…Tired Of Your Dog Pooping And Peeing All Over Your Home?
Discover How To Potty-Train Your Dog Quickly And Easily Using “Mommy’s Rule”!
He’ll signal to be let outside. You’ll keep your house clean!
About the Creator

Hi, my name is Chet Womach, and in case we haven’t met before, you should know that I am compelled by a vision to help simplify how people communicate with their dogs.  So you can finally have the loyal, obedient dog you’ve always wanted.  Without scolding or yelling.  But instead, by training using a series of alternative motivation techniques that I’ve proven over the last decade to create incredibly obedient dogs.

Unlike most dog trainers, my training philosophy was born out of my early efforts in training exotic, undomesticated animals, where I learned there are a LOT of effective ways to train animals beyond the usual carrot-on-a-stick methods taught by most dog trainers.

It is my hope that I can help you come to this same realization, too. :-)

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