The WWF Game – For Stopping Excitement Barking

If you have a dog that barks his head off when he feels like he’s being left OUT of something exciting…

Whether that’s because he can’t contain his excitement to greet a new person…

He’s barking inside the house to be let out and interact with you while you’re outside…

Or maybe just like in my video above, your dog gets too stimulated when playing with children…

Then this game, is a game I came up with to help teach your dog how to stop barking for interaction, and instead learn how to calmly and quietly ask for permission to play and interact.

Teaching your dog this skill of learning a DIFFERENT way to ask for what he wants BESIDES barking is the NEXT core principal we always like to teach our clients how to train their dogs.

And we have an entire course that uses this method that we call ‘The Permission Principal’ to get dogs to have better obedience.

Click Here to see how using the Permission Principal can help your dog be more obedient.

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  1. Tania says:

    Hey Chet, Minette and rest of team. I already followed some of the courses, so this method is not new to do. So I just wanted to add that if you had wait 1 week longer to do the movie, that puppie would have been jumping over that fence. couldn’t avoid laughing at the thought 😉
    Keep up the good work.


  2. dog trainer says:

    Love this will have to try this out with my lab.


  3. Debbie says:

    Chet, your stuff is SO great! Longtime customer…

    I see now how I can use this same idea to get my dogs to stop barking like crazy when I arrive back home. Now I see I can only open the door (from the garage to the inside of the house where they are waiting for me) a little at a time, and only when they are calm and not going crazy.

    Can I do this with two dogs? What if one dog calms down and the other doesn’t? I can’t even see it from the other side of the door (and I think I know which dog is really going crazy; not sure if the other is or not).


    Jason Reply:

    yep, you can do it with two dogs… you just have to wait for them BOTH to be calm. It might take a bit longer for your loudest dog to figure it out. But if you can pull this off, where both dogs go quiet, it’ll totally work. In fact stay tuned to email and I’ll write up a tip on how to do this here shortly.


  4. Toni says:

    How do you apply this to a dog that goes crazy when someone walks out the back door?


  5. GB says:

    I am also interested in how to make this work with two dogs!


  6. Paulette Melick says:

    Nice clip, Chet! Having worked on your course with my dog, I “got it” even better as I watched this real life adventure. The kids did a great job, too!

    My roommate has a very old mostly deaf, mostly blind Papillon who barks non-stop when she walks in the door each night after work. Since his bark pierces my bones and my soul, I’m going to see if this will help her. I know the dog can learn (I’ve used this system with him and he is pretty good for me), might take my roommate a little longer as she will have to break her habit of talking non-stop to him.


  7. rick belt says:

    I never leave comments BUT this was a really nice clip. I love how you involve the children. I think any dog is a better dog if they can be around children when they are young. I ALWAYS enjoy your training clips. I have ordered one before and am presently doing it. Thanks for your refreshing down to earth approach!


  8. Loretta says:

    How would I make it work wth a year old Wolfhound that weighs 120lbs? and a 7yr old that’s 155 lbs? They do great most of the time but get really excited with new guests to the house!


  9. M Deines says:

    This is a terrific method to reduce overflow barking, thank you, Chet. It works with my, what-do-you-want-Mom Rottie AND with my do-what-I-want-Mom German Shepherd AND with their young and hyper black-and-tan puppy friend (what-do-I-want-ooh!-I-gotta-do-SOMETHING-RIGHT-NOW). Simultaneously : )
    Anyone who needs a dose of calm in their life should learn and use it–beats Valium, for human or dog… ; )


  10. Gail A. White says:

    In general, I really liked this video. However, at the end of the video when you were summing up for the camera, I did not like the little girl kicking the puppy and hitting the puppy on the nose. I know the dog can be taught to tolerate children punching and kicking, but not all dogs will tolerate that and it could be unsafe for a child to think that it is ever acceptable. Children should be taught to respect and be kind to all animals (especially their own!). Since this is a canine puppy training video and not a “human puppy” training video, I don’t think it dilutes your message, but it is unnerving to see the puppy getting kicked and punched by any human — even a fellow human pup, even in play.


  11. Joan Boase says:

    I have benefitted from your courses as well – thank you! My 2-year old dog barks at everyone who comes near the car, even when I am with them. Is there a remedy for this? Thank you. Joan


  12. Barb says:

    Thanks. I’ll try this.


  13. Sandy Jensen says:

    How do you get 2 dogs from Barking with excitement when you are in the car. They think the are going to the dog park. One whines. The others has excited breathing and pacing.


  14. Hello Chet!
    This was a fantastic video! I am a dog breeder of the Authentic Multi-generational Australian Labradoodle, 10 years. I have been training for over 25 years and breeding a little longer so I have worked with dogs all my life. Your method is fabulous and your approach is very positive. I integrate your teachings into my training every time you send something new. I recommend your material to all of my Royal Diamond Families and many more!


  15. Kim says:

    What if you dont have an area that you can seperate your dog in?


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