Would You Like To Try This With Your Dog?

I’m thinking about releasing one of two different advanced video coaching/consulting programs for you this January, and I’d like to get your feedback on whether or not they’re something your interested in, and would like to participate in.

The programs are going to be specifically geared towards getting your dog to:

  1. Greet ANY stranger in a friendly manner — whether out in public or at your front door
  2. Training your dog to sit calmly every time you or friends go to pet him
  3. Behave Perfectly on walks, whether on or off leash… and completely stop pulling
  4. How to walk your dog through a crowd of people and maintain complete control
  5. How to stay sitting or laying down in one place when you REALLY need him to
  6. Strategies for getting him to come WHENEVER he’s called… no matter how much he doesn’t want to
  7. Training drills to teach your dog to be NICE to other dogs
  8. How to get your dog to pay attention to you… and NEVER get distracted… even in chaotic environments
  9. Plus strategies for teaching your dog to behave himself in your home when you are NOT there.

I’m REALLY wanting to make this program HIGHLY interactive.  So I’m thinking about making the format of this program webinar based (where I do an interactive coaching call once a week on each of the above topics), and then do a follow up call to answer your questions a few days later.

And to spice it up a bit, I’m wanting to not just answer your questions via email, or over the phone, but send you a free video camera (like the new $130 Flip Video Cameras) so you can video tape yourself working with your dog, easily upload it to YouTube, and that way I can watch you practicing with your dog and offer individual pointers for your dog’s unique situation… instead of just general advice.

Ideally I’d like to get a group of about 50 dog owners who would want to commit to working with me for 6-8 weeks in a way where we could all share our videos with each other and learn from each others mistakes and successes.  So all of the dogs can perfectly pass the obedience objectives I listed above.

So if this sounds interesting… please leave me a comment below to let me know if it’s something you’d like me to move forward with, and if it’s something you’d be willing to pay for.  Along with anything else you’d like me to add to the program that I haven’t mentioned.

Do you like the idea of sharing video with me for a critique?

Do you have 30 minutes a week to commit to a 6-8 week program?

And are you comfortable with uploading to YouTube?

Would you like me to target this at dogs under 2 years old or OVER?

Any feedback you have on this idea would be appreciated 🙂

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  1. Bob Hahin says:

    I am retired with a xolo puppy that needs training abt 2 year old
    would be interested!


  2. Jamie says:

    I am interested in giving it a try. Is there a cost involved?


  3. Rina Carbol says:

    I would be very keen as some of the problems listed above are relevant to our household. I would not be comfortable paying upfront as I have no idea who you are etc. Perhaps the program could be designed in such a way as to start at no charge and then at the mid point one must pay or stop. That way we, as consumers, have some idea that we are getting what we pay for and you, in the end, should be paid by most people as they would want to continue if the program is working.

    Yes to all of your questions, age of dog doesn’t matter, although I would like to see work with small breeds as I think they may have less brain power than say, a retriever, and as such I find many dog books neglect to consider the specific nature of tiny dogs (Under 10lbs).


    Martha Avery Reply:

    I have t-cup Yorkie. LuLu is high energy, and loves to play with anyone!
    Our 16 mo old grand daughter loves to play with her, but Lu jumps up into her face and nips her too much. She stops when corrected with a sharp no no LuLu! Lu also sometimes poops slightly outside the perimeters of her p-mat. /or pees adlib on carpet, thugh she knows to go to pads. In cold or wet times I don’t take her outside b/c its too cold. Do I take her out any way?


  4. william orr says:

    yes,Id be game for the task


  5. Mark Ganut says:

    I am interested. I have a 1 yr old female dobie who is giving my family fits. Barking!!!, fighting with my other 1 yr old male dobie, chewing etc…


  6. Galya says:

    From my experience – 6.


  7. Sharon Fox says:

    1. I do not mind the idea of sharing video for a critique although I don’t know how I’ll feel to actually do it.

    2. I will MAKE available 30 mins a week to help my pet and my family.

    3. No- I am NOT comfortable going onto YouTube.

    4. My pet is 14 months old but I’m sure there are other families who have pets of all ages.


  8. Eve-Lynn Smith says:

    This sounds like fun. I would like to be put on a list to try it. We have a 1 year old male German Shepherd.


  9. Sharon Fox says:

    The concept sounds like it has the possibility to work. I have strongly considered a trainer for my pet, especially lately, and the idea of not having someone enter my home or not having to leave my home is extremely inviting. The description of the program sounds easy enough, but I do have issues with some of the requirements of the program as I mentioned in my comments.


  10. Sharon Fox says:

    Yes, provided there are acceptable responses to my comments, I would consider the program.


  11. nancy l doll says:

    this sounds very interesting. my dog is five. and i have a flip ecorder and i use it all the time it is so much fun.




  12. Nancy Keller says:

    I would be very interested in this. I would be willing to pay for it if at a reasonable price (under $100)
    I have a puppy about one year old who has just about every bad habit imaginable including chewing, excessive barking, over friendliness toward other dogs which shows in barking, whining and pulling and lack of housebreaking. I have tried everything but with limited success.



  13. anisa ishida says:

    I would LOVE to be a part of this. I have aone year old Alaskan Klee Kai, he is wonderfull but we don’t know how to train him. And he has the worst separation anxiety – people have said it is the worst. This would be great and I can give the time and would love to post the video, plus I think people would love seeing this dog learn. He’s precious!!


  14. Millie Hartley says:

    Well Greg, am I interested, you bet, but I must tell you that I don’t own a dog at this time. I dog and house sit and have 6 clients at this time. My dogs are two dogs rescued from the jungles of Singapore, two Schnauzers, a border collie, two papillions and three others that are mixed breeds. I love dogs more than people. And all my best friends never had less than 4 feet. I lost my West Highland Terrier named Westie about three years ago. I’ve always had dogs in my life and I’m taking a few years off to be a “grandma” to them. Thanks for contacting me, Millie


  15. Millie Hartley says:

    I’m sorry your name is Chet and not Greg…sorry. Millie


  16. Harold Wickham says:

    Yes I’m Interested… I have an 1 year old Saint Bernard… She ha shad obidence training… but still has several issues that need addressing…


  17. Harold Wickham says:

    How can I get involved ???


  18. Anisa Ishida says:

    Hi, my name is Anisa. I have a 1 year old Alaskan Klee Kai, his name is Crimson and he is the most precious little boy EVER. He was expensive enough (I got him as a birthday, christmas, valentines for a longtime present). He has HORRIBLE separation anxiety and aside from that we are paying over $400 a month on doggie daycare since we cannot leave him alone in the condo. Because of this, we have resorted to self training with little success. He is a sweet boy, very eager to please but hasn’t “got it” yet. Reading your plan for this class, it would address EVERYTHING we have a problem with. My only concern is cost, because Crimson costs us so much in daycare, we don’t have money for ANYTHING else.

    What are ou planning to charge? and is there any way to do this for free? we would love to set up a webcam or anything you want.

    Please get back to me either way, we NEED YOU!!!

    Thank you,

    Anisa Ishida


  19. Lee Egan says:

    I would be interested if you are doing anything on the Northern Beaches but couldn’t really travel beyond that so give me a call if I can help.

    Kind regards,
    Lee Egan
    9913 3358


  20. Chris says:

    Answers to your questions.
    1. Yes I do like the idea of sharing video for critique.
    2. Yes I have 30 minutes a week to commit to a 6-8 week program.
    3. Unfortunately Turkey has banned access to YouTube so maybe there would be another way. I’d be happy for you to upload my video to YouTube if you wanted to.
    4. My dogs (3 of them) will be 2 years old at Christmas so aiming at over 2 yrs would suit me.

    This sounds like a great idea. Payment might be a problem for me because I don’t have a credit card.

    Good luck with it.



  21. Kristina Dennemann says:

    I would be interested in this program. i am perfectly comfortable uploading to YouTube.
    My puppy is currently 8 months old, she is a pit lab mix. She knows a lot of commands and when shes going to be in trouble. My biggest problem is getting her to meet new people. She barks her head off and runs at their feet like a big guard dog. Shes not aggressive at all and would never hurt anyone but it does frighten people who don’t know her and makes it difficult to just let her run out in the open around campus. She acts like she is so big but when they still try to pet her even if shes barking she runs away like they have the plague and then barks and runs at them again once they turn to walk away. It just gets really annoying especially since i am around kids a lot and would like her to be too.

    Other then that she knows her basic commands but cant hold some of them very long, distraction is an issue.

    I think this program would be very beneficial for us! Especially since there is individualized feedback and we can work on things in a more natural environment rather than doggie school.


  22. Gabriel Quidera says:

    I think it is a wonderful idea. I would definitely participate. I think you should do it with only a select few people as a making of the video and then ask permission to use the videos obtained for delivery of your product. I think all of your points where perfect. Many of us have problems with 1 or 2 and maybe all of those. I have a Great Dane myself so if you would like to get feedback for a BIG dog than I would be willing to help. Thanks


  23. Seugnet Davin says:

    I would really like to be part of this. However I don’t now whether I will be able to pay for something like this.

    I went walking with my 1 year old German Sherpard yesterday and he was pulling on the leash like crazy. I think that pulling on the leash gives him a harder workout than the walk itself.

    I have never uploaded anything to Youtube but I guess it could not be too difficult. I am just worried about making an complete ass of myself in front of the whole world.

    i would like you to target dogs under 2 years of age.

    Kind regards,
    Seugnet Davin


  24. jayant says:

    Good Idea


  25. Judy Austbo says:

    I might be interested, depending on what it costs. My 2 year-old dog and I are currently in the middle of an 8 week class. I can’t imagine how I would video-tape myself working with my dog. I have never uploaded anything to YouTube. How can 30 minutes a week be of any real significance? I work with my dog more than that each day and still don’t get good results in many types of behaviors–calmness toward strangers, toward other dogs, not pulling on the leash, etc.


  26. Evan Bonacio says:

    yes i would definitely be interested. i have 2 dogs. a miniature pinscher and an american bulldog… lets just say we could all use some help. they listen when they want not when i really need them to though.


  27. Nadine Wheeler says:

    hi there, this looks really good and I am interested, however, what would the cost to me be.


  28. Anna Marie Nitsche says:

    Yes I am interested but only if you will send me a copy of your video training. I have difficulties downloading it from your website.


  29. Brian Hamilton says:

    I’m very interested in this program! I have a 6 yr old Havanese named Levi) that is pretty smart. He lived with my ex and my daughter and was never really trained as a puppy. He came to live with us (my daughter came as well!) in August and has some difficulty socializing w/ other dogs (Levi thinks he’s a BIG dog) and some other difficulties like coming on command. He does come when he’s called – just takes his own sweet time usually. I’ve got him house broken using the program I bought from you earlier but still need additional help. I’m not sure he’ll ever limp like Lassie but I know that there’s some room for improvement!!

    Brian Hamilton
    Edmonton, Alberta Canada


  30. ray arthur says:

    hi, it would be a good idea ,but keep the price down


  31. Ginny says:

    Hey Chet – think it’s a brilliant idea. We had really bad luck with our Basset hound (he was randomly mean and ate my 75 year old mother – she had to have a skin graft). So we had to do the unthinkable and have him PTS at just over a year old. I never ever want to have to do that again. Still have nightmares that it was something we did – although we had another dog, Skunk, slightly younger, at the same time and he was a complete pussycat. Sadly Skunk also died recently – telescoped intestines – and we now have a 3 month old puppy who’s grandma may have been related to a corgi! Rescued from the SPCA. She’s an absolute darling but I don’t want to take any chances.


  32. Jude says:

    my dog jumps on me or any one else and never stops


  33. Betty Long says:

    I would love to do this for my puppy who is 8 1/2 months


  34. Hi Chet – I think it’s a great idea!!! And yes, I would be able to participate depending on the cost as I am on sabbatical. Please target ANY age group to facilitate older dogs who have developed bad habits because their dumb owners (me) didn’t know any better!!! could you also include a way of teaching them to be selective from whom they will accept food, or to be selective of the kind of food they will eat? We have a spate of dog poisonings country-wide, so this would be for their own protection, and I kno9w many owners who would be greatful for this training. Also, how do you stop them from digging, eating pooh, chewing electrical wires, collecting shoes, pinching things off tables, out of boxes, cupboards, etc.? Even chewing up medicine boxes (so dangerous) even when they are put out of the way! Yes, I have a very creative, inquisitive little one who can literally climb anywhere, but she is such a darling, I love her to bits – she also won’t do her business outside when it rains, then the bigger males lift heir legs where she has been!!!! I loved your ‘mat’ video, and I love your approach to our special four-legged friends – I hate hurting them in any way. Thank you for your creativity!!!!!


  35. Muaz Abdurahman says:

    I have two 4 month old Weimaraners and all your videos are focused at training 1 puppy at a time.. will this program help my situation?


  36. I apologise for the typing errors – I should have checked before posting!


  37. Would love to move forward with this & as with any other product or service, i’ll be willing to pay for good advise. Target dogs under 2years old and would love some advise on house-training my dogs as well.


  38. Kim says:

    I do like the video sharing concept. Great way to get feedback.
    I do have 30 minutes a week to commit to this.
    Yes, I think I can handle uploading to YouTube
    I have a 1-year-old that I would like to work with on this, but I also have a 2-year-old that I could work with as well. The 1-year-old has more immediate issues though.
    Willing to pay, yes, but not sure I can afford a lot right now. I guess I’ll wait and see what’s required.


  39. Rachel says:

    how can i get my one year old dog do ‘be nice’ to other dogs? whenever he sees (or hears) another dog, he goes INSANE! he barks, growls, and basicly tries to attack the other dog. how can i try and stop this?


  40. Luise Hooper says:


    Of course I would be interested – it sounds like a great idea BUT my major concern, of course, would be the cost. I am very concerned about being able to afford something like this.

    I think everyone could really learn and benefit from this experience without those noisy dog classes. Having to download one’s “assignment” would really be a motivator to get things done. And then to get critiqued from an expert trainer would be great. It wouldn’t be as good as being in class with you where you could correct often and immediately but I think it could work…

    Actually I have 2 dogs. Both dogs are Great Dane mix and both are rescue dogs so I really need to learn how to better control them. The most recent addition to our little pack is Paris – she is about 18 months and I have very little control over her. Cosmo is about 4 yrs old, fairly calm but I have some difficulty controlling him because of his size.


  41. Suzi says:


    That sounds great. I’m in Melbourne, Australia so I’m not sure if I could be included in this program or not although I would really love to be part of it.

    I have a 1yr old Maltese/Shi ztu that really needs some training but I’m unsure of exactly how to go about it.


  42. dane says:

    I have a 12 month old whippet, she is great off a leash if she is doing her own thing.
    However when she sees a dog ,however far away she goes. I would work with anyone who who help me train her to not run after other dogs without permission.


  43. Ruby says:


    I have a 13 week old puppy, so would love to do this course, but although I think it’s a great idea, I doing the video side of it as long, but would need instructions of how to upload to youtube.

    I have a Bichonpoo that is generally quite well behaved, with the odd naughty puppy moment, but she tells people off when we are out which is embarassing and she runs up stairs which worries me because she’s so small! She trains well to treats but not quite so well without them, she gets there eventually whereas with treats she responds immediately. I would be happy to pay but obviously it would depend on the cost of the course. I have the time to commit to it.

    What a great idea!!



  44. Jeanetta Nipper says:

    Sounds like a good idea, Chet. I have an 8 mo. old Boston terrier named Jack Bow-wower. (After Jack Bauer on the TV show “24”) He’s awesome, but I’m the one who needs help. He doesn’t always come when called and he bites too hard in play (shouldn’t really bite at all, I’m guessing). He’s got some basic commands down pretty good, such as sit, lay down, and stay, but walking him is a constant isometric exercise, and he’ll run full speed ahead to meet and greet anyone on two or four legs no matter how I call him. The other day he ran right out into the street to meet the neighbor. My husband shouted, but Jack paid no attention because he was completely focused on his mission. When he meets people, he jumps all over them and bites their hands (not like he’s angry, but he thinks this is play). I’m not video savvy, and I’ve never uploaded anything on YouTube, but I do want to help Jack become a great friend and model citizen. Maybe there’s a way I can still participate. Thanks, Jeanetta


  45. Tania says:


    i think that everything really depends on how much the course will cost. i also think that video is far more effective then audio or script. i personally would be interested in getting my dog old or young trained with this type of course. i have not yet picked up my pup she will be ready in january…. so after the basics i would love to get into the harder tasks/tricks…. i need to crawl before i can walk 🙂



  46. Julie says:

    I would be interested


  47. Leah says:

    I would love to participate. I am basically at home all the time. So I could totally commit to a 6-8 week program.
    I’m totally comfortable with uploading to you tube as long as the stuff I need to record and steps on how to train my dogs are clear.
    I have two labradors that are just over two months, so would like you to target under two years.


  48. Mary says:

    Sounds an interesting idea, I have a 7 month old very dominant Aust. Terrier, and a 4 year old beagle/cocker spaniel cross. I would consider participating.


  49. Mary says:

    Yes, I would like to try, but I would like to know what it is going to cost. Thanks Mary.


  50. Wendy Ogden says:

    I think all the points covered sound very interesting. With regard to point 7 for me I would like my dog to also only greet another dog, when I give the command. I think in general you have covered a good set of pointers. Also my dog is under 2 years of age, the earlier you start obdience hopefully the better the success !!

    I do take my dog to training once a week, however do not feel that we would ever get around to your suggested points.

    I would be interested, and do have the time/would make the time, however it would depend on the cost.


  51. Alice McGlynn says:

    I would be interested but I have never uploaded anything to utube. I would like it to be kept to dogs younger than two. How much would it cost?
    Kind regards,


  52. Renee Probst says:

    Dear Chet,

    I am indeed extremely interested in your program. I have time and my kids can help me with uploading anything to YouTube…

    A word about the age of the dog, well, my dog Dana was born in May 2008. She’s an over exited Miniature Schnauzer and I find working with her very difficult (between her own exitement, her playfullness and my tiredeness because of the two mentioned).

    About cost, well, it will depend how much the cost is but I am not against it.

    And here for a personal comment,
    I really would like Dana to follow instructions by myself and my 2 children, but not necessarely strangers… any advise there?

    I gladly answer question would u have any.

    Renee Probst

    PS. Please excuse my spelling, my first language is French…


  53. Britt Samuels says:

    I have a 15month old chocolate labrador who still needs more training. I would be interested in your programme.
    Hope to hear from you soon
    Kind regards


  54. k says:

    this sounds like a great idea!i have a couple questions though.does it cost anything?where does it take place?how much is it if it does cost something?



  55. Mini says:

    I have never uploaded to You tube but should not be a problem. I do however live overseas so time and calls may be difficult. I currently have a 6 month old Maltese and would like all the things you mentioned for him
    Thank you.


  56. Tertia Matthysen says:

    Sounds great Georgina, I would be interested, I have 2 one year old Yourkies. The male is especially difficult to potty train. Good luck, I hope you get a good response


  57. Martin Doyle says:

    I would be very interested this sounds like just the program that a lot of dog lovers would sign up to, I know that dog trainers here in Ireland are actually hard to find and to learn how to train your dog yourself with a trainers help is prefect and I have a 6month old male husky beautiful dog, however all I can do is get him to sit and he wont even do that all the time, when i leave him in he spend the first few min jumping all over me wrecking my clothes or when I give him his blow of food he wont sit and wait for it he wont even leave me put it to the ground before he jumps for it. Do let me know if I could take part in your trials
    thanks in advance


  58. leslie heilbronn bear says:

    that sounds real good


  59. leslie heilbronn bear says:



  60. Deon Nel says:

    I think it is a great idea we recently got aa rottweiler puppy whom is now about 10 months old we took him for classes but half way through we got distracted by my wife being pregnant so the classes didn’t work that well. I will be interested in another class if I can teach him some manners.

    I also have a question how do you get them to stop digging up the garden?


  61. shambu says:

    yes i agree


  62. Edna Robertson says:

    I would be interested in this new progame, i have a female maltesex shitzu x lasasapso, turned 2 on 14/11/2008


  63. Yolandi says:


    I think it is a brilliant idea and I would definitely be interested in doing that. It would be very helpful. I think you must target this at dogs under 2 years old.

    Hope to hear from you soon.




    Hello !

    The idea of sharing video with you is quite interesting and I would like to be a part of this program.
    I can spare 30 minutes a week to commit to a 6-8 week program and I am also comfortable with uploading to YouTube.

    You may target dogs under 2 years old.

    Looking forward to receiving your response.

    Kind regards
    Dominic Francis


  65. margecoffey says:

    Chet I have six dogs it is very hard to train six dogs but under the cicrcumstances my dogs do very well together but pulling on a leash is my biggest problem .My dogs need to be trained for pet therapy .They are King Charles Caveliers very loving dogs . Marge


  66. Od Kremilka says:

    Tibetan Mastiff kennel, pictures, puppies for sale, Chinese bloodline


  67. Rebecca says:

    depending on how much, i think it is a wonderful idea. unfortunately i do have two dogs with those exact problems to begin with LOL.
    as far as ‘tracking’ that is a great idea! i’d never have thought about it. and utilizing something THAT easy to take the video and drop into your computer is amazing.
    let me know


  68. Janet R. Scarpitti says:

    This training class sounds great! I would first target dogs UNDER 2 years old (becasue they need it!)
    I am disabled right now so my husband would have to do the actual training but he doesn’t like Buddy a whole lot! He is a little cranky with him cause he walks him and all that good stu


  69. Janet R. Scarpitti says:

    Also, he is VERY concerned with @ right now….so, how much do you think?
    I reaLLY


  70. Ansoria Geldenhuys says:

    Sharing video – Yes
    30 min a week – Yes
    YouTube – Yes
    Taget dogs under 2 Years old
    I am not prepeard to pay for the experiment.
    1. Greet ANY stranger in a friendly manner – all strangers are not friendly and the dog must let me know when there are somebody – I shall deside who is friendly and who is not. I stay in Africa on a farm where it is dangerous.


  71. susan says:

    Chet : this sounds interesting….does it work for adult dogs, who already have some unwanted behaviours like shaking around people or when in a public place?

    what is the cost for this 6-8 week course/

    i am not familiar with putting things on you tube, but i have watched a few things on u tube..

    i like the idea of critiquing the video, since often we do not see what our dog is seeing, therefore, this may cut down on the inconsistencies that we are not aware of

    i am a full time student, so my only concern would be trying to fit in the daily 30 minutes….right now, i am only able to spend 3 x a week with my dog…excluding week end runs…

    send me more information and it may give me some answers that i can work with. thanks sue p


  72. Janet R. Scarpitti says:

    do like this whole concept. Hope we get in on this!
    Good luck!


  73. jenny says:

    im intrested id even give 5 hours a week or more if it works

    my puppy is 5 and half months old now


  74. sara says:

    i think this is a very great deal ,but i dont feel a lot comfortable with uploading to youtube ,so if there is an other way i will be so happy with it.
    thank you.


  75. jacob says:

    I may not have enough time to continuously spend and more over I may like to spend money for all kinds of gadgets.




  76. jannette heritage says:

    yes i might be interested as i do dog rescue


  77. Esther says:


    I would be interested in this course it sounds great, i have a 1yr old Viszla who has some of the problems mentioned above mainly greeting people and sitting calmly when i put his lead on, this is a bit issue as i cannot get him to sit and wait because he gets so excited. Also he barks continuously at strangers for about 10-20mins when they are in the home. Overall he is generally good but there are a few kinks that need ironing out, and this course sounds as though it will help me enormously. I would be willing to pay for it but I cannot afford 100s of pounds.

    Regards Esther


  78. margaret says:

    – would like to join whatis the cost?


  79. Mary says:

    Sounds great. What’s the cost?


  80. Rick Nydegger says:

    I would most certainly be interested. I have a 10 month old golden retriever and a 4 year old miniature schnauzer; they could both stand improvement in the areas listed. I have never uploaded to U-tube, but I can’t imagine it being too difficult.






  82. Alida Hichens says:

    Hi Chet!
    Greetings from sunny South Africa! I would like to congratulate you on this new concept of video critique in which you are wishing to embark upon. Great idea! It will work. I am just a little sad that I won’t be able to participate, I just don’t have the time. I have a full-time job, gym and I attend dogschool once a week with my “boys” (Dalmatians). I started training five years ago and never stopped, even when my eldest moved up to top class and protection. I bought another Dally puppy at the beginning of this year and he is in the beginner class. You know why I think that your video concept work? It is because people sometimes don’t know what they are doing wrong whilst training their dogs. Body language and gestures tell the dog more than the owners understand. I see it all the time in dogschool, the handler can doom the dog to failure when not being consistent and concise as to what they want the dog to do. In viewing a video of a training session you will be able to pick up on what the trainer is doing incorrectly. In correcting the trainer, the dog and owner will benifit. To target the two year old dogs is a good idea because if the owners didn’t take the puppy to school and sosializing, at two years of age is just about the time when they start considering some form of training should they expect more from the dog or eve getting rid of a problem dog. I believe that it is never too late to start training a dog, just a bit more difficult if left too late in life. I have never stopped training with my first Dally because on the one hand it is my one-on-one time in the week with my dog and on the other hand Dallies can be rather headstrong and the dogs just love the trip in the car and meeting all the other dogs at school. So, for me, training my boys is an ongoing process and it also stimulates them at the same time. The reason why I started to train my first dog is that I decided to keep him indoors with us and I felt that it would be easier to manage a biggish dog which is trained opposed to a novice dog. Now I have two Dallies in the house and training is essential in my case. Good luck on your video sharing endeavour, it will be a great advantage to actually see how people interact with their dogs. A picture is worth the proverbial thousand words as they say. I hope that you get the fifty owners needed in a jiffy. Good luck! Regards, Alida.


  83. janice says:

    i think your idea is wonderful
    not sure if i would be able to afford it depends on the cost
    also wouldn’t have a clue how to upload to youtube would have to get someone to show me how
    i have 2 shetland sheepdog a 2year old male (toby)and a 4mth bitch (allee) i am showing both dogs
    toby has a bad habit i would love to be able to stop and that is he barks at anyone walking along the road,bikes ,motorbikes HE ONLY DOSE IT IF I’M NOT OUT SIDE ,if he can see me or knows i am around he just walks or runs along the fence as if butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth
    he was 5mths old when i got him and was already doing it
    i have done obedience training with him he got second in his class but no on sems to be able to help me with this


  84. craig swanson says:

    It depends on price for one thing & also 6 months ago I purchased your ebook with free access to all the tips & training but never received free access to tips because it required password,ect which even after a dozen emails never received. I had no problem downloading ebook but never got free access. Im cautious now. I have had 3 dogs with full loving complete lives but our 2nd maltese purchased at 6 months old is still not completely housebroken & is almost 1 year old. He is the most loving dog we have had & loves our small grandchildren & they love to play with him but he is still not housebroken. If I did this it would have to be for dogs under 2 years old. I might consider your offer but I would need more explanation.


  85. sarah brown says:

    hello there,i think its a very good idea,i’m not sure i would be able to join you though,i don’t think i would be comfortable using youtube as i still don’t have my own p.c i just borrow this one when the owners are away.and i think you should target dogs of all ages.


  86. mandy adamson says:

    Yes sounds fantastic, I would like it geared to a dog of about 18months. I have 30 mins a week to train and 6 – 8 weeks would be amazing if I could acheive all the listed above with my dog.
    I would also be interested at stopping barking inside and out.
    Thanks for the offer


  87. Pavnesh says:

    Hey Chet,
    Got ur mail and went through the blog. I agree its a great way to do this programme and doing it as an interactive webinar is really good. However much I appreciate your efforts I need to keep you informed that its not practical for me to participate in any american programmes as tthe cost of participation once converted to Indian Rupee is way above our affordable charge. Thank yo for keeping me informed and for your mail




  88. Mary says:

    GO TO HELL YOU MORONS. I got stuck once with dog training over the internet never again


  89. Tarek says:

    i think what your doing is great…but i dot think ill be able to attend because i live in saudi… anyway… yes if u can then upload .. it would be easier to watch nd i think u should target dogs younger than 2 years… because i have 6 dogs all under 2 years … tnk u .. nd tnks fr the emails … they are really helpful…



  90. john costigan says:

    Seems like a good idea,I live in a small town in s.Ireland with no dog training classes neaby,I own an 11 month old labrador who I have trained to beginners status,walking to heel, sitting but the rest is completely optional!!!Could do with help


  91. I think this is a great idea which would benifit a lot of dog owners, however I am wondering how much this will all cost me to partisepate I do understand that I & my dog would be getting professional training but being Scottish i’m a wee bit tight with my money.
    best regards
    Pauline Robertson


  92. edward says:

    good idea


  93. GUMI says:

    Ok sounds good whats the catch ? 😉


  94. Chris Messer says:

    This sounds very interesting to me, providing it isn’t overly expensive as I am not made of money.

    I have a 7 month old Bernese mountain dog who just can’t control himself around other dogs and people, he likes them too much and wants to play with everyone.

    When in the house, he performs like a champ and does everything we ask flawlessly.


  95. Richard Blackburn says:

    I have a new pup and it dont lisen to me at all wine i call him my other dog listen wine call them all my dog are english pointer to of them are gunshie the older one is my best hunter thank you Richard


  96. Dave says:

    I’d buy your $38 special, but your order form wants me to agree to $190.
    Fix this and I’ll buy.



  97. Barbara Ann Gallagher says:

    wow this sounds awesome I rescue german Shepherds at the moment I have 4 german shepherds of my own being able to have them do everything above with in 8 weeks would be a complete miricle not to mention when I have to go out to save another Shepherds life being able to be trained will make finding them forever homes would be so much easier please count me in under two years old would


    Barbara Ann


  98. Barbara Ann Gallagher says:

    sign us up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  99. Connie says:

    I would like to know if your book covers multiple dog households. I think the basics remain the same but there are added issues like what to do if one of the dogs get protective over the food bowl and such.

    Thanks –


  100. Debrq Bormann says:

    I would be interested if it was to high priced! My dog is about 18 months and she is a very bad behaved dog. So I think over 2 years old. She doesn’t listen and she runs out our front dog and across the our road. She thinks when I come after her it is a game and it takes 15 min or more of her running around the neighborhood and my neighbors to catch her! It is very dangerous because we live in a wooded area. I don’t want to use a shock collar and have never used one but I am getting despert and figure it is better that then her getting hit by a car. Also I have to stay on her about going out to potty, We have a dog door and fenced back yard. We just got her about 6 weeks ago from our daughter who got her from a shelter in May. My daughter let her get away with alot of bad behavior. I have always had dogs for years that were well behaved but this one is the first I have had trouble with. She is a terrier-poodle mix. She was never cage trained and I have never trained my dogs using a cage because I just don’t have room for one in my house! I tried put my dog in a cage and she barks forever and also poops in her cage. She potties outside but still wants to poop in the house. There doesn’t seem to be any training out there for the older dog that comes into your home with bad behavior. The shelter said is was a stray. She probably ran away out the front door. She barks all the time because she sits in our picture window and seees the next door neighbors dog. I try to get her attention and she tunes me out. I have been trying the clicker method and I have never used that but I am wondering how to wean them off getting the treats and clicker I don’t want to carry a clicker and treats around all the time for the next 10 years. We just got her spayed last week so I am hoping that will settle down alittle from wanting to run but I am not holding out to much hope. The only thing that has helped as far as her running out the front door is I put her on a tie out on the stair rail long enough to go out the fron door and I open the door wide and walk out and my husband is standing around the corner with a huge bucket of ice water that he throws on her she usually runs back in the house and then for that day she stays away from the door. Her attention spand is that of a 2 year old kid. Also very stubborn! I guess these are things that people who get older dogs need help with!

    I have never used youtube but I could learn! Also sharing video with you is not a problem! I have 30 minutes a week except I will be gone out of town for 10 days Jan 8 to Jan 18.

    Thank you for any help you can provide for older dogs maybe 1 year or older as they still have that puppy but are becoming a dog!


  101. Donna Rider says:

    I would love to participate in this dog training, as I have a very large 14 wk male Malamute who seriously is out of control with biting people. This is sometimes in an agressive manner, which if not controlled now will be impossible when he is fully grown. I do like the idea of sharing video, 30mins is easy to put aside for this a week. I don’t have a problem with uploading to YouTube. Targeting for dogs under 2yrs I would prefer. A program for getting puppies to stop biting would help me a great deal.


  102. Rebcca Vinlove says:

    Morning. Wont be able to video the sessions outside because I will be by myself and my current camera only can hold 30 secs of video.
    I would like to receive your training video’s though, 6-8 weeks is perfect for me.


  103. Al Lewis says:


    I think this is a great idea. I really like the interactive approach to this. I am comfortable uploading to YouTube. I think targeting to younger dogs would be great (as mine is 13 months old).

    Al Lewis


  104. pam parsons says:

    I would be interested but have some reservations…. I have 4 dogs, generally ok but 2 have issues with other dogs who approach us as we walk (off lead), and also those I invite into my home, so would like to address that.

    I live and walk the dogs alone so how could I video myself working??

    My computer skills are not great!!

    I have never attempted to upload a video onto my computer, never mind to u-tube!! But the idea sounds good!

    I would be willing to pay as long as the stuff is really useful…. The last training stuff I received was not that impressive… It was clicker training which was not mentioned anywhere… and all very basic stuff.

    I was unable to record the information sent from the course onto anything (see, probably lack of skills), so have been unable to listen to the lessons… or find them to read again.

    However, if I can sample something before committing financially, I am still interested.

    All my dogs are over 2 years old.

    You are in the states and I am in the UK.. would timings be difficult?? (I also work shifts, so am sometimes away overnight)

    However in principle it sounds good!!

    I bet you are thinking ‘I don’t want this one!!’ but I really would like to join if I am able.


  105. Moses Gituma says:

    I would like to train a six month dog. Is there any special requirement for this age?


  106. Henk Hovingh says:

    Hi Chet,
    I have a Standard Poodle and when I come thru the front door she does these uncontrollable “donuts” or “whizzies.” I have tried to ignore this behaviour without success.
    I am told this is a poodle thing and we are stuck with it.
    The dog is 3 y o and a rescued dog abandoned by original owners.
    She doesn’t seem to have had any training. She has a “thing” about doors and is hard to get outside without major bribery. This is what I need help with?
    regards, Henk


  107. Eleanor Wilhelmi says:

    Hi, I might be interested…. I have two dogs, a maltese and a yorkie… they sure need some training. I’m retired and have the time, but not sure I’m interested in filming or youtube. Might be more interested in your finished product. Both of my dogs are under two. Good Luck


  108. Liz Maw says:

    I think this would be a great idea. I sue would like to see how other people do with their training so I don’t get discouraged.


  109. stan montgomery says:

    I may be interested but it would depend on cost. I have a problem with my puppy that I have never seen addressed in any dog training program: when I am walking in my fenced in back yard Fiesty(my puppy) always tries to walk between my legs or on my feet. What can I do?


  110. Rick Pennisi says:

    My name is Rick and I have small dog training business ,working the west of Syd,

    I have just finished a Jan Fernall dog training course and I am always interested in learning more about different dog training methods

    Please keep me updated re-the course next year.



  111. Kim Gornyecz says:

    This sounds like a great idea! Of course, it depends how much it costs, especially since it is around Christmas time. But, the other training program is pretty affordable, so this one will probably be too.

    I would like the training to be focused on dogs 2 years and younger, since I have one year old dogs.

    The 30 minutes a week commitment would be easy, and even though I have never uploaded anything to YouTube, it would not be a problem.

    Look forward to hearing back from you!



  112. I think that this is a wonderful concept and I would really be interested in being part of such a worthwhile project to enhance the relationship between the dog and human being. I am very pro when it comes to helping pet owners develope good canine citizens and helping them to teach the appropriate behaviors that will ensure a long and healthy relationship therefore, dogs with with good social skills are a joy and pleasure to be around! Plus a trained dog is a happy dog!



  113. randy charles says:

    this sounds just great and it depends on the price


  114. Heidi Cadwell says:

    OK. I am interested. My dog, Mae, is 8 months old.


  115. Nancy says:

    i love the idea of doing this and sharing the video with you, I have 30 minutes a week for this 6-8 week program and have no problem with the ytube. My dog is under 2 years old and is in need of some training very badly as well as myself.

    Hope to hear from you



  116. Valinda says:

    I would be interested depending on the cost.


  117. Natasha Briscoe says:

    I think this is a really good idea, as I’m finding it very hard to train my dogs at the moment. I have a 1 and a bit year old female border collie, who is very excitable and a 12 week old male german shepherd who is having great difficulty with house training and picking up on the other dogs bad habits.


  118. RAY KOHEN says:

    it sure sounds interesting. I would like to see it focused on dogs less than two years old. I have never uploaded to Utube so I would not be certain how to accomplish this. After all, I’m 77 yrs old and they say it’s difficult to teach old dogs new tricks.
    The camera you mentioned should be a loaner, don’t you think?
    What price level are you considering?
    How does the video camera work? Does it have to be attached to your computer or can it be free-standing and placed in another room away from the computer?


  119. Kirsty says:

    Hi, I have a 13 week old Sprooker spaniel and as you can imagine she is lively. Very inteligent but manic. I would love to take part if you will have me.


  120. RAY KOHEN says:



  121. wendy freeman says:

    I would have some interest in both the cost and training techniques that you would use. I have a 14 mo old mix that has been through level 1 and level 2 obedience training-she does well however has LOTS of energy and just recently has taken to chasing deer when we walk in the woods-has done this twice when off leash and I cannot get her attention when she takes off. She will come when she is mildly distracted but NOT in that situation. I don’t know how to train for that. She is also fearful of strangers despite being socialized but I have a handle on how to train for that. The recall when off leash is my biggest issue so I would be interested in hearing how you would work on that.


  122. Charlotte says:

    My little girl is VERY stubborn! I’ll try anything


  123. Nancy Norland says:

    I have a 2 year old dog that is very timed and afraid of everything, how do I get her to relax around people


  124. Linda Nelson says:

    Sounds interesting! Will the videos on YouTube be secured for the purpose of your critique or can it be viewed on the internet by anyone? I have 2 dogs (sisters) who are 1 and 1/2 years old. A year ago, I took them to a Pet Behavior Clinic every other week for 4 months because of aggressive behavior. The one who listens to me most of the time and comes to me when I call her, bites me sometimes. The other one doesn’t come when I call her at all. She fights being on a lead and she acts like she can’t hear but I know she just won’t listen to me. I actually thought she was deaf for the longest time! Will you address owners with 2 dogs, one who listens and the other who doesn’t? I have pretty much heard it all. How will your training be different? I was told to never discipline an aggressive dog with a firm hand or by inflicting discomfort but to only use rewards since they both bite. The one bites aggressively and the other bites playfully. Also, I have holes all over my yard and I can’t put chicken wire everywhere! That’s only one of many misbehaviors! If you can help me have obedient dogs, I might be willing to give it a try.


  125. Christina Hoover says:

    Yes, would be willing to do my part in this training class. Please keep me informed to what is happening.
    Have a wonderful Holiday Season,
    Christina Hoover


  126. TEJVEER says:

    Hi ! Thanks a ton for your valued mails.Now I have to share something if I can be helped about.I buyed a female dog for my family.Its an Fawn clour Great Dane.Its nine months now she doesnot barks at all.Its only in once in my thousand efforts.Once she was small she made a mistake to enter my store full of stacks of cratons.Wherein she made some mistakes & the entire cratons fall on her although they were all empty & dint made any injury to her but I feel since then she has become coward.I tried my levelbest to make her come up over fear but I have become hopeless.If such a big dog doesnt barks doesnt pays any attention towards secuirty of her home the would will i do of it i wonder.And every body makes fun of my dogs love. Pls advise me what do i do…..

    I shl be thankfull to u.
    Tejveer Singh


  127. Dolis says:

    hey i thought that this was a great blog and i think that it is very insightful to people who are learning to train their first dog, GREAT WORK!!!


  128. Aileen says:

    I would be interested in getting some training for our two 1 year old dogs.
    Of course the cost would be the determining factor.


  129. Sammye says:

    I would sure be interested. My dogs are a female toy poodle that is 12 yrs and a female Lab/? mix that is 8 mos. Just what would the cost be?!!?


  130. Paul Lord says:

    Idea sounds interesting, Ceasar Millan started such last fall!!!! Video good idea. Honestly think 30 minutes will cut it, don’t think so probably more like 30 to 1 hr per day, Youtube not!!! should be post on your site. Target any dog young or old, they live in the now, only difference is energy levels..keep me on your mailing list. Paul


  131. joy says:

    My dog is pretty bad, I would love to jumping on every body, and chewing thing up. I might be interested but I have never down loaded stuff to YouTube. You might have to walk me thru that.



  132. Maggy Burnick says:

    This sounds great. I have two dogs that I have adopted through the rescue I foster for. Scooby a 1 yr old male mix (German Shepard, Border Collie and Chow). He is very friendly and social but when guests arrive he charges them protectively barking but then settles down for attention while wagging his tail. I need him to greet people better.

    My Second is Kira who is at best a beagle, lab mix? Definitely has beagle. A whole new breed for me to learn about. I have 2 acres fenced in,, not good enough for the excape artist. Needs to focus on “ME” when I call her. If I am close enough she will come, but the more distance she puts between us the deafer she gets. She never goes far but if she wonders onto a nearby road she is also unexperience about traffic. I know this is a breed issue with her.

    Would love the oppertunity to fix these issues with both my dogs.

    Thank you,
    Maggy Burnick


  133. John Allen says:

    Chet, this sounds like a great program. How much do you anticipate this program will cost?


  134. Lee Mericle says:

    I can do 30 minutes a week – after the holidays – so January would be good.

    I wouldn’t mind sharing a video with you – although I wouldn’t want it publicly broadcast.

    I haven’t uploaded anything to YouTube, but am sure I could master it with instructions.

    My dogs are older than 2.

    So I think I’d be interested, depending on the cost.



  135. chris says:

    I would like too but with the ecnomic the way it is I just can’t afford it.


  136. Rose Johnson says:

    I would not mind being a part of your training.I have a problem that I don’t know if you can help.I do have other problems as well.The one I don’t think you can help me with is Sammy will eat his feces.I also have a problem with him pulling on the leash,not coming when called,chewing if I don’t watch him.He is still a puppy so he likes to play with other dogs.He barks when people come to our house and walk by our house,but he does not bite.when he plays with kids he tries to catch their clothes and sometimes nips the skin.Wheather I buy this video depends on how much you will charge me . lolol sincerly Rose


  137. Paul Lord says:

    Chet, as far as costs, consider the following. Such an offer would probably run at a minimum $150.00 to $250.00 and do you charge per dog or per trainer? Not something I would personnally dish out for something that hasn’t been tried before on my two Moronic Spanadors. Consider having a draw and taking on 10 to 20 students as a trial run at no charge, keep all communication and video on a private site not open to public, you will have glitches to deal with and unforseen circumstances as in any bussiness. Once perfected than offer to public with reference to training group, might cost you a few dollars but on the long run probably worth the exercise. You will also know at that point how many student you can handle without creating new staff and extra costs.This I would be interested in as there are not many dog obediance programs in the cold Canadian winter month.


  138. Susan Hamilton says:

    Yes, I would be very interested in your program, depending on the cost of course. Here are my answers to your questions:

    1. Yes, I do like the idea of you sharing video with me for a critique?

    2. Yes, I have 30 minutes a week to commit to a 6-8 week program?

    3. Yes, I am comfortable with uploading to YouTube?

    4. I have a 13 week labrador retriever and would like for you to target training to dogs under 2 years old.


  139. Jen says:

    Sounds interesting, a good idea. Right now I am busy in school, etc. Thanks anyway. 🙂


  140. Darian Williamson says:

    I would be very interrested in participating in this program. I have a 1 y/o American Bulldog and she is hyper. We do activities to help her burn off energy but still the jumping and barking at people needs to be controlled. Thanks for considering me for your group!



  141. Debbie says:

    I would be very interested in this for my dog, he is a 10 month old Collie and highly intelligent, almost too smart for his own good.


  142. Anne LeVitre says:

    Yes, I would be interested. I have a 6 year old chocolate lab. Passed classes, does wonderful ON leash take her off leash and she gives me
    the paw as I say. She doesn’t pay attention and runs crazy. I live off a \
    busy street and she has no street sense.

    The other problem I have she was attached by two bull mastiffs and she really gets irritable when another dog goes near her neck. Fighting,
    growling etc.

    So what do you think?

    I think the older dog, has the issues. When she was under 2 it was just puppy stuff, the basics. If you do aim for the the under 2, my pet peeve are the small dog owners who let their small dog do things that if a big dog would do the dog officer would be called on the dog for not controlling the big dog.


  143. Gail Winter says:

    I don’t know what good it would do for me to respond to this. A couple of weeks ago when you asked if you could call me regarding my puppy’s behavior, you never called when you said you would. Several times I have asked you to re-send my Download links b/c all of them never came through, and I have received no reply. Please cancel my program and refund my money. Gail Winter


  144. Karen says:

    All of these things sound wonderful. We’ve only had our adopted female brindle pit for about 2 months now. She’s very sweet but a handful of energy. She can jump from the group to 5 feet and over the woodpile and right out of the yard. She runs and jumps into you when you’re outside with her and also nips at you (in a playful way) but it’s very nerve wracking for me. She also barks and runs to the door everytime she thinks she hears someone coming and if someone is at the door she jumps. All the behaviours you listed above are what my dog is exhibiting. I would love to have her listen and come when called and not jump or nip. I just want a well behaved dog that I can enjoy and not be afraid of.
    I’ve taken to walking her at night and early morning so she can’t see the multitude of squirrels in our area and drag me all over the place. Without seeing them she walks pretty well since I got the prong collar. She’s learned the down command but won’t do it all the time and is very very stubborn and when I pull on the prong collar to get her to go down she bites (not hard) at my hand almost always which scares me too. She doesn’t show any of this behaviour with my husband though.


  145. Gail Eisenecker says:

    I have 2 dogs almost 4 years old and I would like to train them to walk on the leash without pulling (I usually walk them off the leash, but there are times they need to be on a leash), walk in a crowd, stay, and especially fetch the newspaper!

    However, I don’t know how to upload to YouTube but can follow directions.


  146. I have an 18 mo. old mixed breed black lab/coon hound. Wonderful disposition, however, loves people and other animals and is all over them. Runs away from me when he sees other dogs and people. Also, when we are outside, his “hound” takes over and he’s off and hunting. I cannot take him out when he is not on a leash, and it gets pretty cold standing outside with him in the winter. He does not listen when we call his name. We are working on walking on the leash with a no-pull halter, and it seems to be working. He’s a great & affectionate dog, other than his few not-listening bad habits.


  147. Nora says:


    I am really interested.

    I can commit to the time.

    I don'[t know & am not comfortable uploading to YouTube.

    My puppy is only 10 months old.


  148. Courtney says:

    I would be interested in doing this. I have a 2 1/2 yr old male golden retriever. He does sit and lay down, but gets over-excited and then doesn’t listen. I can’t get him to be compliant, but my husband can. I’ve tried the gentle leader system, obedience classes, treats, praise, not saying his name when disciplining, etc.., and he still doesn’t listen. I’d like him to be calm indoors, stop eating socks and clothing, leave the kids toys alone, stay in our yard, walk calmly on a leash, and stop licking and jumping up at my kids’ faces. I cannot afford to pay anything now, but might at a later date. If what you have to offer would benefit me, I’m extremely interested. I have the time to dedicate to your idea. Please let me know what happens with this. Thank you.


  149. Karen Simmons says:

    That would be very interesting. It would let us train our dog at our home and with the video you can see how we are doing. I think any age dog would benefit. I have a 6 month old black lab so I would like to see it target younger dogs. I have never downloaded to YouTube but I’m sure I would be able to. I have 30 minutes a week or day to commit to this training. Thanks for your commitment to training.



  150. Sue Hopkins says:

    I have a litter of puppies leaving on Jan. 24 to their new homes at 7+ weeks. Perhaps one or more of these folks would be interested in your new concept but would need to know the cost.


  151. Diana says:

    I think this would be fantastic as I’m helping my neighbor train their puppy (1 year) who hasn’t had any training at all and as a result they will get rid of her unless I can help and quickly – by the way – does your stuff download to a mac? Thanks in advance ..


  152. True says:

    I would like to do the video with you and I would like it to target dogs under 2 years. I have a golden retiver border collie mix, she is a good dog but very hyper and I can’t seem to get her to stay for very long and when ever someone comes to the door she gets all hyper. She tears our yard appart. She has cost us up $200.00 in hoses, she tore our cable and internet out of the ground and she is eating the bark on our trees, amoung other problems.


  153. Pamela Courtleigh says:

    I like the idea — Since MY dog is fine with other dogs I don’t care about that — I would personally care more for getting along with people…and since this is all about me ( or Bliss (dog) actually) — 2 years and older is good.
    I’m not sure about the video thing — I don’t mind sharing and uploading to youtube — but how would the logistics of filming go? How would I be filming and training? I have a hard enough time trying to remember to bring my treat bag to all places dog involved. I may just be lacking imagination.
    Thank you for always thinking up new ways to help us out,


  154. Sounds great, but how much will it cost? I have spent so much on DVDs and training at PetCo and though Toby (2yrs old..we’ve had him 1 yr – abused rescue) is much better he still is aggressive when people come over to the house and is aggressive to other animals on walks.

    I certainly have 30 minutes a week and am comfortable with all thing computer.

    SHaring vide is a good idea if it doesn’t make the price of the course too high.



  155. Beverly Houghton says:

    Chet, I have not even gotten my puppy yet. He is a Yorkshire Terrier and is only 7 weeks old. I have been collecting information for the last month on training. I have read a couple of books and have another on the way. My last dog was a Chinese Crested Powderpuff. She trained like a dream, but I had not even read one book. So this time I decided to get a lot of info so I actually know something about what I am doing. I think your ideas are great and will be a big help to some people. Very unique idea. Beverly


  156. Anita VanDerHoeven says:

    I have a one year old german shepherd. I am very interested in your plans, depending on the cost involved. The time involved is not a problem. Lola is a bright dog, but I do find that keeping her attention can sometimes be a problem. She is full of energy and sometimes a little difficult for me to control, especially around other dogs or new people visiting.


  157. EDD says:



  158. Norma Hoffman says:

    Sounds great to me, as I have a 4mo old male poodle that is running me nuts!


  159. jeannie lindsay says:

    I don’t want to post videos to youtube, don’t even own a video camera. But if you compiled the videos and made a dvd of training techniques for the 6-8 week program I would purchase the dvd for sure.


  160. tony says:

    hi im interesting in having the program to get my dog ready to be a good dog, so please take me into consideration to be into it…




  161. Lila says:

    It sounds very good and interesting.My yellow Lab is 3 years old. As Puppy he went to Pet Smart for a few weeks training; but needs a refresher course now. Pet Smart has offered me to bring him in and they will work with him with a few sessions for free because he was trained there. I would like yours even better but it depends on the price tag because things are very tight. I am not so good on the computer and do not know how to use Youtube at all.
    But if you make like a DVD with training that is something I would buy then I can play it on my Laptop and retrain him.I know you always give very good advice because I read your e-mails. Also I do work and my only time at home is on Sundays and Mondays.I do take my Laptop to work so you can e-mail me if you have a response. When I am not at home my neighbor takes care of him.I do not have a website all I have is e-mail. Thanks for letting me know and looking forward to hearing from you.



  162. Harmony says:

    sounds like a good idea!!!! im only 14, is that ok? and my dog is an outside dog, becuz he’s not allowed inside as much as i want him to be. he’s my best friend, and knows 25 tricks (i love dog training) but i dont know how to deal with control around strangers, cuz he’s a watchdog, and coming 100% of the time


  163. Alex says:

    I would be very interested in moving forward. So besides the time involved what would be our cost for this.

    Also I would you to target this at dogs under 2 years old.



  164. Sarah Pennington says:

    Hi Chet

    THis does sound like an interesting concept. Both my dogs are over 2 so I would prefer it geared to older dogs. I am going to be out of the country from mid January until the 2nd week of March so could not do anything until then. It would depend on the cost of the program and it would be helpful to have a preview of what the program would be prior to commiting. I would be ok with the u tube idea


  165. Bill & Debra Marr says:

    Do we need this! We have a one-year old darling of a female yellow lab (Honey) that has horrible manners. We need to get her doing all the things you list.

    Video sharing is a great idea…uploading to YouTube is not a problem. We are absolutely able to commit the time every week to make this happen.

    We look forward to learning more about this program.

    Debra & Bill Marr


  166. Hey Chet,
    As a Professional Trainer for over 17 years, I am always interested in everything and anything dog! I’ve trained from small private obedience classes all the way to Police K9 and Sport Dogs, such as Schutzhund, Ring, etc. “Video Conference Canine Training” – now that’s innovative!


  167. Tamara Self says:

    I would love to do this with you, but I need to know how much this might cost…My family is really feeling the economy crunch and so I need to know if this is something I can fit into our budget.

    FYI…I have a 3 year old rescue Beagle (very skittish) and an almost 2 year old Beagle (“recall”…hmmm…I didn’t hear anything…) as well as fostering a 1 year old Dachshund (in your face, I have to have all the attention!).



  168. Susan says:

    Sounding interesting. But how much for this program?


  169. Jeanne Rasmussen says:

    I don’t know if my puppy is age appropriate for these lessons. We will pick him up from the rescue shelter this coming Sunday. He’s an Akita and is only 8 weeks old. I haven’t even done any of the basic video I bouuht from you.
    I like the idea of sharing the video with you for critiques. I’ve never uploaded onto Youtube. I do have the 30 minutes a week to commit to the program.

    Jeanne Rasmussen


  170. silvia wilson says:

    I would be interested but would depend on the cost.


  171. Debbie Rogero says:

    Question 1: Yes
    Question 2: Not sure about the 30 minutes, but I know my 12 year old(who helps me with training)would have the time to spend.
    Question 3: Yes
    Question 4: Well, our puppy is 6 months old right now.

    Regarding payment…in this economy, we a just making ends meet. It would depend on the cost as to whether or not we can participate at this time.


  172. Kelley Campbell says:

    I would definately be interested. I have a 10 month old bichon mix who has seperation anxiety very very bad. She doesn’t sit on command and I have to tell her something about 5 times before she does it. I definately need some assitance.


  173. Goska says:

    I think it is a great idea. All the issues you mentioned – well, I am having a hard time with with my dog and I could definitely use some guidance as far as how to deal with them.
    I have a one year old Dobe so I would like to see the program focus on younger dogs.
    How much would it cost?


  174. Debbie says:

    I would also like to see how this can interact with involving children in the training. I have 5 and they areally get frustrated with the dog.


  175. Dawn Strohl says:

    What is the cost for something like this and when do you want to begin this?


  176. Patty Scott says:

    I would like to participate in this training. I have three dogs and Gertie a three year old wirehair fox terrier really needs training.

    She has a strong personality and is very territorial. When she thinks she is being slighted she begins non stop barking that is maddening. If she is really put out with me she will sneak up behind me and nip at my ankles. She also nips at my older dog as she passes by for no apparent reason.

    Even with these issues my main concern is that she refuses to be housebroken. It is as if she deliberately goes potty in the house even when she has been outdoors for hours. This also happens in the garage — rather than just walk out the door and go in the yard she does her business in the garage.

    I like the video sharing and obviously I vote for 2 years and older.


  177. Karen Rossi says:

    I would be very interested. I also like the the once a week interactive phonecall option. My dog, Maggie, a 7 month old Goldendoodle is smarter than I am. Another suggestion I have would be how to get them to stop chewing and destroying things they can reach on the tables, counters, etc. as a response to boredom or not being the center of attention. This may be covered under one of the numbers above. I think the video taping is also a wonderful idea. Will you have a YouTube account that is password protected or something? or is that possible? Thank you for including me on this idea. I’m game! Karen


  178. Sylvia says:

    Yes I do like the idea of sharing the video with you.
    I do have 30 minutes a week to commit to a 6-8 week program.
    I’m not really comfortable uploading videos to YouTube.
    Yes it would be very helpful to make this for dogs under 2 years old.


  179. Cheri says:

    I would love to be a part of this. I have a dog — she is 4 and needs some help.



  180. Ravana Johnson says:

    I would like to thank you for coming up with such timely
    and much needed training program for my dogs that are just
    one year old.
    This is really just what I needed.

    Thanks again,


  181. Greg Bond says:

    After reading your list of training objectives, I realize I have fallen very short of the mark in training my one year old mini golden doodle. I have not been consistent in training, but would like to be. She does some tricks like: going potty and going to bed on command, picking up all of her toys provided there is a reward for each one, staying on command…for a while, playing dead, rolling over, shaking, high-fives, not barking usually, etc. But obedience training like not jumping up on people, heeling, and concentration in caotic environments is lacking.
    I have questions about your class.
    Money is an issue so how much would this class cost?
    I wouldn’t mind sharing our videos, and uploading to YouTube can be learned quickly.
    Would the 30 minutes a week be at a particular time during the week, or random according to our schedule?
    Thanks…for reminding me to train myself.


  182. Mysty says:

    I would be very interested in your program. As far as costs go, I am 78 yrs and on a limited budget. My dog is Pom mix and is only 2 1/2 months old and he goes potty where ever he wants, I am using puppy pads and sometimes he uses them but most times not.


  183. Kay Beard says:

    I have a red golden doodle that would be great on you tube. She is one year old and in need of training.

    She is very smart but I need help training her.

    Thanks, Kay


  184. Joan says:

    I would be interested. My dog is 3 and still sometimes messes in the lounge. What cost would be involved?


  185. Dave Bradley says:

    Sounds great to me.. i would definitely be interested.


  186. Mary D says:

    I am interested. How will this work with “3” dogs? I would have a difficult time keeping two of them “out of the way” while I work with one.


  187. Sandi says:

    I would be interested in finding out more. Our 13.5 month dog is quite good at all of the above but just needs fine tuning to get to the next level so if it is not expensive I’d consider it. We would like him to be able to pass the test for a therapy dog.

    I have no problem with video and would prefer not Utube. I have the time to make the committment.


  188. dennis cunningham says:

    Hi Chet,I have been siting here reading the responses you have gotten. If your plan is to address each one in a personal manner you have your work cut out for you. There is definitely a need for dog training/ coaching in almost any area of the country and most people would benefit from one one one, myself included. In my case expense has to be a consideration I am retired disabled with only SS disability as income.If I can afford it I will definitely be interested in some first rate assistance.

    It appears there are so many varied needs it may be hard to target dogs of a specific age group. Time to commit is not a problem for me. Up loading to U Tube is not a problem. Having my progress be critique would be great.

    Good luck, Dennis


  189. norma says:

    Sounds like a good idea, i have 4 month mioritic (rumanian)sheep dog and she is huge over 40lbs. already. With that size it is imperative that she obey me. I wonder if it is too soon.
    And how much will it cost? I have the time and uploading to you tube is no problem.



  190. Ernie James says:

    I’m retired air force and I have trainied my 7 year old German Shepard, from a puppy. He is a guard dog now in our home in the country. I’ve been working with animals for over 40 years, in the air force and out and I’m very much interested in learning more about dog training.

    How much will this course of study cost?

    I’m starting a Windy J Farm Dog Obidence Training Program, very soon.
    There are “NO” dog trainers in my city or area.



  191. Amanda Fowler says:

    I would be interested, in taking part in this course but need to know a cost for this before taking part, as I have alredy been through a obiedence course for my puppy he’s still under a year old. Well he don’t sit at the door or when poeple come to greet him. he gets to excited especially if he gets ignored then he tries to get them to pay attention and that when he gets praised from others so I just started putting him in his cage.


  192. Linda MacKenzie says:

    I have a 3 1/2 month old German Shepherd and have been clicker training with the pointers purchased from you. He is doing extremetly well but there is always room for improvement. I have a slight problem when he is distracted on him coming to me. So yes, I am definately interested as I want to get real pleasure from my puppy not a broken arm or any embarassment. He does walk fairly well but again can improve. What do you think the cost will be? I wish more dog owners would take the time to train their pets. Clicker training seems to work well with my little Sargeant at the present time. Thank you.


  193. Gil says:

    This all sounds good and well, for someone with one dog or puppy. My situatio is I have multiple dogs, 5 Lab mix, 1 Min. Collie mix and 1 Corgy as well as 2 cats that were raised with the Labs. and think they are dogs as well upto responding to my whistles to get the dogs attention for a command. So by the time I get one broken of a bad habit one of the others has picked up a bad habit and has taught the others so I have to break each one seperately. I am disabled bad lungs and blood circulation. However the animals have access inside and outside anytime we had a pet door built into the house giveing them the access 24/7 and they all use it even the cats. I have never seen a training program with more than 1 or 2 dogs as the subjects. My back gate opens to a levee and on the otherside of that is Jean Lafite National Park. I open the gate go on the levee and walk with the dogs useng voice commands and whistles and at least 1 will stay with me at all times while the others will burn off the excess energy they have then they will trade off with the one staying close to me but at anytime I can stop whistle and yell where is my baby and they will all come back check in with me then go for another run. The only time I have had a leash on them is for hurricane evacuation, or doctor visits.


  194. Brandi says:

    I would certainly be interested in this but am concerned with the cost. I have an 11 month old German Shepherd who will NOT behave at all. I can not get her around my children or company as no matter what we do she jumps and nips. I am so frustrated with my dog, who I know can be so sweet, I have actually debated about getting rid of her and really don’t want to. I have tried several training programs, clicker & dvd with a special collar, and nothing works. She is very stubborn and large. Help that will actually work would be GREATLY appreciated!!!


  195. Dhanushka NIroshana says:

    I would love to be a part of this pro gramme Here in sri lanka we don’t have dog training camps i would love to joing tell me what to do


  196. Joan says:

    I have 2 dogs, one 3 and one 4 that could both use some training – make that I have 2 owners, over 50 that could both use some training.


  197. Dhanushka NIroshana says:

    oh Sorry my dog is just 10 weeks


  198. Kathy says:

    Hi it sounds like agreat idea.I have a 7 yr old Great Pyrenees and a 21 month old Pyrenees.My old guy was a rescue and barks at everything,my young one is great in the showring but terrable everywhere else.I wouldnt mind paying if its not to high,but Im not familiar with downloading to UTube.Please keep me informed.


  199. Cheryl says:

    Sounds interesting but I have spent hundreds of dollars already with no success have golden retriever and a mix.The mix isn’t to bad but follows the lead of the golden which I am finding just does not want to obeyShe is now 5 and the mix is 3.What can you suggest.Wouldn’t mind paying once I see success ,but tired of putting money out only to have failure.


  200. Jori Bergseng says:

    I would love this…I am having trouble with getting my husband to participate in training our puppy, he has been rough with her, she will now leave him alone and bite me. NOT good. I would love to have a video that I could get him to sit down and watch with me…then have to participate with video taping our training.
    We have a lot of free time for this, and I would love to have you let me know what we are doing wrong…it is so hard to tell if we are rewarding her at the right time or not.
    We could commit 30 min a DAY for the next 8 weeks if it would get her to behave!
    We are comfortable with uploading to You Tube, and we would like to target dogs under 2 years old (But I think a lot of training can be applied no mater what the dog’s age).
    WE REALLY needed this!


  201. Jim says:

    I have a 10 month old Rottie and a 10 week old Dobie who I would like to both be trained to the topics you have listed. Yes, I have 30 minutes weekly (per dog), would gladly film for critiques, can load onto youtube, and needs to be for dogs under 2 yrs. of age.




  202. LaDonna Taylor says:

    I am very interested. I have 2yo Snoodle and 1 year old Maltese. I dread someone knocking at my door or running into people during our walks. They are both very loving boys but also too protective. I have obviously done something right and wrong!


  203. Kelly Kuchta says:

    I would be interested in this. Is there a cost involved? During the holidays is a difficult time financially. Thank you


  204. victor lucero says:

    sure ,thank you ..for sure i need help with her ,,she is a 10 months rottiwaller ..does she qualified??


  205. Brandon Carriger says:

    This sounds like a pretty good idea to me. I don’t really care about the camera; I just want my 20-month-old JRT to be better behaved when people come over. He is a rescue dog and was abused in his first home; learning how to heal him emotionally would be great. I would like to give it a try! Getting him to stop barking at, jumping on, or nipping house guests would be wonderful.


  206. Aurelija Vilijošiūtė says:

    I would like to try something like your mind. And I would like to share the video with you, because I want to see my mistakes with dog training. I think it is very good idea, to learn not only from mistakes made by myself.
    Yes, of coure I will have 30minutes in a week to work with this program. I think I am comfortable to share videos on youtube.
    My dog is 7month old, so I can try this.
    Thanks you,


  207. David says:

    How do you stop a dog from digging?


  208. Gabie says:

    My Llasa-poo is 4 years old, She can do some tricks. She listens sometimes, but she barks her head off when the kids have friends in the house and are running all over, She jumps on everyone who comes to the front door. she barks at them when she does not know them, and she is very protective of my 15year old son. She will show her teeth and will bite if you touch her when she is with him.Also you cannot touch her when she is eating her food, or chewing on her bone, she will bite yu.
    She can very a very evil dog , I call her evil, as she can be.
    I need help. I would be interested , will there be a cost ?


  209. I actually have 3 dogs all toys ranging from 14 mos – 3.5 yrs. I would like more info about the class. I need help these are my wifes babies and they are not truly housebroken + they sleep w/ us……


  210. Jon says:

    I have a 7 month old Rottweiler and as you can imagine he is a powerful breed, therefore training is essential during his early years before he becomes full size. I have taught him basic commands however the skills on your list would be perfect for the future of my household and my dog if he could learn these essential techniques.

    I am willing to set aside the time required to train him and welcome your site if it becomes a reality.


  211. greg says:

    i would love to try,my 3 month old pit is beating up the kids…lol


  212. David I. Lynch says:

    So if this sounds interesting… please leave me a comment below to let me know if it’s something you’d like me to move forward with, and if it’s something you’d be willing to pay for. Along with anything else you’d like me to add to the program that I haven’t mentioned.\

    A: Yes I am interested, need to know the cost but certainly something that sounds like a great idea.

    Do you like the idea of sharing video with me for a critique?

    A: Sharing video for critique is a wonderful idea.

    Do you have 30 minutes a week to commit to a 6-8 week program?

    A: 30 minutes is way less than I spend currently.

    And are you comfortable with uploading to YouTube?

    A: Uploading to YouTube is a snap.

    Would you like me to target this at dogs under 2 years old or OVER?

    A: For me I have a 5 month old Boxer puppy so under would be great.

    Please keep me updated on this program. Also try and keep it cost effective for all of us. It is a GREAT idea but if the cost is prohibitive it could be the downside for it.

    Thanks for considering me and Buster (my Boxer),


  213. joe ricci says:

    I would LOVE to be a part of this.

    I have a young 4 month old lab that is a great dog, behaves reasonably well on walks but is a disaster greeting other dogs and friends because he is way too loving and thinks its his right to jump on everyone. Also, he listens well when we’re alone but in front of others is a challenge.

    please keep me in the loop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    take care and all the best


  214. JOHN PAUL JONES says:

    I have a15 month old Havanese that definitely needs training. But it is winter in Michigan with limited outdoor(after work) training time. INTERESTED; YES


  215. Shari says:

    I am very interested in your video training concept and would love to be (or NEED to be) included. I have two dogs, so I could use your help working out the training logistics.


  216. T.H. says:

    My first thought is… is this a scam or what… in this age and time you do not know. Every one is trying to make ends meat, but as far as the program sounds like it wood be a fine idea but the payment is what is going to bother people… first of the camra $130 you say is free so we know to start with it is well over $130 then you time….after a while if you have to many people doing this you will not have time to watch all the vidio in a week and get back to people…sorry there is just not enough time in a week to do this…and you might have people that need help right away and you have 300 hrs. of vidio to look through….oops there it goes…. no responce in over a week and you start getting a bad name… the consept is great but dig a little dipper and think on time wise also….you tube …lol … no way … not even any others out there…. this is how people start tracking othere and stocking them… we should be able to send it straight to you some way…. i am not puting my self or my dog or my home or what ever all over the net for some one to say hay they have this or that…. well you know what i am getting at….I do hope you find some way to get your help out to people that a lot of them need…. and maybe you could help with the problems we have with pitbull owners and teach them how to take care of there dogs….it is not right for these dogs to loose there lives over what the owners do not do!!!!!!! Thank You

    Hey T.H., Chet here…

    I’m glad you brought up a few of your points. And the whole reason behind this blog post was to start to get some feedback, so even though yours was UBER critical I still appreciate it.

    First off, I didn’t say the program would be free, in fact I did specifically ask in the post if this would be something you’d be willing to pay for, might want to double check that before you call me a scammer next time 😉

    As for a bunch of people uploading video and getting bogged down in video, that might be a valid point, but I think I can organize it in a way that avoids this problem.

    First off, not everyone is going to send in videos asking for personal help each week. In fact the majority of people will get the results from my lessons and not even need the video critiques. And even if I do get a lot of people needing video critiques, usually people all have the same 3-5 problems getting results in a specific area.

    Plus, who’s saying I don’t have a staff of expert dog trainers who are already excited about helping me handle all these video critiques?

    And I’m thinking that I could take all the different types of questions and videos that came in and only use one of each category to critique… then others could watch those videos that talk about their problem, even though it wouldn’t be their exact dog, it would still be the exact same situation (or close enough to help people). I’m thinking people would like that more and could learn more from
    watching other dog’s instead of just there own.

    This would definitely be a group type of coaching model, versus a one on one coaching model.


  217. Jerry Brown says:

    I would like to take part in this.


  218. Gina Burdette says:

    I would like to try this, it sounds like the next best thing to being there. But to be honest I downloaded your Dog Training Course on 10/30/08 and haven’t even started. I have 4 Yorkies, from 15 months to 10 years old and I don’t know how or where to begin with them. Should I train them all at once or one at a time? I suppose that would be my question for this program too. Also, how much would something like this cost?




  219. Jennie holkham says:

    yes I am interested I have three dogs we do need some help in areas cost and where and when is my three things I need to know i can commit time .
    I need to know a bit more about the training but like the sound of it yes I am interested.Jennie


  220. Rachel says:

    I have two year and a half old yellow labs with no training. they are also very aggressive toward strangers and children outside. Every little bump they bark and growl. They’re even aggressive toward each other. I have just had a baby 3 weeks ago and having a hard time managing them and the baby. I really need the help!



  221. Amanda says:

    I would be interested. What would the cost be?
    My dogs are 7, 5, and 3 years old but could have access to working with puppies if need be. Just getting ready to film one of my dogs and the initial trials with some reactivity issues.


  222. Rhoda Quick says:

    I have a 10 month old Chiweenie male puppy named Tibbi.

    I have taken a 8 week course at Petsmart and another 6 week course at a local doggy daycare.

    Tibbi is a mix of Chihuahua (his dad) and Miniature Dachund (his mom).

    He continually has issues with potty training. He urinates several times a day in the house. Usually in the hallway near the bathroom or at the top of the stairs near my bedroom. I’ve tried the puppy pads but he only shreads them to pieces.

    When I kennel him during the day he howls and it disturbs my neighbors.

    So now I have him gated in my kitchen area. He never has accidents in there during the day.

    He is also really playful and sometimes rough with our cat. Biting at her scruff of her neck and at her tail. I try and scold him, but he continues with the bad behavior.

    I would be interested to hear more about your special training session to see if I can get my little stinker to behave a better.

    Please let me know what the next steps are.

    Rhoda Quick


  223. Debbie Isphording says:

    I have three dogs in my home of different ages (11, 6 and 2) The oldest dog (choco lab mix) was trained fairly well until we brought in the next dog (boston terrier). The oldest seemed to pick up bad habits from this dog. My daughter then brought home a beagle puppy. The beagle puppy has been very hard to train and barks all the time at nothing in particular. He is very frightened of noises and new people and anything different.( Don’t bring a balloon into the house or he will bark all day! Set a box on the floor and he will not go near it for hours, he will just cower in the corner. When he hears a loud car or truck he jumps into your lap, no matter what you happen to be doing at the time.) This behavior is making the other dogs jumpy. Your program sounds like just what we need. Perhaps you could give your initial test group a major discount, since they would be your guinea pigs. I have never uploaded anything to Youtube, but I’m sure I could figure it out. I hope that you tailor the program for dogs of any age, as most dogs have some issues that need to be worked out. Thirty minutes a week doesn’t sound like a lot of time, so I’m sure I could commit to that. Please keep me posted on the progress of this program. Thank you.


  224. Kathee Saylor says:

    This sounds very exciting. I have benefited from your material already but as many people are, I am a visual learner, so watching would be of great benefit. I think many people and their companions could start to enjoy a better quality of life together with the right training (for both of us) 🙂
    I would love to participate in this and do have the time to commit, You Tube is no problem and yes i would be willing to pay (however there are limits). My dog is 5 months old, i have her potty trained and she was doing very well at the basic safety commands Come, Sit, Down, but now seems to be testing me just like any young child.


  225. Chantal Hodgson says:

    everything you mentioned is what my dog need help with. hes great at tricks and for the most part but meeting new ppl and friends he gets so exited and hyper and is sometimes relly embarassing barking at other dogs.this is for sure something i would be intrested in. i am really comfortable with you tube and those video cameras and would be intrested in sharing videos. i have probably more than 30 mintues a week i could commit as i already comit at least 1 to 2 hours to my dog(boss 13 month old boxer mix) a day right now. my boyfriend also just got a 3 month old rotti so it would be nice to be ahead of the gane with him too. let me know what your next step is


  226. Raven says:

    Sounds too good to be true! We have 2 GS pups, 7 & 9 months and we sure could use a hand with their training. 2008 was not a good year for our family, as we lost our 3 beloved girls (GS,9yrs to cancer, 13 & 15 yr old GS crosses to old age). I would love to hear more.

    PS for Brandi,

    she sounds just like my 7 month old GS-won’t stop jumping up on you and snapping at your face. She’s also large-my 9yr old that passed this year was 109 lbs of pure energy too! Good luck



  227. Nicole says:

    I would be interested in doing this. We have a 7 month old puppy that needs work. She has some issues that are really out of control. Like running through the house, nipping at feet and hands, and mouthing constanatly. If you are using this as a control group then I think you should cover the cost. Once this method of training has been proven then certainly charge for it. I guess I feel that I have already spent quite a bit of money on other trainers and we still have the same problems – so I need to see some proof that this will work. So, far I’ve learned more from Ceasar Milan that from anyone else.


  228. Laura says:

    Dear Chet, Good afternoon. This sounds really interesting. Is there a charge? I have a 4 1/2 month old boxer I am the one who needs the training my dog is awesome and he is so smart.


  229. micki says:

    I have a doberman mixed. He’s about 11 months old, not sure because he was abandened with his mother and 3 other pups. i could make 30 mins a week available. i dont know how i would do video since its only me and jack. i have never been to youtube website.


  230. Carol DeLis says:

    My greatest problem with my new border collie mix is she jumps the fence and roams! Found here about 1.5 miles away the other day. Also, she does not come when called, if she’s having too much fun where she is. Yes, I have 30 min (lots more) a week to work on this. Sometimes I think she is TOO nice to other dogs, esp. the ones that lure her out of the yard! (She’s spayed.) Have never uploaded to YT but do all kinds of other stuff so it would be no problem. She is disobedient in the car, wanting to crawl onto me. She was trained to jump on people by previous owners. Only 35 pounds, she wants to get as close to my face as possible. Biggest problem is the fence jumping. Which means I cannot leave her alone in the yard, have to tie her which I don’t want to do. Have never tied a dog before. Oh, and I think she’s about 1.5 years, probably under 2.


  231. Cecil L. Sandifer says:

    Yes I would like more information on this tranning . I do have more than 30 min a week to work with my dog which is a 9 month old Black Lab. I have all the time I need to train my dog. I like the idea of video tapping , but would like to use my own video camera,if that would be possible not real sure about uploading to you tube tho.but think I could do it. First I would like to know what the course would cost.

    Thank You
    Cecil L. Sandifer


  232. Simon says:

    I have @ staffy cross puppies that are 11 weeks old brother and sister and would like to take part in the programme and thought it would be interesting seeing I have 2 its a bit of a handful


  233. Louise says:

    I have 5 chihuhuas and the major problem is fighting between themselves. The worst time is when I return home since all of them want to get my attention so they attack each other. I am desperate because this week one of them almost killed his father he bit him in the neck and didn’t let go till everyone tought that he was dead. No stranger can enter the house and another problem is potty training. 3 of them are 18 months old and the father is about 4 yrs old. I don’t have much problems with the mother. The problem is I don’t know how I can train them without ending in a fight because they are very jealous of each other.


  234. Angela Allsopp says:

    I would be intrested but my husband and myself are unemployed at the moment so money would be a problem. All your ideas sound great as i have 2 dogs, 1 border collie who is nearly 12yrs and will not stop barking when someone comes to the door and springer spaniel is about 18 months old and does nothing right but she is full character with a timid nature.

    I am not sure about using a blog web site as i have never used one before.




  235. Ann says:

    Since I’ve tried every training video on the market without much success, I guess one more won’t hurt. I have a 7 month old yellow lab who right now is pretty much out of control. He was doing great until he developed OCD (osteochondritis dissecans) & had to have surgery. He’s now recuperating but all his training went out the window. I did use your training method & had more success with it than anything. Thank goodness I was able to train him to use his crate using your method & he does wonderfully in the crate (in fact, he’s there right now!).


  236. Sharon Bothwell says:

    I would be very interested in this program. I have a 5 month old labradoodle and she needs all of the training listed. I have no problem posting to you tube. Thanks!


  237. Nicole says:

    1. Do you like the idea of sharing video with me for a critique?
    yes, it sounds good

    2. Do you have 30 minutes a week to commit to a 6-8 week program?
    yes, can spare 30 minutes a week for the program

    3. And are you comfortable with uploading to YouTube?
    yes, I have no problem uploading to YouTube

    4. Would you like me to target this at dogs under 2 years old or OVER?
    I have a 6 1/2 month old Shih-Tzu so I would like it to be
    targeted to under 2 years.

    It all sounds good but I noticed you didn’t mention anything about a price. What would the cost be???


  238. Dennis says:

    Yes I’m would like to try this and I have the time . I have a 9 month old Cocker .He is well behaved until someone comes by then he wants to jump all the time. I’m not real open to but anything on youtube


  239. Alisa Danyeur says:

    My husband and I are very interested in your ideas! We have 3 dogs of our own (all rescues) in addition to fostering Humane Society puppies and adult dogs to socialize them for up to 3 months who can then be returned to the Humane Society for adoption by the public.


  240. Bud Hart says:

    I would like to be considered. More details, please, cost, etc.


  241. Claude says:

    l truly luv the way u described the program and the way u wish to approach it. l would pay for the course if l could, but that’s another story. My dog is approx 7 mos old and as hard as l try, she’s good at times and bad at others. Would luv a chance to get into the program.


  242. Denise says:

    Yes I would be interested. I have a chit sue 3 months old and he always jump on me and always want to bite me


  243. Pamela Lee says:

    This sounds svery interesting and useful. My dog is +2 years old, has already been trained whereas I have not.
    I would like for my dog to tell me when visitors arrive and then ‘shut up’.
    Since nothing is ever ‘free’, I am willing to pay a fee; especially when getting something like the video recorder thingie you were talking about.


  244. Phil Kalenowsky says:

    I don’t mind sharing a video of both ‘good’ and needing ‘improvement’ video for critique. This would be good, as it shows that someone can use youtube to upload video to the web as well.

    I am a computer tech and have no problem with videos and uploading to utube.

    I could easliy commit 30 minutes a week to commit to a 6-8 week program? I spend at least an hour a day with my 9 month old puppy daily.

    I think it would be good to have two groups, one 6 months to 1 year old and a second group, 2 years or older.

    A video to show/critique the current puppy/dog’s behavior would be good, so we have before and after.

    You may want to evaluate the program based on the current level of obedence and/or training.

    By the way, my puppy (9 month old, 6 pound havanese/poodle mix) comes and sits on command, but when someone walks by, she’s not paying attention to me, but running off after someone else.. ie, easily distracted.

    Thanks! Phil


  245. Bruce L. Prator (Dog>Buck) says:

    I would be intereted in some of the techniques you offer. I am specifiacally interested in training my dog>>>when someone comes to the door he does not freakout unless needed, I am interested in training him to defend my property sucha s my car when left in the car, and not letting anyone in the house when I am not there, a;lso even if my friend come around I do not want him to be friendly unless I tell him it is OK. I want him to be more quiet(Sneaky) as to not let anyone know he is around until needed or wanted.

    Thank You


  246. Bruce L. Prator (Dog>Buck) says:

    I would be intereted in some of the techniques you offer. I am specifically interested in training my dog>>>when someone comes to the door he does not freakout unless needed, I am interested in training him to defend my property such as my car when left in the car, and not letting anyone in the house when I am not there, also even if my friends come around I do not want him to be friendly unless I tell him it is OK. I want him to be more quiet(Sneaky) as to not let anyone know he is around until needed or wanted.

    Thank You


  247. Roy Robinson says:

    I am very interested. I have a 3 year old apbt which I would like to see learn all of the above. She is very friendly but has trouble controlling her excitement.


  248. Tammy says:

    I really think this would be a good thing, I would not be able to take part in it as I have COPD and on oxygen so I don’t have much stamia to beable to train. But I think if you were able to look at the video’s and see the mistakes that we are making would be a help. It also would depend on how much you would charge for the service. To get a good feed back I feel that you show pick a few that you don’t charge and try it out and see how it goes. If it goes as I think it will then you could charge for the other customers. You would have to have people that are really serious about this training to promote your product on you tube and websites. I wish you good luck and I wish I could help you. I did learn from your dog training course and also your parrot training course.


  249. Lester says:


    I would be extremely interested in doing something like this as my 1 year old Aussie Shepherd x Border Collie, is getting to be a handful and creates anxiety for our family because of her insecurity. She will sometimes nip and lightly bite (no broken skin yet – knock on wood) people when greeted by what she deems to be a threat. The idea of you watching video of us training our own dog and giving us help specific to our situation is absolutely brilliant. Plus the fact that putting these videos on YouTube will be a great marketing ploy for you. If this actually works, I would be more than happy to give you a “testimonial” on YouTube. I am able to commit at least 30 mins/week for 6-8 weeks as I spend a lot of time with her already, training, grooming and walking her. I think that a lot of people start to look for training when they get a puppy or shortly thereafter or when their dog develops a problem. I believe that you should develop the program for dogs less than 2 yrs old to begin. Then you will be able to use that success to develop a program for older dogs. Thank you for your previous videos as it has helped us train our dog to do the basics and I truly hope this new program gets off the ground.



  250. Evelyn says:

    I would certanily be interested. My little dog is extremely smart (of course) and would train very well, I’m sure. He is abut 18 months old, is a rescue and a Schnauzer- Chihuahua mix. He has been in two Obedience Classes and done very well. However, he will not come when called if he doesn’t want to and he loves to run away.
    Blogging is not one of my skills, so will have to learn. I also have never put anything on UTube.
    Before commiting, I would need to know cost.


  251. I have a 7 month old Chihuahua that has graduated from puppy school.
    He has a problem,and wants to bite me expecially when he is tired.
    Our weather is so bad right now he cannot go outside.
    I want me to be the alpha dog.But he doesn’t get that.
    Please let me know what this cost.
    He sleeps in his crate.I never use the crate for disapline.
    I would probably be interested.


  252. I have a 7 month old Chihuahua that has graduated from puppy school.
    He has a problem,and wants to bite me expecially when he is tired.
    Our weather is so bad right now he cannot go outside.
    I want me to be the alpha dog.But he doesn’t get that.
    Please let me know what this cost.
    He sleeps in his crate.I never use the crate for disapline.
    I would probably be interested.


  253. Branislav says:

    I am living in Toronto area and I am interesting for dogs training.Do you have anything available in this area and I need more information about price,place etc.Thank you


  254. Anne Q says:

    Yes, our dog/family could benefit from all of the topics listed. the cost would be a factor, and learning how to upload the video may be my challenge, but I am up for it. My seven month old Cavapoo needs the next level of training and so does my family.


  255. Beverly Gliege says:

    I have a female Bichon that will be 1 on the 13 of this month.She barks all the time.She loves to chew on us.She seems to think she is aloud to
    poop and pee where she pleases.The list goes on and on.

    it sounds interesting what have to offer but I cant afford to pay much.


  256. Chelsey Gallagher says:

    I would be interested, but I am a college student with limited funds, so I would need to know the total cost inorder to say definatly yes. I have a 7 month old german short hair pointer, and I need all the help I can get!


  257. Mr. Benjamin says:

    Sharing video is a great idea.
    If someone doesn’t have a mere 30 minutes a week to work with their dog, then they really aren’t doing much ‘training’ are they? Personally I don’t like the ‘YouTube’ part and would hope there would be another option.
    As for the age of the dog, I don’t think that matters as much as ‘Size Grouping’ the class. It seems to take a slightly different approach when working with dobermans and retrievers compared to chuhuahuas and pomeranians.
    Rather than provide everyone with a camera they may not need, and to keep costs low, maybe have a ‘get a camera option’ for those who may not have the capabilities already to share video.


  258. Ellie says:

    Hi Chet,
    You have no idea how INTERESTED I would be in participating with your program!

    We have a six-month-old German Shepherd who, I believe, is in DESPERATE need of PROFESSIONAL training: he knows his basic commands (sit, stay, come, down), but choses to obey them at his whim. I have been trying to work with him on heeling and not pulling on walks, but, as he is growing (50 lbs. at last weigh-in, and I’m only about 115 lbs.), it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep him focused. Also, he thinks my 13-year-old Yorkie is his playtoy and I’m afraid he’ll hurt him one day if I’m not there to intervene.

    Unfortunately (yes, I’m sure you saw this part coming), we are short on funds, and my husband (who has never owned or trained a dog) feels that a generic “Petstore” training group will suffice and refuses to let me call a professional.

    Regarding your questions: yes, I would certainly welcome a critique; I will definitely make the time, and, as I spend my days on the computer, I’m sure I can upload to YouTube.

    Thanks, in advance, for considering us for your program. Hope it works out well!


  259. Melissa O'Neill says:

    Yes, I would be very interested in your program, depending on the cost of course. Here are my answers to your questions:

    1. Yes, I do like the idea of you sharing video with me for a critique.

    2. Yes, I have 30 minutes a week to commit to a 6-8 week program.

    3. Yes, I am comfortable with uploading to YouTube.

    4. I have a 1 year old Golden Retriever and would love for you to target training to dogs under 2 years old.


  260. Frank Gunther says:

    What is the cost? I would be very interested unless it is cost prohibitive. I an retired, had to leve my job since I lost my leg due to my exposure to AGENT ORANGE from the 2 years I spent in VIETNAM in the MARINES.


  261. Heather says:

    Absolutely interested. I have an 8 mo old lab. How much will it cost?


  262. Frida says:

    Yes, I think those 10 options are good, they would be really useful.
    I think you should target for dogs at (almost) any age.
    But I don’t want to pay anything.


  263. G. D. McLean says:

    Am interested. Have a 2 1/2 year old male lab. What would be the cost?


  264. Ron Be says:

    Have 2 pups/sisters now 1 year old. Lab mom but apparently different dads ( border collie and husky maybe). Haven’t uploaded to utube, but tech savy so no worries. Would like to do class but depends on cost.


  265. Patricia Lear says:

    Hi, I will definately be interested. I have three dogs, two and a half years, 18 months and 9 months. The two and a half year old male is the most disobedient of all and has a ‘runner’ tendancy when he won’t be recalled under any circumstances. This of course doesn’t help with the training of the other two!


  266. sean says:

    This is of interest to me, I too would need to know the cost if any. I think that it should be open to any individual who has a dog with behavioral problems. I have recently adopted another dog from the animal shelter and she needs some attention. Keep me posted.


  267. Stacey says:

    YES! I am very interested in this! My dog is 15 months and although very well behaved most of the time, he does have issues with pulling, barking at people at the door, staying, etc.
    To answer your questions, I think it’s a great idea to record our progress for you to critique. Yes I do have 30 minutes a week, and more if needed. I am comfortable with uploading to YouTube. And as I said, my Phoenix is 15 months.

    Thank you for this opportunity,


  268. Annette says:

    Yes, Depending on the cost of course, I would be interested. My corgi is 1 year old and you described him to a T. Actually he is a pretty good dog, he just needs some fine tuning in behavior.


  269. Tracey says:

    Yes, I’d be game for this! We have an 8 month old boxer who is such a sweetie! However, she doesn’t always come when called. She also loves to chew things she knows she should not have…like my cellphone! She also loves to greet people at the door, jump up on them and lick them to death!!! We definitely need help with her. I’d like to try more things with her, but what’s the cost?


  270. Terri says:

    Yes, I would like to be considered. I don’t know about paying, possible if it’s working. I have a two year old pit. She’s mostly trained but pulls on a leash and sometimes has trouble coming when I want other than that she’s pretty good. Also have the German Shepherd, she’s in Baltimore getting trained (will be gone about two years) but need to learn more about the dogs. They train them by only feeding them from their hands and the dogs always have to do something to get food. It’s amazing how well that works…lol Maybe someone needs to do that to me…maybe I wouldn’t be so round. Anyway, I would love to be involved. I can see myself in a few years having a dog training course. U-tube is no problem either. Let me know more about it.


  271. Marion Schillinger says:

    Dear Chet,
    I would be most interested in participating depending on the cost. My Bouvier des Flandres is 12 years old and approaching the end of his days and had always been nearly perfect. However when I lose him I intend to get an adult shelter dog and willl probably need training. If your course is on video I can use it at any time.


  272. june says:

    Think the idea is good I have a chocolate lab just 1 year old who definitely needs additional training.


  273. Peggy Teegarden says:

    Sounds like you have a program that fits my needs… please keep me informed. Thank you


  274. Catherine Zambory says:

    I have 3 dogs. One blind miniature schnauzer who is 14 years old, a 3 year toy poodle, and a “toy” poodle 17 months old who is big enough to be a miniature poodle. The 17 month old has a real problem when he sees another dog. He becomes WILD even if he hears another dog when I take him for a walk. Both poodles hate riding in a car. Socializing didn’t work!!


  275. Kandi says:

    i have 2 dogs a 4 yr old husky/lab and his all most 2yr old son whos a husky/lab/chwilawa/beagle and the 2yr old it completely nuts


  276. Rick McCarren says:

    Not at this time. I am committed to training a class in January and volunteer work with a therapy group so I really won’t have the time. Thanks for asking. Rick


  277. Barbara Ingersoll says:

    I have a 2 year old boxer who is a rescue dog and have had him for 8 months. He definitely has issues. Mainly other dogs and he is showing aggression towards skateboards and riders. It appears to be “fear aggression.” He is great in the house, very friendly, not aggrressive, does not jump on people when we are on top of things so I would be very interested is this IF it starts in the spring. Not willing to work a lot with dog outside in the bitter cold.


  278. Joni Bettis says:

    I am interested in your training. My australian shepherd will be one year old in February, and is in training to be a therapy dog. She comes to an elementary school each day. I have used some of the info. I purchased from you and had positive results.


  279. Travis Spence says:

    yes I have a dog almost 2 (MARCH) he knows a few commands but when he get off the leash he is impossible to catch


  280. Alain Fournier says:

    Hi,I would be very interested in trying this for my 12 month old black lab. I started training her for retrieving let me know. thanks


  281. Marty says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes! I have a nine month old yellow lab mix who is making everyone and all the other critters nuts! I want some help for both of us.
    Have never used YouTube…but am willing to try.


  282. Tony Steward says:

    I have flipped through the spam but I have no idea how much it all is.Please advise
    Tony Steward


  283. Debra Thompson says:

    Yes PLEASE consider me in your training course. I have four small dogs (2 Silky Terriers, 2 Papillons). I have just started your training and finding it to wonderful. Thank You, My computer had a clinch and I lost your last e-mail concerning a telephone call about my interest. Yes to that also, obviously I wont put my contact info on your blog but I will certainly send it to you and your bother.
    Sincerely a committed and responsible pet owner


  284. Donna Ferrante says:

    I have two Miki puppies almost 8 mos. old, one male and one female. I would definitely be interested providing the cost is affordable. They both have excitability issues (barking at the doorbell, etc.) and are frightened of other dogs. Neither one of them like to come when called unless they are on a leash.


  285. Mimi says:

    I am working full time from 8 to 5. Not sure how can I get my 9 months old dog trained. If you have any good program, please let me know.

    Thank you,


  286. Thomas Duffy says:

    I have a 9 month old American Bulldog and I am a High school Biology Teacher. My dog is great with my kids and had learned sit, down, and to walk on a loose leash. He is easily trainable and I think would do well in your program. The only problem that I am having with him is that he likes to chew on the corners of my pergalo in the back yard and dig while I am at school. I feel that I am proficient in computers and would have no trouble with the interactive aspects of your program. SIGN ME UP (depending on cost of course)!!!


  287. Scott Woodhead says:

    We have two sisiters who rat/jack russell terrier mixes and just over a year old. I would be very interested in what you are proposing, as these are the exact issues that we need to be addressing with this pair. Our biggest challenge is figuring out how to train two-at-once.


  288. Katherine Lee says:

    I would be interested. I have a 6 month old rescue pup who is really turned into a destaster when I am not home.
    What about the cost?


  289. Johanna says:

    I’m retired, so I could spend time trying to train by Boarder Collie mix that is 14 mo. old. She is shy, yet overactive and chews on everything, especially electric cords. Your program sounds very interesting, I’m not familiar with U_Tupe, but I’m sure I could learn.


  290. Johanna says:

    I’m retired, so I could spend time trying to train by Boarder Collie mix that is 14 mo. old. She is shy, yet overactive and chews on everything, especially electric cords. Your program sounds very interesting, I’m not familiar with U-Tube, but I’m sure I could learn.


  291. Bill Forkner says:

    Yes I would be interested in this program-I have an 18 month Yorkie-female


  292. Nina says:

    I have a 4 mo old puppy with separation anxiety. She also doesn’t listen very well when out on her own in the backyard. Might be interested but unsure about uploading to You Tube.


  293. Olivia says:

    Hi Chet
    I think it’s a fabulous idea. I live in Melbourne, Australia, and to be connected to you over there would be great.

    Please advise of approximate costs as soon as possible.
    To answer your questions:
    yes to all, and my dogs are an almost 2 year old (border collie) and 3.5 year old(border x kelpie). In terms of age, the x is actually worse behaved as she was a rescue dog from the RSPCA, and was devoid of any sort of training in the 1st year of her life – She has issues! The pure bred is pretty good because we got him as a puppy and trained him straight away.
    By the looks of all the people that have responded already, I think you might have your 50 people!
    Let me know!
    Kind regards,


  294. nicole baylosis says:

    Yes I would be interest to try any method of training at this point in time. great experience , I rescue dogs that are on Death role at the pound and I train and give them a second chance of being put in a nice home, with so many personalites to handle i think they will good canidated to see what method works on which dog. They need training:) my contact is
    865 566 4898 thanks


  295. Keith says:

    I have two dogs that are each about two years old. One is miniature Australian shepherd/border collie mix, and the other one is a toy Austrailain shepherd. I got my little dog when she was about six months old, and she exhibits a lot of behaviors as if she came from a puppy mill. She is afraid of men and strangers. Even if I hold my palm so that it is facing down, she is afraid of me. I have never done anything to hurt or abuse her so she is still afraid of something from her days as a puppy. I definitely would like to be able to help her out. My other dog is somewhat aggressive towards strange dogs, but she loves all people. I think both of my dogs could benefit from this course, and I would want to pursue this course provided the costs are reasonable.




  296. I AM interested! Just tell me when and where!
    Josh and I are getting a new dog next week and we already have a boxer/lab cross that is 2yrs old. The new boxer coming into the home will be a year old and has never been trained, so this would be great!
    Affordability would be a concern, I’m not sure what you are thinking on charging for it. Honestly, I haven’t even began the first one I purchased from you. I was going to dive into it once we got the new dog…..however, I think this new idea of yours would work much better for me and Josh…and the dogs!

    I look forward to hearing from you!


  297. rajeev says:

    my dog is a doberman king but is really but really scared of dogs and people he will bark at anyone he doesnt know and I have 3 question for you where is it,how much is it and when is it???


  298. Eileen Marie says:

    Sounds good. I have a 14 mo old shih-tzu/min.chuahuahua mix (5lb.) in real need of training. Big problem is paper training. I do not have a yard and frequently have problems with walking. I have time and am willing to commit. Cost will be VERY important.


  299. Diana Watson says:

    I would also consider this course for my Bernese Mountain dog X as she is not very well behaved at all. Same problems as the ones you mentioned.
    My decision would be contingent on price. Time is not an issue with me but I, too, am not computer savvy and do not know how to upload at all. Smudge is a very loving animal and wants to please me. She just does not know how and with her limited attention span (not yet one year old) she does not focus. I love her very much but am afraid if she does not come around soon I may have to give her to someone else as she is making my life miserable and may be better off with a more powerful human since I tend to cave in the discipline department


  300. Jacob Lowe says:

    recently purchased a pup and this sounds great.


  301. Scott says:

    sounds like a good ideal, but whats the cost and when do we pay you?
    i don’t think age matters does it? i have no problem uploading to you tube.
    and 30 minutes a week doesn’t seem bad at all.


  302. Lynley says:

    I do not mind the idea of sharing video but I don’t know how I’ll actually do it.

    2. I canMAKE available 30 mins a week

    3. No- I am NOT comfortable going onto YouTube.

    4. My puppyis a 9months old miniature fox terrier

    5. I need all the help I can get !


  303. heather says:

    hi i am interested in perticapating in this program my dog is geting to be to much thanx


  304. Mary George says:

    I have a 6 month yorkie female and she is a hand full. She play bites all the time, anytime you try to play with her she bites and it’s starting to hurt. She barks at any noise coming from outside. She jumps on us during dinner or anytime she sees us eating anything. Finally she is still having accidents in the house 🙁 So I am interested, we need help!


  305. Geri says:

    I have a 5 month old black lab, I am currently taking her to obedience classes and she is doing very well. I am sure that a lot of the items you mentioned won’t be addressed in the class. I am currently training her to walk with a gentle leader and she is catching on fast, just doesn’t like that strap across her nose. I am interested if you would be doing this for pups as well as older dogs.


  306. Frank says:

    I’m very interested in this venture! My dog is 19 mos. old and very opinonated ( read that stubborn!).


  307. Julie B says:

    I have a Rat Terrier that has some problems with being social and with greeting people and a Lab/Pit mix that is a rescue and will rip your arm off to go and greet anohter dog. I know my dogs are worth it, but money is very tight, after losing a job. What is the cost involved?


  308. Sophia H says:

    I would like to give it a shot as well. Are there any charges ?
    I have a german shepherd puppy whose 9 months old and really active.


  309. Darlene Allen says:

    Yes I would like to to be consider for this training course. My westie Rocky is fun and loving but he has other issues like jumping on peoples and when he is out playing he runs around and when I call him to come he totally ignores me and comes when he get ready. So now when we are out I have to put him on a leash and when he is on the leash he pulls. So please help me to –help Rockey so that both our lives would be easier.


  310. sue says:

    i would be interested i have a 5yr old shepherd have had to work a lot of problems mainly over proyective after a few different schemes we have tried only one problem left over anxious towards other dogs if she doesnt like them she growls cant walk past a strange dog comfatabley so she plays with a few selective dogs only


  311. Hi Chet.

    Yes, I would be interested in your program. Cost, of course, is the issue.

    I have trained with the best of the best in Alberta (and Canada, so I’ve heard). So, from your earlier videos etc., although I totally agree with your methods, they are not new to me. And I still have easy access to this excellent trainer. But, I do not live in that city anymore, and there aren’t any excellent facilities near me. Hence – yes I’m interested in a webinar, or whatever. I’ve done that before (not with dogs) – and it is an excellent mode of learning, in my opinion.

    So – just because I have trained with excellent people, doesn’t mean that I am an excellent trainer – I’m not. I KNOW the stuff – but I’m not necessarily great at producing results. Good – but not great. And no matter how good anyone is – there is ALWAYS something new to learn.

    I guess what I’m saying is – yes I’m interested – but it certainly depends on the cost – because I can travel a couple of hours and go directly to in-class sessions – which is really what I would like to do for my new puppy. However….

    As for You Tube – I’m not sure about that – don’t think I have a major issue with that one – but maybe I do. If I were on there to demonstrate negative things – i.e. – “here is what we WANT you to do – but here is what Karen does (not the correct way) – then I’d want to know that, of course. I don’t mind being the dummy!. And I know that I AM the dummy sometimes.

    I will be getting a new puppy – large breed – mid February. I will definitely go to puppy class near me. And I will train on my own. But having a resource such as you are suggesting is very appealing to me. But as I say – I have trained through Utility, and Tracking, and Agility, etc. – so I know SOME stuff – but can always learn more. And would like to learn.

    So – sorry for the long response – but like others on the site – I’m interested – but need to know the cost. I suspect it won’t be cheap – but that’s ok – if it meets my requirements. And how are you to know everyone’s requirements? That’s a tough one.

    Definitely a good idea. Keep me posted!


  312. peggy burdenChet says:

    Chet,Alot of the topics listed would be of great interest to me.I have 2 small schnauzers,the little boy pup has had to have surgery and I have not been successful with a lot of his trainingmaybe some of the topics you have mentioned could help.


  313. Gail says:

    We are quite desperate for assistance.
    We have a 9 month old Irish Setter with a lot of attitude – think she’s still trying to be ‘boss’.
    We were taking her to puppy school (worked on food rewards) She was doing weel – for her breed but unfortunately she ate something from another person as a reward and we think that was the cause of her to get really sick – extremely bad bacterial infection that has taken many dollars at the vet and 6 weeks of treatment and recovery.
    Training ceased for a while and she has settled back into the really old ‘bossy’ ways.
    Love her dearly BUT OH SO DESPERATE FOR HELP!!!!!!
    Desperate Victorian/Australia


  314. Carol says:

    We “inherited” a seven month old female hybrid of a Cairn Terrier and Yorkshire Terrier. She’s very intelligent; however, loves to bark and use the bathroom in the house! I would be interested but would need to know what was involved before agreeing to anything.


  315. AMOS JOHNSON says:

    Yes i’m interested, the cost will be a factor.


  316. James Fahrbach says:

    Yes! I am interested in your training plan. I am willing to share. I have a 10 month old mut. Needs traing, indeed.


  317. Clorise says:

    I have a 1 year puppy that wont stop moving! And if you pet him he play bites you. We want to keep him in the house but his running has a lot of distruction.


  318. Jodi says:

    Depending on the cost, I might be interested.


  319. Wow, this is a God-send, depends on cost. I have a Boston/Shih-Tzu from a recuse farm. DeeJay has a separation anxiety (I’ll admit I may have the strongest separation anxiety), if DeeJay is left home alone he barks excessively (we live in an aprtment building) so I take him every where with me. My husband feels that he is the low man in the pecking order.

    The terms are acceptible.


  320. Dave says:

    I have a 2 year old Lab., who has so much energy a program like this would be wonderful. Sharing video and uploading to youtube would be no problem. In fact I can’t wait to see if other people have the same problems as us. Right now my dog is trying to help me type this. The time commitment in no problem. Neither is a reasonable cost.





  322. Monica thrasher says:

    I have a 21 month old male Sheltie, and a lot of the things you mention I really need help with. We have not attended formal training but he is very smart and I believe with dedicated instruction and follow -up and someone looking at the behaviors I am trying to fix would be so helpful I am excited about the possiblilities.


  323. I am dealing with an 8 mos old cocker..very head strong, and have had a trainer over once a week but need more


  324. Julie says:

    Hey Chet,
    Your training method is very positive. So many times I read books or watch videos on what to do for specific problems and than I don’t do what I have been watching or reading about with my own dogs. It seems like your plan would kind of make me follow thru. Would rather not be on u -tube and since I just have everyday problems like jumping , barking and not always coming when called it could probably be fixed by watching like when you sent the first clicker training video of getting your dog to go to the mat. i just have to follow thru and do it.


  325. Bob Smith says:

    Yes I would be interested in all,but am not comfortable with posting on youtube. I have a 4yr old yellow lab I inherited from my son, the dog really needs training, he is territorial and male aggresive, I have to watch him all the time, I am making some progress but need help, he is a very smart dog and is very loveable to females and protective of me. Is there a price to this program and how much, I am willing to pay if it works.


  326. Veronica Bannon says:

    I have 3 dogs that are over 2 years old, and I would definately be interested in them being more obedient, providing the cost is affordable. I also would be a little wary about paying upfront as I do not know you. i like the idea of midway and then needing to pay .


  327. Bernice says:

    Sounds good, I have 17 month old GSD who has a need for this training. Kylee is East european breed for schutzund, and has trouble getting along with other dogs, and people. Very strong prey drive. She has basic obedience training and works well when on prong collar and lead. Could use a little extra help in the socialization dept.


  328. Brian Claxton says:

    Hi Chet,
    Sounds good to me, I could give 30 mins week.
    What is the total cost?
    [Considering what’s going on in our economy, price is important.]
    Have 2 dogs, 6yr old English golden Lab and a golden retriever almost 2 and a lively puppy, she pulls jumps and knows exactly whats going on.
    Both are spoilt.


  329. I raise dogs and have been through many training classes, but am always really interested in dog training and often need to give advice to my families. My dogs are very easily trainable, but training is so important. I would be inetrested, but like some of the comments above price would affect my ability to participate. I have both pups and older dogs so either would interest me.


  330. Alycia says:

    I have a very big rottie shep, and he loves to play, he is house broken but that is all, he does ok on walks, but to come on command is greek to him. he will sit on command for a second. I welcome your help


  331. Lindsay says:

    Yes! I am more than interested for my 13 month old Bull Terrier Bella. I would love for her to act like the little lady I know she can be.

    Thanks for the invite.


  332. Mary Hartsook says:

    I think this is a great idea. I need a lot of help in all areas you mentioned. I would love to participate but it depends on the cost, if I can afford it. I know that you looking at our videos would help you to tell me what I do wrong, but, one problem, I’m very video shy, and I know nothing about uploading to YouTube.

    We have 3 dogs, a 10 year old male Chihuahua, a 4 year old male Chihuahua and a 1 1/2 year old male Chihuahua/Pug mix.

    I will committ 30 minutes a week (I guess that would be 30 min. per dog) if it will make these guys be nice. They are very stuborn and do nice only when they want to, and the oldest one and the youngest one want to kill each other. We have to keep them seperated, (all the time.)

    Mary H.


  333. Ofelia Hebbard says:

    Yes, Chet, i myself is very interested and so my husband to be.

    I would like to know how much will be the cost involve, if it will be a reasonable cost then me and my four dogs will be joining you in this program.

    I have 4 dogs with all different attitude, 3 different breeds, i’ve got 2 poodles and 1 bull mastiff x akita, and 1 rotweiller x ridgeback. I love them so much but they have some sort of annoying behaviours.

    My rotweiller (Bronco)tend to chew and had destroyed my garden and other things at the backyard.

    Akeelah, my bullmastiffx, tend to jump on everyone when she get excited especially in the morning when i let them out from their pen and when its feeding time.

    Honey Bun my femele poodle tends to dominate Akeelah and my poor Akeelah which is so enormous in size than Honey Bun submit herself and even pass water when Honey Bun growls on her. She barks a lot when she wants something.

    My male poodle by the name of Noodles, tends to hate noise especially coming from next door, on the other side of the fence, he hates people that show their head over the fence. He is so reserve and a bit fussy on food. He chooses his own time when to eat and what he wants to eat.

    It is really a very good idea if you can help me train my 4 dogs in a very reasonable price, not in advance but with a reasonable cooling period of the course. If your training advices is working then i am willing to commit myself and pay your reasonable price.


  334. Lilima says:

    Yes, I would definately be interested in your training plan, providing the cost is affordable. I am willing to share. I have a 2 month old GSD. Needs traing, indeed.


  335. David says:

    Yes, Very interested. I have just gotten a 2 year old border collie. She has some training, but needs lots of fine tuning. I have several questions on training even after reading your training tips as well as other training manuals. How does training work when you use clicker? When do you quit using it? I was told to just use attention as reward and to ignore her when my border collie does not respond positively, and not to use treats. Still having trouble with heel command and not sure what I’m doing wrong. These and other questions would be much easier to answer using the flip cam and YouTube. I would love to commit 6-8 weeks to try out your program idea.
    Yes, please contact me!


  336. Deon Joubert says:

    Yes i would lke to be part of the 6 week program.
    I accept the conditions of your requirments abouve.
    Let me know when we can start the training program



  337. Abbigail Pienaar says:

    i would definately be interested in doing it. I have a min pin and she is almost 1 years old and is very unruly, She barks alot and i havent mastered in the housetraining completely there are still mistakes..She wont sit still and has a terrible habit of humping up on me. I dont have a problem being on you tube. Let me know if I can help or should I say if you can help me.


  338. Will Jones says:

    I do have an interest. My dog’s issues include:
    Chewing; chasing our cats; getting into the cat litter; getting into the trash; jumping up on people; potty training; pulling on leash; going after other dogs; (he’s not mean or aggressive, he wants to play but the other dog doesn’t know that) He does pretty well when I work with himin the yard or in the house as far as sit, stay, lay down, come and heel, but when another dog or someone shows up he wants to play.
    He is Bavarian Bloodhound and will be one year old Jan 1st. The breed is from Bavaria(Southern germany) and they are a cross breed of German Short-haired pointer, Dachshund and a Plot (Hanover ) Bloodhound. The earliest recording of them is 1547. They are very smart, loyal,non-agressive, good with kids and measure about 20.5 inches at the shoulders and 50-55 pounds full grown. They are strong, and are avid scent hounds used primarily for hunting and rescue.
    Keep me posted and if not too costly I would be interested in working with you. I have invested a lot already and the wife may soon decide the dog would be less costly to maintain than me and decide to keep just the dog.
    Have a great day,


  339. Jody says:

    I would be very interested in doing this. The main problems I’m having with my 1 1/2 German Sheppard Mix is :

    1st: Coming when called ( instead of running off when she has the chance to get out of yard)
    2nd: Calming greeting people
    3rd: Sitting and STAYING until released She will sit if I use treats as a positve reinforcement.
    4th: Basic control walking on lead.

    Cost will be a major factor and I need more info.


  340. Jody says:

    I would be very interested in doing this. The main problems I’m having with my 1 1/2 German Sheppard Mix is :

    1st: Coming when called ( instead of running off when she has the chance to get out of yard)
    2nd: Calming greeting people
    3rd: Sitting and STAYING until released She will sit if I use treats as a positve reinforcement.
    4th: Basic control walking on lead.

    Cost will be a major factor and I need more info.
    She is smart and very playful- loves to play with ball and frisbee- I try to work with her though play.


  341. shampa says:

    1.Idont min sharing but i am not comfortable with video recording idea
    2. I can spare more than 30 minutes a week
    3.I will have to take favor of my daughter, i am not comfortable.
    4.below 2 years
    I have 14 months old common Indian dog rescued from street after an accident. I got exellent result from your “go to the mat ” video training . nowadays she waits for more than 10 minutes on her mat for her portion of food.
    also ,cost is not declared.


  342. Diana britton says:

    Hi Chet,
    Yes I think your idea is good and I would be willing to participate.
    I’ve never loaded anything to youtube but willing to give it a go.
    Our dog is a 1 year old Australian Blue Heeler (Cattle Dog), she is very energetic, thinks we are here to throw the ball or frisbee for her and is starrting to develop the tendency to nip at ankles which is a trait of her breed. Looking forward to hearing more


  343. Christina says:

    I would like to participate in such a program. I have 6 dogs in total: 4 Chows, one Rodesian half-breed and a German shepard half breed.
    One of my chows is 16 months old. Generally all my other dogs obey me quite well and eventhough they haven;t received any professional training, we have found a way to communicate effectively, since they all clearly understand that I am th A dog in the house. However, this little chow girl has a problem with strangers since she was a baby. She cannot accept even certain members of my family. She bargs a lot and for various reasons and she has many more behavioral problems. The only good thing about her behavior is that she walks perfectly with or without a collar.
    I don’t have a ploblem to upload videos to you-tube and I can tape them with my own camera. The time of 30 minutes weekly is ideal.
    I would like to know about the cost involved in this program.


  344. Ken Baker says:

    I have a White German Shepherd puppy, who loves to put everything in his mouth and bite everything as well. This sounds like a great idea to me!


  345. Sue Elder says:

    I would just like to say that I think its great you are willing to help people train therefore enjoy their pets. I have bought videos of yours before and found them helpful. ( Although I had to speak a command instead of the click you use.)


  346. Ray Reilly says:

    Yes, Im interested, Have a 4 month old Boxer, that I would love to train. Is it a problem If I dont have broad band? And how much money you thinking?


  347. pinkiet says:

    Sounds like something to try. My puppy is 10 months. I am not sure about uploading to Youtube have never done it. I think a video with all the above demonstrated would work just fine for me also.


  348. manikandan says:

    I am interested in giving it a try. Is there a cost involved?
    I have a very big rottie lab, and she loves to play, she is house broken but that is all, he pulls me down on walks, but to come on command is greek to him. ya iam very much intrested. i welcome this imidiately.


  349. Rhonda Harris says:

    I am very interested in this please include mokey and I


  350. Jo James says:

    Interested but waty….can’t afford much and our dog is doing well for 7 months old. He stays, sits and comes ( most of the time) when called. He has a few bad habits but he tries to please us so not a real problem. I do take in foster dogs on occasion so it would help us alot with training the “Untrainables”. Help is always appreciated but cost is a main factor for us. What does this cost? Nowhere do you mention that, leading me to believe it is high priced help. Let us know.
    Respect Always–>
    Jon & Jo


  351. Jo James says:

    sorry…should have proofread! It should say – Interested but wary. LOL !


  352. Karen says:

    Yes! I have a 10 month old female German Shepherd dog who has had some training but sometimes forgets her training when excited. She wants to play with every dog or human we come across. Would appreciate any assistance in getting her to focus more on me.


  353. Irene says:

    Thanks for the invite!
    I would be quite interested as I have a 1 year old that MUST learn not to jump up on people to greet them, and the furnature cushions are not doggie treats.
    I have but two issues with your questions:
    1)- As I am not that computer savvy I don’t know how sae you tube is – I have heard of some pretty nasty problems arising from its use – any assistance to keep me and my computer safe would be helpful
    2) Cost??? I have limited resources (fixed income) and no credit cards. Due to the high costs of living and meeting the day to day necessities money is in short supply, but I really need help to “proper;y” train and break the bad habits he has.

    I am most interested and hope to hear back from you soon with a viable solution.
    Thanks again


  354. Marly Surena-Llorens says:

    I’m just concerned about cost.


  355. Angeles Atance says:

    I would be more than pleased to participate! I think is a really great idea.

    Thank you Chet


  356. Darlene and Chris says:

    We have a rott that will be a year old on Dec.19, 2008. She is a pretty good dog but she will not quit chewing things and jumping on people.
    We have done the “leave it” but she just doesn’t care. We put her in her crate when she is doing stuff wrong but it seems that she loves it and it doesn’t work.
    If we could just get her to calm down, quit chewing stuff,and quit jumpng we would have a great dog.
    She has tons of toys of her own but would rather chew on coats and shoes.
    We would like to go for it but we don’t have the video camera and we would also like to know the cost for the program.
    PLease get back to us and let us know.Thanks!!!!!!


  357. Denyse Frey says:

    Soundslike a great idea, would need instructions on downloading to utube. Also would like to know the TOTAL cost upfront. I have a 10 week old lab mix and have just started puppy imprinting with sit, down, come/here, she does well if rewarded with treats. Keep me updated.


  358. Kristan says:

    Chet Womach,
    Good morning! For starters I must say that I rather enjoy and put to good practice the emails that I get from you! It has already been such a benefit to my growing family! My husband and I absolutely love the new ideas that you are hoping to push forward. It is always a different situation whenever we take your advice home! With the critique you not only will be helping to continue our guidance but perfect our training! There are always confusing times and it’s amazing to have that reboost of “Where we should be”. This way it is more personal! So if we need to relax in areas. . . we know to, if we need to be constant and strive in certain areas. . . we know to! I participated in four years of art, know what to do and knowing where I need to work is what really benefits any person, especially when they are a dog owner. 30 mins. . . If this is something that we spend (or at least should be doing at minimum each day), it should have no conflict with any owner. My advice, if live. . . to have it in the evening! If not it would be great to make it available for each owner (the World Wide Web as you described). This would be a great tool to continue to practice even for the days that we are not directly tuned in! You Tube, absolutely! We would have no problem dedicating ourselves to that! We take our commitments very seriously! Now when it comes to the age group for you to target I would appreciate under two years of age. We have a 6 month year old Bassett Hound! I also believe that this would benefit older dogs as well (from watching our videos). If you can take a very easily distracted puppy and train him. . . then those techniques could easily transfer over to an older dog! This could also be a two part series for you; away for you to test and demonstrate this idea/product for both categories. Your options are limitless! I know that we all hate to look around and see animals that are cheated out of what they can be; and not because of anything they do but because of the owner! Just like with our human children it is our responsibility as an owner/parent to teach. We will continue this education down through our lines. No family, no dog, should have to miss out on this opportunity. . . That is why it is so important. We had almost lost our puppy to Parvo about three months ago! We all know that this is hard for us all to go through. Now since he has completely bounced back – we want to make sure he always has that fighting chance. On a side note – to your current criteria, it would be nice to have an added “specialty trick” (like picking up toys, or ringing a bell), to the end of the training! I appreciate you allowing your viewers to have an opportunity for this! Have a blessed day! We are looking forward to working with you! Please email me at anytime!
    Kristan M. Goff


  359. bridget says:

    yes, i say go for it! I live in a place that does not offer obedience training, and i would love my little beagle to be well trained. he is pretty good so far, thanks to alot of advice from you and your site. but everyone needs a little help sometimes. thank you


  360. Suz says:

    This sounds quite interesting, and god knows my dog and I need help. He jumps on everyone, he barks when he wants my undividided attention, which by the way is always!! :o) He pulls me on the leash sometimes so hard I feel like my shoulder is going to pop out. Jumps all over other dogs when we see them while walking. He’s very strong and stubborn. He is a fox terrier mix. Adorable, loving and really good in a lot of ways. But is testing my patience with the jumping and barking. I, however am a computer illiterate and know nothing about downloading etc. So this would not work for me. Is there any other way I could do this? Will you have a training tape? Also, what would the cost be?


  361. Erwin Ponder, Ed.D. says:

    I am very interested, but given the economic times, the uncetainty and volitility of the future, cost is a major factor. So I would need full disclosure on the particulars prior to my full cmmitment. But I feel it is definitely needed and I would love to participate.


  362. Naomi says:

    Sounds great – would the fact that I’m in a different time zone (overseas) be a problem? I’d really like to do this. I’m comfortable with the uploading idea – very creative use of the technology that’s out there! What’s the cost?

    One thing – I’ve found your video techniques seem to use a LOT of treats. Is this the case for all your training? Aren’t there other things that work? I mean, how many treats can a dog consume?

    My two big issues are the dog jumping up to (and sometimes ON) the table for food (and then jumping down when I come close) and not sleeping in one spot during the night – wandering around the house and waking us up (she doesn’t like a blanket, towel, or her own corner). So she sleeps in the garden, but I think she’d be happier indoors.



  363. bunny says:

    Would be Very interested except for the u Tube. It would also depend on the cost factor.


  364. Patricia Hawkins says:

    I am very interested. I have a very lovable 1yr old Pit Bull that needs to be calmed down! I am comfortable uploading to You Tube, and am willing to spend at least 30 minutes a week training my dog.


  365. Traci says:

    I would LOVE to try this out! I am a fan of testing new theories and improving on what works.

    I have a 6 month old that I would love to not worry so much about. We do not have a secure back yard and I am so afraid she will run away and will not respond when I tell her stop running or to come back. Right now we have to take her out on a leash in the back yard and I would like to give her a little freedom to play and not worry that she will head strait out of the yard.

    If this is a trial I am not sure I feel comfortable paying as you yourself cannot be sure of the outcome. But might consider it if it was reasonable and guaranteed.

    I have no problem uploading video to youtube


  366. Terry says:

    I am very interested but what is the cost -I need to know this before I could commit myself. Thank you ….


  367. sinead says:

    ya i would be interested!! but i would nt be keen 2 pay up front till i knew wat u were doing was genuine!! well i hav 4 dogs 2 puppies a 4 month old retreiver and 7 month old german shepherd they are pretty wild and dont like 2 listen as for my 2 older dogs they are very well behaved i have no problems with them so i would say dogs under 2 years of age!!


  368. Pat De Santo says:

    Have a 4+ Poodle/bichon whose intelligence & disposition are wonderful BUT spent the first 3 years of her life in & out of shelters. She (and I)need help to socialize her. I would be very interested in participating in this course but would not be able to devote time to it until after 4/15/09, as I am a tax accountant. Also would have a problem with YouTube. Hope we can work something out.


  369. joel says:

    hi iam interested but would like to know the price.i realy like your idea.
    thanks joel


  370. Lilia DeGroot says:

    This sound very exciting,I took mine Cock A Poo to puppy cursus,she was fine,but so soon she is home she still jumps over the company,she is overexited,when some one comes to the door,she runs out to greet them,and then comes back inside with them,what is an good thing,what with the trafic.
    I do not know what U tube is,but we will see.


  371. Melanie James says:

    I am interested, but would want to know the costs. I have two great pyrenees/golden lab – 1 year old pups. Am in Calgary, Canada.


  372. Kathy Reed says:

    I am very interested! I have a 6 1/2 mo german shepherd. She is a great dog, knows basic command but needs alot more training in regards to greeting people at the door, walking without pulling on the leash, etc. I do have 30 minutes a week, but I’m not sure about uploading to YouTube. Too much “world” exposure. Depending on the cost I’d like to participate.


  373. Marie says:

    We have 2 min. schnauzers, normally well-behaved, but sometimes they bark at people when we are out walking. Neither is under age 2, Pepper is 9, Meggie is 3. We would like to know what the cost of the program would be.


  374. RON KRIEG says:

    HECK YA,


  375. constance means says:

    I am semi-retired and have two dogs, I am interested in a training program that will help me train both dogs simultaneously. I am wanting the dogs to respond individually upon command. Are you able to do multiple dog training with this program?


  376. SANDRA M. says:

    I would love to learn how to train my dogs. I have 3 of them and I need help in training them properly.


  377. Donna says:

    Totally interested but, like others, not comfortable with paying up front. I liked the idea of starting at no cost and paying a reasonable amount if wishing to continue. I have a 5-year-old Dobie female that does not come when called if she sees another dog (or any animal) until she’s checked them out (often, to their owner’s consternation). A few other minor issues as well (not being able to sit still when people come to the door, counter surfing and food thievery). Would absolutely commit to 30-min/week to correct these issues. Using video for critique would be greatly appreciated, and am comfortable with uploading to YouTube (tho have never previously done so and not sure I know how). Your offer is of interest.


  378. Jane Webb says:

    Sounds very interesting but I would need to know how much it would cost. My daughter can assist me in uploading to YouTube. I have two large Goldens, 7 and 3 yrs old, who are fine at home but get very excited away from home; they can be very challenging to control.


  379. I am on govie disability (service veteran). Receive just enough to get by. What is the total price of your program?

    Shadow Catcher


  380. Tamilyn says:

    I’m interested in this as well. I have a small dog that’s about 4.5 yrs old and has a couple of issues that need to be worked on. I would love to see him progress to the dog that I know he can/could be.

    Love to hear back from you!



  381. Alejandra says:

    I have a Jack Russell shortie ( he´ll be 9 months on dec. 14th ), I would like to know how much it will cost, it sounds very interesting, I´m writing you from México, still will work?, my husband will help me up loading to you tube, I would like him to come to any place with me but act properly, his…. Jackie Boom boom!!!


  382. anita says:

    Is there a cost involved? I don’t know if I can make room for training but maybe I would like to train my 11 month old german sheperd some politness. :]



  383. Fran says:

    I have an adopted cattle dog/shepherd mix who is wonderful with her family, but suspicious of everyone else. She is dog aggressive as well. Would welcome any help in getting her to trust other people and dogs. Would need to know the cost of the program. Otherwise, would be very excited to join in with your training.


  384. Gale Zumpano says:

    I would be very interested. I have a nearly 4 year old black lab I raised from puppyhood (not very well, I’m afraid) who really needs work in many of the areas you mentioned. I also have a border collie? mix someone abandoned who’s been with me for about 6 months; no idea how old she is, but she seems young. I’d like to see training focused on this age group (3 to 5 years old). My question is how much additional time beyond the 30 minutes a week for practice? And I’ve never uploaded to You Tube, but I have friends who can help, and I’m OK with that.


  385. Gabbie says:

    I have a two year old Kuvasz who acts like a 3 month old puppy. He rules our household. We cannot take on leashed walks on the walking paths we always have to go to the local conservation area. He chews everything. He is continually mouthing us looking for attention. he likes to steal when he gets the opportunity. He’s always chasing the cat.
    I will not use a choke chain and will only use positive reinforcement.
    If you want to work with me I think Setanta is a great candidate and a magnificent dog.


  386. Jonna DeHaan says:

    what is the price , I have already paid a price for dog training that i have not received anything very disappointed in program wondering what this one is and how it will take me for more money I want to train my dog but in a good way


  387. Lula Dickerson says:

    I would be very interested in learning how to implement the described techniques. My dog is 18 months old and seams to be smart and self willed. I too am concerned about the cost before I commit.


  388. Joe clay says:

    Chet, I have two labs and they are one year old and are not bad dogs. Most people think they are well trained but you can’t stop. They hunt and I’m working on the find the downed bird wight now.
    I believe that a dog is what you make it. And if you would like me to get involved with a training program let me know. I don’t work and have lots of time to spend with the boys. At this time and your training program, I must get one dog to the side and try to work with the other. I work it out . but the boys and I will be happy to help you. A well trained dog is a blessing when it comes to having people at your home.
    I also have had parots and trained them when I lived in Calif. Macaws and I had a blue and glod that had not mate that I could free fly.
    So let me know and I have no problem helping you. Well trained dogs are happy dogs. It is nice that you have found people that want a well trained dog.
    This blog is a nice thing and hope you do well. As well as Woodhouse, she was good.
    Thank you for you time.
    Joe Clay


  389. Joe clay says:

    Chet, I answered the letter, before I read all of it. Chet I have owned dogs most of my life and believe that you do not have to train a dog to protect you they will know before you know there is a problem. I see that you are looking for a way that has a positive point on training. Count me in should you want me to use in this program. I love well trained dogs and will work to your standards to to get to the bottom line. I have a firm believe that if you can see some one else do it you can do it. Dogs are but dogs and they are as good as the owner makes them. I would be happy to help you and look at this way. the more you help the trainer the less the dog has to pay. I have seen so many owners that didn’t have a clue as to what to do with a dog and the dog payed the price.
    I hope the down load will give me the info. I need to shape up the boys. They are good dogs even at this point but would like to have them better. They can always be better. And you work on it. They are what you want and it is our job to make them better.
    Thank you


  390. Eva Monostori says:

    Hi Chet,
    As seen, not many responders are from Hungary. I would be keen on in this interactive dog training, if I understood well your aim. I may have two limitations: I do not have a video camera and my financial backround is limited. I have a 2 and half year old black labi. He is my second dog, the first was a beloved, intelligent and trained german shepherd. Beni, the labrador is a typical labi with all the energy, he is realy good and nice. I can not complain about his behavior in most of the time, but still we have things to be improved. One, what I was not able to resolve, that once he spots a new dog while walking unleashed, he runs there to greet it. Normally it does not make any problem, but sometimes the other dog or the owners are aggressive or have other reasons to keep their dog on leash. If I notice this situation, get Beni on leash and keep him back, but still he remains enthusiastic, he pulls me and barks. This situation is the same on the street, when he is not allowed to go to dogs behind the fence. My other probleml, that during my absence sometimes he becomes very diligent to look for and modify garden goods. Suppousingly it is not beacuse of being so bored since without expception we walk 1 and half-two hours daily with several dog pals.


  391. Pranjal Barman says:

    Your new idea is simply great . I wish you a great sucess in this new project

    please give the price.


  392. Wolf Fritsche says:

    Sounds great Chet.

    I’ve got two juvenile standard Poodle fosters (from the RSPCA [same as your ASPCA I guess])who could definitely benefit from at least 8/9 points you outlined above. I’ve had them since January of this year and we won’t find out the outcome of the court case unil around March next year. These dogs are two of 101 that were seized from a puppy farm. The fact that legal procedings are taking as long as they are should give you some idea of how bad their situation was that lead to the seizure was in the first place.

    They are great dogs, but the basic rewards based training has only been partially successful so far.

    Additional training for both myself & the dogs would not go astray.

    Cheers & all the best,



  393. jackie says:

    This program sound very interesting, and i would definitly give it a try. I have the time and the commitment it would take. let me know when you decide to go with it . could we get some kind of certification if we take your course?


  394. Caroline says:

    Would be very interested, I have a 8 month old boxer bitch who is being a real pain with chasing squirels. Everything you mentioned is relevant and I can put the time in. I am based in England and have difficulty getting to classes so this would be very useful.

    Would put the time in and prepared to pay a reasonable fee.
    Caroline and Spooky


  395. gaurav says:

    i have a 6 month lad he does not understand my commands. he does not get down through stairs,i always have to pick him up.he is afraid of the surrounding when down stairs,out of the house.please help.


  396. daemion says:

    i wood love to learn how to train my gods i have the time what do i need


  397. Debbie says:

    Hi, I have an 8 month old Lhasa Apso who has trouble with commands, not that she doesn’t know them, she chooses whether she will do them, completely opposite of what my 14 yr old Schitzu X Poo is. I would be interested in this depending on the cost as things are very tight right now.


  398. F. Chin says:

    I am interested. I have trained my 10 month old Eskie using your training course and impressed a lot of people. I have no problem to the conditions, 30 min, you tube, etc but I have the same question as a lot others has expressed their concern about the cost.



  399. Bob Birney says:

    This sounds like a great idea, and I would like to be involved with this program. I would just like to know the cost up front and not have any surprises later?



  400. Susan, Canada says:

    I do have a dog who assists me in training other dogs. What I need are 2 things:
    the dogs I take in are rescue dogs I need to train new owners. and most of our training takes place inside, and the dogs don’t seem transfere skills to outside.

    This kind of venue seems good, since I just get to the basics. I wish I could train similar to special needs dogs. These dogs would be able to find more homes.

    I pray that you are also educating dog owners about the puppies from puppy mills!


  401. Rajesh P says:

    I have a 4 years labrador who has be trained by me and participates in Kennel Club of India’s shows in Mumbai. I have self trained him and would like to participate in the coaching program to bring in correction in obedience exercises in my dog.
    Sign me in please 🙂


  402. Berneil Bannon says:

    I’m interested.


  403. Teresa Lee says:

    Yes I would be interested if the cost was not to high. I have a year old boxer male that is very hiper when meeting people and dogs. Am not sure how I feel about you tube as I have never used it. I do have a problem downloading your session already. let me know what you decide to do.


  404. Cari says:

    I would be very excited to be a part of this program. My dog just turned 2 years on the 2nd of Dec., she is a Chihuahua/Terrier mix and like most of her kind she has many fears and reacts by barking like an angry lion. There are other problems I’d like to resolve as well and am more than willing to devote the time to work it out in your training sessions. Uploading to YouTube is not a problem – it could be educational to others. As far as payment, I’d be willing to pay as long as it’s a reasonable amount. My dog is my constant companion – she’s my emotional support so she’s considered a service animal and has to be allowed everywhere. However, it becomes a problem when she doesn’t behave, barks, doesn’t stay, etc.
    I hope that you will consider me for the group of people who will be in the training. I hope to one day be able to get my dog certified as a service dog.


  405. Mike says:

    Totally interested but, like others, not comfortable with paying up front. I liked the idea of starting at no cost and paying a reasonable amount if wishing to continue. I have a 1.5-year-old Rottie male that does not come when called I need to fix plus all the other topics would be great . Talk to you soon .


  406. Cindy Ogando says:

    I like this program you are willing to make and me and my dog would like to be a part of this aswell. Age really doesn’t matter I think the dogs that need the help should get it


  407. Pat Worthington says:

    Am interested – depends on the expense. Also, don’t know who would video tape as I live alone. Do have family nearby but co-ordinating with their free time is a tough job!


  408. Deandra says:

    I am definitely interested in being involved. I have a 1 year old Puggle who has a VERY short attention span. She understands commands, but most of the time continues with her terrible behaviour. She jumps on everyone and chews everything.

    I am willing to pay a reasonable cost as well.

    Deandra & Bella


  409. Taushlyn says:

    Oh yeah, Our Rott can not be trusted in the house at night or alone during the day. She will be a year New Years. We probally would love to get involved in something like this, our schedules are conflicting so if we could do it by viedeo whenever is convient for us that would be great. Please let us know when you get the details.


  410. Christophe Dinh says:

    I am interesting in your program as I have a 12 weeks old german shepard.I did try to train him a bit but having some problem with the bugger.Sign me up!!!


  411. Robyn says:

    YES I would be interested Chet!

    I have a 4 month old and adorable Lab/Poodle cross. I’m at home during the day and have lots of time to train in our big backyard.

    Answers to your questions:
    1. I think critiquing video is the ONLY way to give practical advice as you can see what I’m doing right/wrong.

    2. I can MAKE more than 30min/week for my the training of my pup on video.

    3. I AM comfortable with uploading video to YouTube.

    4. I think a variety of AGES and SIZES would be best to suit the wide needs of the consumer.

    1. What is your charge?

    2. Perhaps by supplying the lesson with video instruction first for us to watch what you do will help facilitate better replication on our end.

    Best wishes on your new project!



  412. Sandra says:

    Yes, I am interested – it sounds great. I have 2 Labradors – one 17mths and the other 7mths (a Guide Dog puppy I am raising). The topics you mention would be really useful. I have done some obedience training with both dogs however distraction can be a problem and I struggle at times to get their attention back. Someone also suggested some training around food and this would be a really good idea to include if you can. Particularly not taking food from strangers or off the ground if they are off lead – labs will eat anything and practically inhale food so it can be difficult to get it off them once they have something they shouldn’t – and dangerous for their health too. I have only had a look at YouTube never up loaded anything. I have the time but whether I can participate would depend on the cost unfortunately. I am based in Sydney, Australia.


  413. victoria says:

    I think it’s a great idea, and I would like to see it focused on not only puppies but older dog’s as well, my problem with my 7 month old pitbull is that you can’t leave her alone or she destroy’s the house, and if you but her outside she dig’s up every thing. I think alot of puppie owner’s have the same problem’s. With my busy work scedule I don’t have alot of time, but I try to work with her at night and on the weekend’s. I also have a 6 yr. old shep.-sharpei mix who will mark the bed’s every time we have guest over night, yes he is nuetered. Maybe putting something like that in the program will help also.


  414. Shaun says:

    Yeh I have pitbulls, they are pretty behaved unless we are out at the park, then they tend not to listen, I’d def be game for it!!


  415. Kathleen MacDonald says:

    Hi Chet;

    I am interested in your program, I have an 8 month old Saint Bernard that is 120 pounds and quickly getting a mind of his own, He is responding fairly well to basic training, but at his size it can be a hand full. I am a little nervous about the U tube thing, I understand the filming and critiqueing aspect. I have no issues with sending the video privately,but I don’t really want to be broadcasted world wide. As others have mentioned, cost is also an issue. I believe it could be targeted for dogs of all ages, as behavioural issues really do not have age limits. Thirty minutes a week is a more then reasonable time requirement, I try to give my dog about 1 hour a day, so half that for a week is nothing.
    Please let me know how the program progresses.


  416. Trina says:

    Love the whole concept as a trialer I do have some probblems with my dogs too, however I’m on a penion money is limited for me .But looking at all the respones you allready have people with more troulbes have me.
    my biggest is cash. would the camera be mine or would come back to you after some many weeks. I’m in Australia and I dont know how to do Utube


  417. Trina says:

    Love the whole concept as a trialer I do have some probblems with my dogs too, however I’m on a penion money is limited for me .But looking at all the respones you allready have people with more troulbes have me.
    my biggest is cash. would the camera be mine or would come back to you after some many weeks. I’m in Australia and I dont know how to do Utube I would like to Know more.


  418. tonia williamson says:

    i would like too try.i have a pit who doesnot like strangers she was just two in oct.


  419. Judy says:

    Hi Chet,
    I would be interested, but I would not feel comfortable going uploading on youTube, and I don’t have a video recorder. I do, however, have a webcam. My 6-month old miniature Schnauzer, Watson, is VERY smart. He does, though, have a few problems — chewing and others that you mention. I must admit they are probably my fault for not spending enough time with him. I have a 13-year-old miniSchnauzer, Sherlock, who has been sick and stressed by the little puppy. I have 30 minutes a week to work with the program. It would be great, though, to get your feedback on how I’m doing. And what about the cost?


  420. khairunnisa says:

    find interesting,what cost involed


  421. Not sure how you got my email. I own a American Staffordshire bull terrier who right now could NOT be trained in a group. My neighbor does not like my dog because of the type of breed and threatened to shot him if he got out of my yard. For three weeks while my fence was down for repairs, my dog was kept on a leash and possibly over-protected because of fear he would get away and the neighbor would do him harm. Now I am trying to work with someone to un do this de-socilization. My dog would not do well in a group until he I can get him to stop being so over-protected of me. I do not want any to come to harm. My trainer I had been working with keeps canceling on me. My dog was making great strides toward improvement but she has not helped much since she keeps canceling our sessions.



  422. Lucinda says:

    I would love such a program! I think this should be geared towards dogs of all ages mainly because I have a pack of dogs and I think all of them could use individual improvement (some more than others) but definately they need to behave better as a pack and stop rushing the door, trying to knock you over to get out the door, swarming visitors, the puppy still jumps up on people, etc… The 5 dogs are ages 6, 3, 2, 2, and 1. I work with the puppy but I just cannot get her to stop jumping up so HEEEEEELLLLPPP! hehehe


  423. Sydney & Nico says:

    I would love to do this!!! Of course money is a factor for almost everyone right now so it would need to be very reasonable to pay for it. Also the pay comes into play because this is so experimental that you can not make any real promises.

    I do know how to upload to YouTube and would learn and feel comfortable with the flip recording device – looks very cool. I have a 11 month old American Red Nose who as I type is whining incessantly because she is afraid to get her toy since it is too close to a paper bag. She has also gotten back to chewing recently so now has to be crated in the house but can also go out on the balcony. I could definitely commit to 30 min a week for 6-8 weeks. I’d also love to prove to some person above with obvious attitude that not all Pit Bull owners are the problem and my little girl is lover not a fighter. I am so sick of people who don’t jude a person by their color but will still judge a dog by their breed!

    We could definitely use your help and would love to be part of a trial group. Nico has not had any formal training but I have used lots of your tips…her bed has changed from time to time but I still just need to say “where’s Nico’s bed?” and she will go to it.


  424. Sydney and Nico says:

    So excited yes please tell me more. I sent a post but do not see it so again
    Nico is 11 months and an American Red Nose. She is sweet but has her issues. So yes interested – would pay if I can afford it – comfortable withYouTube and any age dogs are fine by me…I think some older than 2 years still have puppy issues and could benefit from your tips as well!

    Please contact me with more information!


  425. Sue Wallace says:

    Absolutely, this deals with most problems we have with 3 dogs all over 7 years old.

    Tell me more.



  426. Jean says:

    I purchased your course and granted I haven’t gotten through all of it due to a work schedule and the upcoming holidays, but I will say this. It took me a total of approx 20 minutes to train my 1 year old Maltese to ring a bell at the back door to go outside. It took me about 15 minutes to teach my dog Poco to go to his bed when told. Your instruction is clear and produces amazing results. I would be willing to help you and other dog owners, as you have made my life so much easier just by starting your course!! I can’t imagine the results once I have gone through the whole course. You are far above the other sites I have researched and others need to know that your easy solutions are the best there is out there. You really know what you are talking about and you truly understand dogs. Thank You


  427. jerry says:

    iam intrested in this course so iam forward for this


  428. Yolanda says:

    I would be very interested in this idea. I have 1 shih tzu 3 years and 1 shih poo 3 years, and 1 shih tzu 1 year today (dec 12) and they have all of the problems listed…. and I find it challenging to keep them house trained they will do it for a while, then stop. I am expecting to add a Rottweiler in March 09, 8 weeks old. I want to get these little ones into some better habits, so that I will be able to focus on the new big girl pup. I have had a Rottie before, and he was very smart, and easy to train. Small dogs are a training challenge for me. I need help, would be willing to pay a reasonable amount, and do the youtube thing.


  429. sammy says:

    i think this programe might work out well…i’m willing 2 participate….but about the money, the problem is i don’t really know you or how this works.
    You should start the programe, then a bout a 1/4 through u ask who wants to pay. (or something like that……
    but what is the cost





  431. Debi says:

    I’d like to see work done with older dogs as well as younger dogs. My biggest question is if I bought the original training subscription, what would I have to pay for this? And what IS the cost of this?


  432. ROSE BLEICHERT says:



  433. Evie says:

    I am very interested! I have a 1 year old Yorkie who needs training and since some of your other techniques have worked thus far….. I’m excited to try this to get my baby boy trained.


  434. MARISSA says:

    I am very interested.

    Thank you


  435. Ashley Anderson says:

    Hey there,
    I am DEFINITELY interested.
    I have a little 1 year old Boston Terrier and i can’t control him. It’s probably my fault because of lack of training and not having enough time to spend with him but i need help..
    He chews everything, pees on everything, goes wild when someone comes over.. i could go on and on.

    I would pay whatever necessary…



  436. Arelis says:

    1.I absolutely love the idea of sharing a video. That way you could point out what could be done better, etc

    2. 30 mins a week are ok. would i be able to pick the day of the week?

    3. I have never uploaded to YouTube but I dont think that would be a problem

    4. I have two small/med mix senior dogs and a female German Shepherd thats 1 1/2. So I would like a mix of things. If I absolutely had to choose, I would go with focusing on the younger one, since she is the bigger and more active (crazy) one 🙂

    Depending on the cost, I would totally take a part in it.


  437. Anita says:


    sounds like a good idea, but am not sure how I could manage it as I have 3 dogs, 2 german shepherds and 1 labrador. The two shepherds are the problem! one is 10yrs and has severe separation anxiety ( when away from me). The other is 2yrs and chews and still tears/digs things up if left to their own devices too long, even when with the others for company. Doesm’t matter if they are indoors or outside. The lab who is approx. 6yrs is fine, thank god! but the young shepherd never leaves him alone.

    Not comfortable about paying up front unless I knew it would work.And
    How would I use 30 mins per week when I have 2 dogs to address.
    good luck with it anyway.


  438. Rhonda Sauve says:

    I have a one yr old bull mastif who wont listen to anybody but my husband.She completely ignores me when I’m trying to get her to come. She gets into everything in the house, shoes, towels, clothes and such. When my husband is around she doesn’t do any of those things and whe will listen when he tells her to do something. I’ve already bought your dog trainging secrets and that hasn’t done me any good. I’ve taken her to a couple of different obedience classes and she does fine on the leash and at class but at home is another story. I am the one that walks her and takes her out to play my husband doesn’t do any of that (out to play once in a while) I’m ready to give up I dont know what else to do to make her respect me so she’ll listen. Otherwise she spends alot of time in her kennel because I don’t want to have to keep watching her every move and yellilng at her to stop getting into things.


  439. This is what Iv’e been looking for.Have two dogs both female,one yellow lab,Nilla 9 months old avery high energy dog with pack leader written all over her face.Nilla needs allot of work.Then thereis zoey,a three and a half year old chochlate lab who is over weight,low energydog and proned to allergies,she is much more stable than Nilla.I would be proud and greatfull to be one of the chosen few.Sincerely Coolberry.


  440. Nancy says:

    I am retired on Medicare so cost could be a problem. I have a 2 yr old Blue Heeler (Australian Cattle dog)that was a rescue dog in a puppy mill. At 11 months old I got her. She was frightened to death of us, noises and just life, but never messed in the house. She didn’t bark for 8 months and took almost a month to get her to trust, but not completely. I took her and made her stay with me in bed for 1 week and finally she didn’t hide under the bed, but slept on her pad on the floor by the bed. She loves to ride in the van. Sit in the back sit so she can see out the front window and rushes to the window to bark just when we reach a person walking on the side of the road. She barks when anybody comes to the house and I have to put her in her crate. Then she shuts up. If we let her off the lease, she runs off and will come back unless we start the van motor. She also likes to play bite by husband, I tell him not to let her do that, that she thinks she is the boss then. I don’t let her do it to me. I tell no when she tries to bite me, when she wants attention. I guess I would have to have my husband take the pictures of us training. One half hour seems so little time, but I guess it is better to it in small increments so the dog doesn’t get bored. We leave food down for her, but feed her at night. So picks when she feels like it. I guess that’s wrong. I’ll take it up when we go to bed. She smells everything, you can hear her sniffing even the grass on her walks. She shies when move furniture or even a pillow on the couch.
    She is very observant. She is a sweet dog, has never growled or bit in
    fear of us. Even when we have had remove something that hurts her.
    I don’t know if I would be able to download to You Tube. Let me know the cost and I’ll see if we can do it. Pepper and I need in all that you suggested.
    Thanks for thinking of us, Nan


  441. Regina says:

    Definitely a great idea, but cost is a concern. I’ve no interest in being on youtube, but have no problem with the idea of sending you video to assess progress. My Chesapeake Bay Retriever, 9 months, is a sweetheart but her father developed severe other dog aggression around a year old and I worry that she will as well. Anything I can do to help prevent that from happening I am all for doing.


  442. Persis says:

    Yes I am definitely interested! I face most of the problems you listed, age does not matter. I would not be able to pay if the price is too high, as at the moment I am new to Canada. ALL THE BEST!


  443. EdJ says:

    Interested if cost is not too high, we have already spent nearly $400 on training. We have a 3 year old Pointer? Dalmation? Lab? mix who is very affectionate with people she knows but a real terror with strangers. I have friends that don’t want to be near her, even our trainer won’t try to approach her. We have been told it is too late, she should have been socialized when she was 8 to 16 weeks old. Think you can help?


  444. lorraine says:

    i have a 2 year old female pug and she’s a spoiled little dog
    she’s my husbands but all he teaches her is how to eat and sleep and every time i teach her something she tends to forget in a couple of days
    i would like to get in the program but not on video



  445. Lori says:

    I have two females. One German Shorthair 6 years old, and one brindle Old English Mastiff 8 months old. They are both terribly smart but they need different things “fixed.” Cost is an issue, could easily upload to youtube.


  446. Sarah says:

    I adopted a nine yaer old beagle/basset hound mix and he has adjusted well, but he has horrible seperation anxiety I can’t step foot out of a room without him howling. He does not know how to play with toys and I would really like him to and he begs for food at the dinner table. I would really like to learn how to teach him how to play with toys before the holidays, but my budget is Twenty Five Dollars, I had to by presents for everyone, and vet bills too. I also have four cats.


  447. Sarah says:

    I adopted a nine yaer old beagle/basset hound mix and he has adjusted well, but he has horrible seperation anxiety I can’t step foot out of a room without him howling. He does not know how to play with toys and I would really like him to and he begs for food at the dinner table. I would really like to learn how to teach him how to play with toys before the holidays, but my budget is Twenty Five Dollars, I had to by presents for everyone, and pay vet bills too. I also have four cats.


  448. Sarah says:

    Hi again, I forgot to say this before.
    I have a nine year old Beagle/Basset Hound and would be interested in your training, I have the available time and am comfortable using you tube, but the costs may be a little hard to do right now around the holidays. If the training prices are at a resonable price I would definitly be interested! It would have to be no more that Twenty Five Dollars though. My dogs name is scooby and he has seperation anxiety I would llike to teach him how to play with toys. He also has a problem with humping peoples legs when he gets over excited. I would like to possibly learn how to teach him tricks that would suprise guests when they come.




  449. Jen says:

    Hi Chet, My name is Jen. I have a purebred oversize breed german shepherd. AT about 9 months, she weighs around 70 pounds. I can’t walk her that much because she pulls me on the leash (plus MANY more problems.) SHe is super strong and super playful, so obviously this is a problem, but everytime my family tries to give her away, my family is in absolute tears (except my sister who hates dogs for some stupid reasons.) Anyway, I tryed Pet Smart, but a breakout in Parvo made me end my 12 week session a little early. Now I desperately need a plan for my dog to bve trained in time. If you could please email me, it would be positively wonderful. Thank you.


  450. Nancy says:

    Over the past year, I have learned that working with a rescue-mix is MUCH different than adopting a pure-bred lab puppy!! I’d be willing to explore this further. I can devote the time; am willing to record; and would like to learn more about the psychology of a rescue who had no attention for the first 9 months of her life Please tell me more!


  451. Roanne Rist says:

    I have 5 mastiffs and 3 bulldogs and would definately be interested and would like more information on it. My dogs don’t mind. The youngest is 7 months and the oldest is 8.


  452. Cecil L. Sandifer says:

    Yes I am very interested. I have an eight month old black Lab.
    I just need to know the cost of this course and do not wish sto buy the camera as I already have one.


  453. Sue Ashton says:

    I would be interested in this but live in Saudi Arabia with my 2 Toy Schnauzers (Bruce & Barney). They are nearly 9 months old & I am finding it hard training 2 at the same time, also it’s been a long long time since I had a puppy!


  454. Jane V. says:

    Looks like you have a lot of interested potential participants. How will you keep the group to a manageable size? I have 3 young (each about a year old) outdoor dogs that I rescued from a shelter. Even though they don’t come in the house (because I have 11 indoor cats, also all rescued), I still want my dogs to be well behaved. We make a little progress on basic commands, and then they seem to forget what they knew — probably because I’m failing to properly reinforce appropriate behavior. I’d be happy to tape my sessions with the dogs and to upload to YouTube. I’ll be watching for further details about the program, regardless of whether my dogs and I are selected to participate or not.


  455. Maria says:

    I am interested. I have a 7 month female dobie i can’t control her

    what would I have to pay for this? And what is the cost of this?


  456. Jeanene says:

    I have a 138lb appx 5 year old Ridgeback/Mastif mix we rescued just over a year ago. He needs work on social skills and just paying more attention to me in general. He can be aggressive with other dogs on occassion – that is something I really would like to correct mainly due to his size. I would be willing to participate for sure!


  457. Kristina says:


    i was just wondering how much it would cost me ???????????????


  458. Dorothy says:

    We have a 5 year old Scotty who is very well behaved, except that she is sometimes grouchy with the 1 year old Westie, who jumps up on visitors, goes berserk when the doorbell rings, and usually “leaks” a little on the floor when visitors come in. She also barks too much when the is outside without us. She is still very young, but needs more self control.


  459. Cindy says:

    Hi There,

    Yes, I would be interested, but how much will this cost me?


  460. "D" says:

    Hi Chet,

    I only have a few problems, but would be interested. I wouldn’t upload to You tube, maybe it could be sent to you to upload. I don’t know how that works & I’m not cptr. literate.



  461. Hi Chet

    My name is Penny i am in North Queensland, Australia and i have 3 Rottweilers 2 are 2 yrs old and the other is six years, the 2 yr old girl is weary of people and i need to get her to greet people in a friendly manner and to sit still when i want her to,i am going to do obedience trials with her i know she is smart enough i just need her to trust people again and be calm around them. i have been working with the to younger dogs but can not find someone to give me feed back on my training skills. the video camera would be a great way of getting that feed back from someone who knows want is going on and what i am doing wrong. There are not many places or people who want to help my with my little girl in North Queensland (The capital city being 1300 kilometers away a 16 / 17 hour drive) and no where up here that do what you are planing i am very interested in being part of this ground breaking program . I have the time to do the training and do not have any problems with uploading to youtube and i think that you should target all age groups(dogs and people)
    looking forward to hearing form you



  462. Kandi Barney says:

    I would love to do this. I have 2 dogs that are 15 months old. They will listen to me one on one, but put the other dog in the mix and forget any control I had. They are Chow/Retriever mix and the Chow attitude comes out at the wrong time.

    How much would the cost be for this?


  463. indike says:

    i am interested


  464. Lynne says:

    Hi Chet,

    I would love to work with you in this great project. I am sure any responsible pet owner would love to work with you because you do not hurt the animal when training and that is big with me. I have always had a dog but this 1o week old puppy is being a chanllenge. She is very smart and I believe she would be a great success story and proof that your system works and every body contemplating getting a puppy needs to start from day one. Just like a child the upbringing is very important and I am more than willing to devote what ever time is needed to accomplish this goal.


  465. ryan harvey says:

    Behave Perfectly on walks, whether on or off leash… and completely stop pulling i would love to get involved with this great idear


  466. William says:

    I appreciate your invitation I would like to try the training


  467. jena olio says:

    would love to learn all of the above i have 2 goldens under a year obediance trained but still with problems like those you mention above will you tube….good luck


  468. Mellonie says:

    Hi I will enjoy working with you. I have two cross puppies, One is part wrote wilier, x, German sheapered,x, Chinese fighting dog, and husky. The other we only know one side, Jack rustle Tarrier. The second is really bad for peeing and pittleing the first is doing well but her attention span is quite limited.


  469. glenn says:

    I would like to no more. Sorry but I’am very unsure of stuff when I do not know everything about what is needed such as COSTS.


  470. Yes I would like to know more about your program. I rescued a one year old Rottweiller and he’s dog and cat aggressive. the way you describe this program, could be something that would work well, I would like to know more.

    Thank you
    Isis Pastrana


  471. james says:

    Interested, but skeptical.


  472. Pat says:

    Really sounds great – I am actually using some of your methods on a couple of dogs I am training and it is working well, using the collar.

    I have trained for many years along with breed and I find I learn everyday from a dog. Would enjoy working with you on a project.


  473. Judi Strahota says:

    Yes I like the idea of your program, I can commit to 30 minutes a week for 6-8 weeks [especially in spring when it is easier to be outdoors in Colorado, and I am interested to work with You Tube if it does not require a lot of time and you will instruct me as to how to do it – I am trainable! From my experience in a few obedience training classes, I have gotten the most out ot it when the dogs were a bit similar – working with my lab was quite a bit different than the 3 dogs under 10 pounds, and at 3yrs old she is much more behaved than a 6 month old and didn’t need the repetition of basic exercises in the other class we took that had a lot of young dogs. 30 minutes a week does not seem like enough time – yet maybe that is 10 minutes at 3 times a week = better.


  474. james tait says:

    I have a chocolate Lab a male very smart dog ,he sits when you tell him to only if i give him a treat,His problem is barking at people when they walk by my house,He also pulls when i take him for a walk ,he is almost full grown now and he pulls me around. thanks James Tait .


  475. Jan says:

    Hi Chet,

    I’m interested. I have a 1 year old lab terrier or wolf hound cross who’s too smart and strong headed. We’ve only had him since the beginning of October and quite often I wonder ‘what was I thinking”.


  476. KellyAnn says:

    I would be interested but don’t feel it’s necessary to purchase a specific camera when my Sony works fine with video on YouTube (my son has used it). I have two 9 month old puppies – GShepherd/CSpaniel/Mini Poodle mix. They have some manners but it’s difficult to train two at a time! Please let me know when you decide…


  477. Krissy says:

    It sounds interesting, but I don’t know about uploading on youtube and getting a “free” camera!! I would like you to do it for dogs under two and over (both). I have a four year old dog and a puppy that isn’t even one yet!! I do have the time to comit to this… I really want this for my dog/pup!!!



  478. Jaylene Rosales says:

    Hi its me again and i would like to know how much your 6-8 week training program would cost? I would probably be intrested.


  479. Ihave purchased your audio course. Can I get the free 6 cd’s you are now offering with a paid course?Sincerely,Coolberry


  480. Joe Cacioppo says:

    Do you like the idea of sharing video with me for a critique?
    I’m ok with sharing a video with you for a critique. I do have a video camera for posting clips to the internet with. (Same model you posted)

    Do you have 30 minutes a week to commit to a 6-8 week program?
    I have 30 minutes a week and am willing to commit more than that for a way to fix those behaviors listed above. 6 month old Border Collie who has issues with everything you said. Please help.
    And are you comfortable with uploading to YouTube?
    I’m computer literate enough to upload something to YouTube, however I would not like to have my face or personal information posted on YouTube.

    Would you like me to target this at dogs under 2 years old or OVER?
    This target would certainly be a great skill to have for a dog of any age, but if you target them at a young age, better for everyone.


  481. julianne sayers says:

    i would be very interested in this programme as i have an eight month old Border Collie puppy who is very stubborn!! so i would be interested at the sessions for dogs under two. and yes i would like to share the video for critiquing however, I dont like the idea of uploading onto Utube where anyone could watch it though! Is there another way to do that, such as sending info via email?
    Also, how much would this be?
    thanks julianne


  482. Paul O says:

    I ordered your CD 9 months ago and what a great help it was at first in teaching my dog to be well mannered and listen to me. Now, it’s time to take the next step. He will be 1 in January. I haved trained hime to be well mannered in the home and he has been trained as a hunting, pointing, dog. I always make time for him in any way I can throughout the week and on the weekends, and he seems to love training no matter what the weather or what we are doing as long as he is by my side. Of course he does have some bad habits all of which you are trying to correct in this program, but none that can’t be worked with of course. I do not mind uploading to youtube, I am willing to take the time of course and then some, and don’t mind but appreciate your critique. As he is still young, I would want this targeted at dogs and puppies under 2 yrs old.


  483. jasmine FRench says:

    Would be very interested, have 2 dogs under 2 years. Would not be comfortable paying, since this is a trial type of experiment basis training in a group of dog owners. you will benefit from this even without our payments. definitely need all the help i can get though


  484. Bec says:

    I Have a one and half year old minature poodle cross maltese, who is my world, but she is in desperate need of training when it comes to barking and running away! This sounds fantastic! Im a full time uni student paying of a house, so just wondering about cost in p articipating???


  485. sandi finke says:

    I think your idea is great. My concern is that I am not at all computer savy…e-mail and searching the internet is about it. I was unable to download the book you had offered..even my husband who programs computers could not get it to work. I read that Paul (above) had one of your CDs…never saw that offer.
    I think all the proposed situations you’re thinking about covering are an excellent choice. I dogsit for my daughter’s 2 golden doodles who were rescued from a puppy mill…sisters, but opposites. She took one of them and a friend took the other and then couldn’t deal, plus their household was very rowdy and not consistent in anything, so they ‘dumped’ her with my daughter. My daughter and her husband love them both. However, since getting the dogs, his job situation has changed and he has to spend a great deal of time traveling to and from work. Add to that, a baby arrived and they were lead to believe that wasn’t possible….voila’. I am
    dogsitting for the two girls that are almost 2 years old, and I’m having every problem that you mentioned. I also believe it’s imperative to get them trained, and trained well as soon as possible with a baby in the house. They are very loving toward the baby…(that’s how I interpret their actions when they are near her) and they are strictly monitored. The 3 month baby doesn’t yet interact with them…they lay near her bouncy seat when it’s on the floor with their (collective) mom. They are both so loving, that when they are scolded for something, they look devastated and it breaks my heart….the problem isn’t theirs….it’s mine for not knowing how to go about the training…especially of two together. I badly need help with this training situation, but not sure I can commit to the 6-8 weeks. I have several serious health problems and am at the ER too many times and it usually ends in a hospital stay….more inconsistency for them. If I could afford it I would have them trained, but all my health issues and meds make that a definate ‘will never happen. Please keep me informed on how this is going…more than anything I wish I could participate.
    Someone wrote that they watched your TV show….I’ve never seen it her. Could you tell me the station it is on….I’d be a faithful viewer. Thanks for reading my comments…wish you could help me, but thank you so much for the offer to include me in this new endeavor. I hope it goes well for you and for all the dogs who will be involved. God’s blessings for the work you do at training dogs humanly, and Merry Christmas.


  486. Arjun says:

    hi…………. i have an alsatian of 5 months old i think u have a gud idea can you tell me wat ll be the cost 4 the training


  487. Pat Walker says:

    I have an older dog that I would like to be able to train so that she can be around humans. Cost is a factor. I am interested in learning more. Thanks.


  488. Marina says:

    Yes we would be interested


  489. jacqui says:

    did you get enough for the program?


  490. Jack Barger says:

    we are interested. With some 500 plus customers , individual counceling will be difficult. But we are interested. We have a i year old minature poodle.


  491. Sharran says:

    Hi Chet, is it too late to register for the training? Please let me know asap thanks. I’m very interested.


  492. katie says:

    hey, i dont really know why im commenting on your blog. You have good ethics of what i want my dog to be like, because right now he is just out of control. You see he is a 7 month old puppy who is thee most cutest loving pup ever. he just has problems with his behavior. if you could give me some advice , or maybe teach him. i know they’re would be a cost invovled just let me know. thanks , katie


  493. Mimmici says:

    Yes I would not mind trying with my 6 month old super docile Chloe, a female King Charles Cavalier Spaniel puppy. I would like however to know if there are any costs involved and if how how much.



  494. Cat says:

    Yes i would like that. I have 2 dogs that i got from the spca. The dogs that are abandonned there sometimes have issues that you discover over time.


  495. sandy kleinhause says:

    i have a 3 month year old boxer. she nips alot and seems to have regular hours for biting vigoursly everyone. she also is hard to walk and jumps alot on everyone. as i reside out of the country i don’t knowif you would send the videos overseas ???
    what i have read so far on your site has been very interesting.


  496. Mike Flannery says:

    Hi. This sounds like it could be a good idea and I’d certainly like to find out more please.
    I’ve got a 9 month old yellow labrador bitch who’s settled into our family very nicely, she’s also responding well to training and although I don’t have any problems with her I know there’s always room for improvement. In my spare time I run a dog club for my village, this is something I do on a voluntary basis and it’s my way of giving something back to the community I live in. We cover all sorts from basic obedience to food and nutrition and dog behaviour in general. A programme like the one you’re suggesting could be really good for both me and my club members!
    I look forward to hearing from you. Mike


  497. Martha says:

    The “problems” listed above are exactly what my dogs need. I have two Maltese, ages 2 and 3 years. I have no idea who you are, and therefore am reluctant to just send you money. Where are you located? I need for information before signing up, but it sounds very good.


  498. donna wood says:

    I have 4 dogs with all different problems. My lab mix is the most aggresive. He has bit me and my husband. I just can’t put him down. He deserves a chance. I would love to try without spending a lot of money. I’ve tried already with to much money and it didn’t work. I even wrote the dog whisper with no luck. He only helps a few due to all the people wanting help. Can you tell me what the total cost is? How do I begin and know I’m not being scamed? Thank you for your time.


  499. Linda Catlett says:

    I have a 2 year old (approximate guess) scottie that was recentely rescued from being a mom at a “commercial breeder”. I’ve had her just over 2 weeks and would be very excited to participate in such a program – she comes with a lot of fears and is appears to be looking for the rules of living in her new world.


  500. Karen L. says:

    Do you like the idea of sharing video with me for a critique?

    Do you have 30 minutes a week to commit to a 6-8 week program? Absolutely

    And are you comfortable with uploading to YouTube? Definately

    Would you like me to target this at dogs under 2 years old or OVER? NO – all ages – I have 5yo cattle/lab mix and 4yo St. Bernard who both need help and although they are somewhat well behaved still have that stubborn mind of their own.

    Any feedback you – I would love to share the training experience you mentioned.


  501. Karen L. says:

    I missed anwering the first of your questions…
    Do you like the idea of sharing video with me for a critique?
    The best way to really know what you are doing wrong is to have someone review your actions. I would be greatful for someone to let me know what i am doing right and what I may be doing wrong.

    “Not a problem sharing a video of my attempts”


  502. Rich James says:

    I would be interested, assuming it is in my affordable price range. I adopted a 3 year old lab cross 3 weeks ago. A great girl that I have been working with and has come a long way in a relatively short time, but I think I could use some help.


  503. Mary Ann Carney says:

    I have a 7 m old Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Have been to beginner obedience class & passed. She did very well. We still are working on all the basics but she definitely has an understanding. Biggest problem I have is sometimes getting her to come in from the back yard. She responds to Front most of the time but that requires me going down to the yard. We are working hard on this & I have also gone back to a long lead some of the time to pull her in when I give the command.
    What I would like is to get her totally trained off lead. Your program is of interest depending on the cost.


  504. Nita Ware says:

    This sounds like what I need. Have a mixed breed female (27lbs) rescued from the pound. Very sweet dog, only 11 to 13 months old, but has a chewing problem. Sometimes does not come when called. I need help with training so she will be calmer when we go visiting.


  505. Timmie says:

    This is at I think I need. I have a 14 month old Kavkaz (Caucasian Sheepdog) by the name of ‘Boris Good Enuff’ whom I have made a lot of mistakes with from no experience raising a giant breed. BUT I am willing to accept criticism and learn to become a better carer for him. I can put 30 minutes into working with him per week, have no problem with going on u-tube and I understand there are expenses — all I need is to know what I am into and see if it is affordable.


  506. Reg Samuel says:

    Yes. I will definitely be interested.


  507. Kelly Anne D. says:


    I would love to train my two dogs all the above. One thing though my two dogs are littermates brother and sister and they are always watching what each other does. I need them to stop being so dependent on each other.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Not to sure about connecting through you tube though, but if its going to help my dogs im in.
    How much would this cost?

    Kelly Anne & Simon(Gibraltar)


  508. Patricia says:

    Don’t know anything about you tube, however, am willing to learn how to upload..am very interested in the “course” What is the cost going to be?


  509. Madeleen says:

    I have two female pups,5mnths, Boerboel X Lab weighing 81 & 88lbs. One pup was scheduled to be put to sleep due to aggresive behaviour at 4wks. With the help and advice from your website she has turned into a beatifull pet with no signs of aggression. But we need lots more help! Can most definately do 30 mins a week,providing you with a video will provide us with helpfull advice. You tube should not be a problem. Age is important – as they are rather large, strong dogs already, we need to get control now already. Cost can become an issue due to the fact that conversion could make it unaffordable.


  510. Sandy Barr says:

    Yes I would be interested, and I have a 8 month old toy poodle cross, she is under 8 lbs, and is very yappy. Have tried to get her to settle down, but very excitable. Can do videos, and not sure how much I can pay, I do have a video camera, so the lessons could do for u tube. No problem. I am retired, and living in the Philippines, but am able just the same/. Sounds like fun, if you need another student.


  511. Kathi says:

    I am very interested in your program. I have an eight month old Boston Terrier pup. She has been spayed. She is extremely intelligent and anxious to please us and excited to learn new things. She is training very well and training us too. Our last dog was a Boston and she passed away at the age of 13 years, so we are learning right along with our puppy. We are always looking for new ways to train because we do not like the idea or punishment or harsh training techniques. She seems to respond very well to positive reinforcement. This is one of the reasons that I am so excited to find your site and am anxious to test your “pushing” technique.


  512. Vivayne says:

    I have 2 female six mth old mini Schnauzers. They are wonderful dogs, but because they are litter mates they don’t care about what I tell them. They are more into each other than anything else. I am totally interested in your program. I really need to get them to STAY and also not bolt out the house or car door (dangerous)I already have a flip video and youtube account.


  513. Lange says:

    I’m afraid that the Pit bull requirements a exclusive kind of proprietor…these dogs, no matter how ‘caring’ nevertheless have teeth, are nevertheless creatures without having moral principles and if they DO bite, won’t let go. As in all animals…some have a tendency to be more suseptable to instinctual behavior and time and time again, this breed tends to complete just that.


  514. Rach says:

    I have a 3.5 old Maltese x poodle and when he was 3 month old he was attacked and almost died i was there when it happened and now im afraid to let him play with other dogs and run off leash at the beach – i feel he is really missing out being a dog – if i had the confidence in him to come back when called i think it would be less stress for me.


  515. Al Anoud says:

    Am interested… I have a 2 years old GSD, need to practice him more. guiding me would be great!


  516. Hiya. I simply just wished to show you that certain parts of the website tend to be hard to read for me, since I am color blind. I am afflicted by deuteranopia, however there are a lot more kinds of color blindness that may also get issues. I can recognize the largest part of the web site Fine, plus the places I’ve difficulty with I am able to read using a special browser. But bear in mind, it would be cool if you would remember us color-blind individuals when doing your next web site update. Thanks for your time.


  517. Another Title…

    I saw this really good post today….

  518. Nancy Crowell says:

    I have a two year old lab ( he is like a “Marley” dog).
    Very hyper and needs lots of exercise which physically I am not able to do. I can throw the ball for him and that wears him mostely out.
    I would like to have him be calm when I come over and not have him jump on me or anyone that comes in the house. I have tried the kneeing in the chest, but it doesnt seem to bother him enough to stop.
    I would commit to your program, be willing to pay and can upload to utube so you can see my progress with Swisher.
    Thank you!


  519. Ausha Smyth says:

    i am really interested in doing this program with my dog. she is a 5 month old CRAZY golden-doodle puppy named Jaimo who is EXTREMELY prone to jumping up on little kids, not coming when called, tugging on leashes to the point of knocking me over, peeing when meeting other stranger dogs, and when too exited, biting, not aggressively but i don’t think she quite understands her own strength. PLEASE HELP!!!! she can be INSANE!!!

    -Ausha & Jaimo


    Minette Reply:

    You can also check out our puppy program at


    It goes over all of those concerns in videos you can watch at your leisure.


  520. Maurine says:

    It’s actually a great and helpful piece of information. I am
    happy that you just shared this useful info with us. Please stay us informed like this.
    Thank you for sharing.


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