Hip & Joint Support for Dogs: Adults + Seniors
"Keep Your Dog Active, Healthy, and Playing Like A Puppy… Well Into The Senior Years!
Keeps Your Dog Running... Jumping... Climbing Stairs...
Wrestling... Going for Car Rides...  and more.
Use Daily, For Best LIFETIME Results!
  • Scientifically Formulated
  • With Optimal Dosing of 10 Actives
  • To Support Healthy Joints + Cartilage
  • For More Youthful Mobility
  • With Natural Pain Relief
Manufactured In The USA

With Nothing Artificial + No Heat Processing.  
Enjoy Seeing Your Dog Play Like A Puppy Again
With No Worries About Pain, Or “Recovery”
As our dogs get older, they begin to slow down…

… Often due to the many common aches and pains that come with age.  

Especially hip and joint pain.  

Fortunately, there’s something you can do. And you don’t need to wait until your dog is suffering to get started.

Get science working for you. 

 And maintain -- and even RESTORE -- your dog’s youthful joint function and cartilage.

With the daily support of Reactiv: Hip & Joint Support for Dogs.  
A Formula That Allows Your Dog To Enjoy More
Youthful Activities… With Less Pain.
Reactiv has been carefully formulated to include the optimal dosing of 10 ACTIVE INGREDIENTS, based on the results of clinical research, studies, and trials.

So your dog can once again more youthful activities… 

Running, playing, wrestling, tug-o-war, fetch… Jumping to his favorite spot on your couch or bed… Climbing in and out of your car for adventures…

All with noticeably less pain, stiffness, and inflammation.
Get Your Happy, Social Dog Back! 
  • See noticeable improvements in mobility.
  • Running ahead on your walks. 
  • Playful and active again. 
  • Jumps up onto the couch.
  • Climbs stairs more easily.
  • Friendly and social, enjoys cuddles.
  • Improved mood. 
  • Noticeable decrease in pain.
Be Proactive. Start Early. Prevent Pain.
If you’re waiting until your dog is a senior and LOOKS like he’s in pain to start supplementing…

… You’re waiting too long!  

Giving your dog Reactiv daily can not only RESTORE joint mobility in aging dogs while alleviating pain, it also helps adult dogs MAINTAIN YOUTHFUL joints and healthy cartilage longer...

Preventing the degenerative conditions like arthritis commonly associated with aging! 

Keeping your dog happy and active longer. 
Don't Wait Until Your Dog Is Suffering:
Recognize The Warning Signs
Too often, dog owners and even vets MISS the early warning signs of joint paint and inflammation.

Because dogs have a natural survival instinct! 

They HIDE hide their pain until it’s severe. 

And symptoms tend to appear very gradually over time... They sneak up...

Until one day you notice:  Your dog is less social... less eager to greet you... has trouble getting on and off the couch... is slower to sit... slower to stand... has difficulty with stairs... slow to get up... lagging behind on your walks... is cranky... even depressed. 

Maybe he doesn't even want to be touched.
Pain Left Unchecked Snowballs Into Disease!
The research is clear:  Pain and inflammation… even minor… left unchecked snowballs into more serious degenerative conditions.  Like arthritis, kidney disease, dental disease … even cancer. 

It happens because the pain releases stress hormones that impact almost EVERY SYSTEM in your dog’s body: The heart, thymus glands, adrenal glands, and immune system.  Over time, muscles and tissues begin to break down. Organs are affected. And your dog’s ability to heal decreases.  

Again … don’t wait until your dog is in pain to take action.

Daily supplementation with Reactiv can have a dramatic impact on your dog’s quality of life as a senior. 
It Does More Than Just "Mask The Pain"
Slow... Even Reverse The Effects of Aging
By Repairing + Rebuilding Joints & Cartilage.
Reactiv offers NATURAL pain relief with the inclusion of New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel.  (Without the harmful side effects associated with NSAID drugs.) 

But does more than just “mask pain”. 

Instead, this scientific formulation of 10 active ingredients stimulates the regrowth and rebuilding of joints and joint cartilage.   Offering noticeable improvements in your dog’s flexibility and mobility. 

With relief from injuries, chronic pain, inflammation, hip dysplasia, arthritis, and more.  
Scientifically Formulated:
With Optimal Dosing of 10 Active Ingredients
Organic Turmeric
(600 mg)
Ancient Anti-Inflammatory + 
Proven Natural Pain Killer 
Glucosamine HCL
(500 mg)
Stimulates The Re-Growth Of 
"Joint Cushioning" Cartilage. 
(325 mg)
Excellent For Joint Health + Mobility
Fights Inflammation
Green Lipped Mussel
(250 mg)
Immediate Pain Relief
Without The Side Effects of NSAIDs.
Chrondroitin Sulphate
(160 mg)
Works With Glucosamine To Rebuild Joints
+ Prevents Joint Damage. 
Cod Liver Oil
(100 mg)
Stops Inflammation To Protect Joints
Improves Overall Immune Function.
Yucca Schidigera
(55 mg)
Improves Overall Absorption
For Best Results.
Black Pepper
(40 mg)
Increases Absorption By Up To 2,000%.
Boosts Overall Potency of Formula.
Egg Shell Meal
(20 mg)
High In Collagen For Joint Cushioning.
With 18 Amino Acids That Build Tissues.
Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol)
(20 ius)
Boosts The Bioavailability of Actives.
Improves Overall Absorption.
Fast, Natural Pain Relief... With Improved Mobility
Results In The First 7 Days.  
For BEST RESULTS, Take Daily For At Least 8-12 Weeks. 
The pain relief your dog will experience with Reactiv is immediate.   

This is important... Because the formulation also works to REBUILD joints and cartilage.   And of course, this is NOT an overnight process.

It takes a minimum commitment of 8-12 weeks to begin seeing the healing effects.  

With an ongoing promise to your dog to continue giving it DAILY to maintain the results. 

Reactiv won’t stop your dog from aging.   But it can slow the effects of aging on joints and cartilage for an overall improvement in your dog’s quality of life.  
Try It RISK FREE For 90 Days.
100% Money Back Guarantee. 
Reactiv comes with a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee.

So you have a FULL 3 MONTHS to test it with your dog, and evaluate the benefits of daily dosing.

Because while YES, pain relief is immediate, ongoing daily supplementation is necessary to REBUILD, RESTORE, and MAINTAIN joints and cartilage.

If you're not 100% satisfied, return the open bottles for a refund of monies paid minus return shipping.   

Your satisfaction is our #1 prioity and concern.  If your dog doesn't  feel noticeably better, we don't want your money. 
So Now It's Time To Decide... 
Will You Wait For Medical Science To Catch Up? 
And Get It From Your Vet?  
Or, Will You Join The Early Adopters?
Your dog counts on you to make the best choices for his health.

And we all know: there’s a fine line between being skeptical and close minded.

Medical research is rapidly publishing evidence that supports the stories being told by early adopters:

A daily dose of full-spectrum hemp oil with CBD can have a notable impact on the health of both dogs … and humans!

If you’re considering trying a full spectrum hemp oil with CBD to combat a health concern with your dog or just generally improve his overall quality of life, Full Spectrum CBD Oil is an excellent choice.
Make The Decision To Invest In 
Your Dog's Quality Of Life, Ongoing! 
Feed daily for the best LIFETIME RESULTS!
One Month Supply
FREE Shipping
Three Month Supply
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Six Month Supply
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