Why Dogs Eat Grass

There are many urban legends about why dogs eat grass.

But the truth is all those things you have heard, aren’t true.

Dogs don’t eat grass to make themselves throw up.

They don’t have some kind of extra sense that tells them when they need to vomit something bad or something toxic.

I wish that they did!  That sense would save many people thousands of dollars!

They reason they vomit after eating grass is because grass irritates their stomach.

But, studies have been done that show that only 25% of dogs vomit after eating grass, meaning most dogs eat grass and keep it down.

Is Eating Grass Dangerous?

Not in and of itself, no.

However, there can be toxic materials on grass that can cause toxic reactions.

Dogs can also pick up parasites by eating the feces or remnants thereof of other dogs or wild animals.

So Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

The majority of the time it seems to stem from boredom.

Dogs eat all kinds of things that they shouldn’t when they are bored.

Some think it is to fulfill a nutritional gap where the dog in question may need added fiber.

One owner suggests that her dog at grass for years until a natural fiber such as pumpkin or green beans were added to the meal and then the dog no longer grazed in the yard.

And, some dogs probably eat grass because they like the way it tastes.

After all, who doesn’t like the smell of fresh cut grass.

I might even admit that as a child, I may have tried grass a time a two (this was before iPads 😉 ha ha).

What to Do

Don’t panic.

Keep the grass well sprinkled and hosed so it is as clean and fresh as possible.

Definitely don’t let your dog graze on unknown grass or dog community grass (like at a dog park).

Add a little fiber to your dog’s diet.

Fresh or frozen green beans provide wonderful fiber and keep a dog on a diet feeling full for longer periods of time!

And, last, but certainly not least: provide mental stimulation and training to curb or alleviate his boredom!

IC grass eating

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  1. Are they anyway i can get dvds on your training of all you are doing? Im on a budget and disabled do i csnt afford alot


    Minette Reply:

    There are tons of free articles here and a search bar at the top that will help you with your training.


  2. Mark says:

    I thought dogs only ate grass to settle their stomachs and couldn’t figure out what was wrong with my pup. Looks like he was just bored!


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