And transform him into the happy, confident, RELAXED companion you can take anywhere, without worry.  
The Dog Training Method So Elegant + Simple … Yet So Powerful … You’ll Wonder Why It Was Never Explained To You Like This Before!
Every dog is different...

... just like every child is different. Yes?

Some dogs are naturally social; they like to be in the thick of the action. Some dogs are more introverted and prefer to hang back. Some dogs are naturally confident and relaxed in their world. Other dogs are more anxious … cautious … even fearful.

Yes, your dog was born with this unique personality.

Yet have you ever considered...?
Your dog’s way of interacting with the world has ALSO been 
shaped by his environment... since the day he was born! 
His unique personality + his life experiences... make your dog who he is today.
And create the LENS through which he sees the world.
So if your dog is NATURALLY happy-go-lucky, extroverted, and relaxed ...

… It’s no big surprise, your dog is easier to socialize. 

While if your dog’s unique personality makes him naturally anxious or fearful... 

... AND he’s also had some negative experiences, your dog may be more challenging to socialize.

Especially if he's a full-grown adult who was under-socialized as a puppy.

Which means your dog may need more guidance from you to interpret and understand the world around him in a way that keeps him feeling calm and relaxed.
The “Playing God” training method is for YOU if 
your dog has any of the following behavior problems: 
  •  Fear barking and growling
  •  Uncontrolled lunging ... at other dogs, kids, etc.
  •  Aggressive leash pulling and thrashing 
  •  No manners with other dogs
  •  Dominant behaviors with other dogs and people 
  •  Fear and anxious behaviors in particular situations 
  •  Anxiety being left alone
  •  Poor behavior while riding in cars 
Your Dog’s Trust Has Been Broken … Play God To Win It Back 
(And Fix Even The Most Challenging Behaviors)
Most socialization problems develop in dogs when a STRESSFUL EVENT occurs … 

... And the dog interprets it using their limited canine brain!

Often making FALSE ASSOCIATIONS and MEMORY CONNECTIONS that work against your dog for years to come.  

For example… maybe the postman surprises your sleeping dog on the doorstep, and accidentally steps on him. Going forward, your dog thinks: “The postman isn’t to be trusted. The postman kicks me!” 

Perhaps you try to undo this canine learning using “training”.

Unfortunately, too often the training is still reactionary, AFTER the event has occurred, and involves punishment.

For example, maybe your dog now lunges at the postman to bite him, or barks and lunges out of fear.

You respond by telling the dog “no, quiet” or dragging him away.

But this doesn’t really fix the problem, does it?

You know you need to “undo” the memory and learned association -- and replace it with a NEW, positive association. But how do you DO THAT?
Learn To ERASE False Memories… 
And REPLACE Them With *Happy* Associations 
Stress is an important part of learning for your dog …

… But if it’s not well managed by YOU, the human, behavior problems can develop.

If your dog is left to interpret events with his limited canine brain, without any guidance from you, he can create false memories and make negative associations that can end up resulting in SERIOUS behavior problems…

All because, forever after, your dog is trying to AVOID REPEATING THE PAIN + FEAR he associates with the original event.

That’s all your dog is doing. Trying to avoid pain!

And that’s why in my NEW VIDEO TRAINING PROGRAM, I teach you using REAL DOGS, with REAL SOCIALIZATION problems, in REAL WORLD SITUATIONS, to use *stress* to your advantage...

... And "Play God" to shift your dog's world view!  

So he's happier, more relaxed, more confident...  with social skills that allow YOU to relax, too.
“Socialization Secrets: Playing God 
To Destress & Retrain Your Dog”
With "Socialization Secrets: Playing God", you’ll gain the practical skills you need to carefully control:
  • The memories
  •  Associations
  •  Feelings, and 
  •  Learned behaviors 
… that your dog takes away from any given situation.

So nothing is left to chance.

You literally PLAY GOD and learn to manipulate situations so you’re 100% in control of how your dog sees and remembers what happened.

Especially in those REAL-LIFE moments that take you by surprise.

(Like the postman accidentally stepping on your dog!)
Build Your Dog’s Stress Resiliency … 
So He Automatically RELAXES In Situations That 
Used Make Him Overexcited Or Anxious! 
For example, in "Socialization Secrets: Playing God VIDEO TRAINING," I’ll show you the secret to having a dog that automatically relaxes … even on cue … in absolutely ANY situation!

Even situations that currently drive your dog into a frenzy …
  •  Like the doorbell ringing
  •  A dog walking past your driveway
  •  Neighborhood kids playing ball on the road
  •  Skateboards whipping past
  •  New dogs walking by on leash
  •  ... And the list goes on. 
Or, situations that make him afraid and submissive.

Have you ever noticed that your dog seems to “shut down” -- and can’t hear your voice or commands anymore because he’s upset?

Once you use the “Playing God” socialization training methods, this won’t happen anymore!

Because your dog will know how to relax every muscle in his body…

And even quiet his MIND…

Creating a focused, almost canine meditative state the drowns out all the “negatives” and keeps him 100% focused on you and the positive memories you’re creating.
Using The “Pivot Point” Method … 
To Swing Your Dog’s Attention In The Moment, 
And Create POSITIVE Memories. 
Also key to the “Socialization Secrets: Playing God” training program is a concept that I call the “pivot point.”

Your behavior impacts how your dog perceives stress …

In any given situation, you can literally REDUCE or AMPLIFY the stress your dog experiences, to shape how he sees and remembers any given moment.

I call this acting as the “pivot point.”

Because YOU swing your dog’s attention to create the positive memory you want! 

Literally “playing god” for your dog … controlling how he experiences any given moment … along with the associations and memories created.

So if you want your dog to associate the arrival of the postman with bacon and a favorite toy, you can create that experience for your dog. If you want your dog to associate skateboards with high fiving to earn a ball toss, you can shape this experience for your dog too.

Again, it’s done using what I call pivot points, and I’ll be showing you how this is done in the Socialization Secrets: Playing God video training program, JUST RELEASED for the first time ever …
Improving Your Dog’s Health & Memory 
With Training That REDUCES Stress Hormones.
Humans are the GODS of reinforcement for their dogs.

Your dog is looking to you for all the pleasures he experiences: food, fun, and affection.

So don’t underestimate the HEALTH IMPACT this has on your dog.

Just like stress affects our human bodies negatively, stress can have a negative impact on your dog’s overall health and well being, too!

Stress affects:
  • Blood pressure 
  •  Cortisol levels
  •  Immune function
And most important in training… MEMORY!

Chronic stress actually impairs brain development.

This is why training with FEAR & PAIN doesn’t work. It not only causes long-term health issues, but it also affects long-term memory. 

To the point that your dog actually learns “HELPLESSNESS!”
Avoid Accidentally Teaching Your Dog To Be “Helpless” 
… By Recognizing “Fear Flooding” And Stopping It!
In Socialization Secrets: Playing God, I’ll be showing you how to REDUCE your dog’s anxiety and stress levels...

... And create the optimal physiological state for learning new behaviors and creating positive, long-term memories!

You’ll discover:
  • How to prevent false memories. 
  •  Managing your dog’s stress to prevent future behavior problems. 
  •  How to be proactive when training, instead of REACTIVE!  
  •  How to de-escalate your dog in a high stress situation where you feel like you’re losing control!  
  •  The “bounce back” training method that instantly changes your dog's focus--so he’s calm, happy, confident, and RELAXED!  
  •  And so much more!
Filmed Using REAL DOGS, In REAL Situations To Overcome REAL Behavior Challenges:
See The “Playing God” Methods In Action!
Make no mistake:

The science behind “Socialization Secrets: Playing God” dog training methodology can benefit absolutely ANY dog ... making them happier, more confident, and more RELAXED in any situation.

Settling them into an almost meditative state, on command, if that’s what you need.

However, I think it’s important you know, when I created this program, my focus was helping dogs who are:
  • Fearful
  •  High strung 
  •  Quick to react 
  •  Aggressive 
  •  Overly excited 
  •  Dominant 
  •  Highly submissive 
… The “tough cases”!

So I made a point of filming REAL DOGS that exhibit these behavior problems … filming the LIVE TRAINING … and showing you IN REAL TIME how these issues are corrected using the “playing god” methods.

Because even if you understand the THEORY behind the training…

… understanding how to apply it in the moment can be challenging!

And I knew these “real life” demonstrations with real dogs would help you better understand how you can apply these lessons to YOUR dog!
Comes With Everything You See Here:
When I created “Socialization Secrets: Playing God”, I wanted it to be EASY for absolutely anyone to learn and apply these training methods to their dog…

So I worked with my training partner…

… to create 18 fast-paced VIDEO LESSONS that you can watch all in one sitting to understand the 50,000 foot view of how this program resets your dog.

And then re-watch, again and again, as you apply each of the lessons to your dog.

You’ll be taught to:
  • PLAY GOD and control your dog’s environment.
  •  React in the moment to surprises. 
  •  Be a step ahead of your dog without “working” at it. 
  •  Handle set backs (they happen to the best of us!).  
  •  Replace “negative” behavior markers with positive enforcement. 
  •  Create sequential learning scenarios, with planned learning outcomes. 
  •  Prevent emotional “fear flooding” that shuts down learning.  
  •  Erase “false memories” and replace with happy associations. 
  •  Build your dog’s stress resiliency … for an overall calmer dog. 
  •  Put your dog in a calm, near meditative state. 
  •  Use the “pivot point” method to redirect your dog’s focus.  
  •  … And so much more!
You’ll receive all 18 VIDEO LESSONS in MP4 format (watch them on-demand, from any device with Internet access).

Or, you can download the MP4s to the device of your choosing and watch “on the go.”  (Even in the moment, as you’re training, if that helps!)

Plus… by popular demand… “Socialization Secrets” also comes with a complete set of PDF cheat sheets.  

Easily save these on your portable device or print them! Each one includes a summary of individual video lessons with action steps clearly outlined, so you can focus on the training -- not trying to remember what comes next!
It’s a total package value of $97.  
Yours today for a generous 60% SAVINGS.  
Just $37
Limited Time BONUS GIFT, Included: 
“Ask The Dog Trainer”
A $97 Monthly Value, Yours FREE!
I’m also excited to announce, as part of my release celebration for “Socialization Secrets: Playing God”, I’m offering unlimited FREE trainer support to everyone who purchases in the next 72 hours.

Which means ... you can ask my elite team of dog trainers as many questions as you like. 

Plus, we’ll even let you send us video footage (via YouTube) to review if you want us to really see and experience the problems you’re having with your dog.

So we can help you troubleshoot any particularly challenging issues. 

This one-on-one access to my elite team of dog trainers (recruited from across North America) is a $97 monthly value. Worth as much as $199-$299 per month depending on how many questions you ask!

But again … this online support is 100% FREE with your investment in “Socialization Secrets” today.
Comes With A 100% Money Back Guarantee
If your dog is “high needs”, you’ve probably already invested a lot of time and money trying to fix the problems.

So here’s my promise to you:

I’m confident that “Socialization Secrets: Playing God” is going to make a significant difference in your dog’s life, transforming him into a happier, more relaxed, more confident companion in as little as 2 weeks.


… If you don’t experience these results … even if it’s because you NEVER WATCH the videos and NEVER APPLY the lessons … which is the only reason I can envision it not working for you …

I will give you a no-questions-asked refund of your monies invested. Just ask.

Because my 12+ year reputation as the #1 source of online dog training has been established by delivering results to dog owners like you, who go on to rave about my programs to their friends and family.

Not by taking your money and running.

So I confidently offer this generous guarantee, allowing you to try it RISK FREE for the next 60 days, knowing that less than 2% of my customers ever request a refund.
Now It’s Time To Decide!
Try It RISK FREE For The Next 60 Days.
Remember, your total investment in “Socialization Secrets: Playing God” is just $37:

A generous 60% SAVINGS off the regular $97 that it'll be in the near future, once our launch celebration ends. 

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And even though you're getting a total package valued at $194 for just $37 … I’m still willing to let you have it all RISK FREE for the next 60 days, with my generous 100% money back guarantee.

You must get the results I’ve promised, or I’ll happily refund your investment without question.

Again, “Socialization Secrets: Playing God” is the video training program I created to help dog owners like you transform under-socialized dogs into happier, more confident, and more relaxed companions. 

It’s guaranteed to benefit ANY dog.

But it was really created with those “tough cases” in mind.

So I hope you’ll consider making the investment and giving it a try today.
Try it RISK FREE for 60 days.
Comes with 100% money back guarantee.
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My name is Chet Womach, and I am compelled by a vision to help simplify how dog owners communicate with their dogs using alternative motivation techniques, so you can finally have that loyal, obedient dog you've always wanted, without scolding or yelling. 

Unlike most dog trainers, my training philosophy was born out of my early efforts training exotic, undomesticated animals, and my realization that there are a LOT of effective ways to train animals...

... and they go far beyond "the carrot and stick" methods taught by nearly all trainers. 

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