Ways to Keep Your Dog Active Indoors

dog training, dog obedience

It is always interesting to me that “dog training” is synonymous with being “outside” for 90% of people.

It is as if people don’t even put dog training and being indoors together.

As a dog trainer, I think that is super silly.

After all, it is in HERE, indoors, in my house, where I want my dog to be the best behaved!

I live here.

I spend most of my time here.

I can certainly do my “dog training” here!

Just Today

Just today, I was speaking with a client whose new dog is chasing her cat relentlessly.

The cat is stressed and not using the litter box, because he is pooping and urinating wherever he feels comfortable and the dog is learning how much fun it is to “chase the kitty”

My suggestion was to put the dog on leash and of course give the kitty a place where he feels comfortable, where the dog can’t ever go.

She was infuriated!

How could I ask her to put her dog on leash?

That was cruel, and she refused to comply.

At first.

Then I asked her how else she would like to control the behavior?

How could she keep the dog from rewarding himself by chasing her helpless, elderly cat?

Ahhhhhh, she couldn’t, not without a leash!

Obedience Begins at Home

You see, obedience, good obedience, the kind of obedience you see and covet, it starts at home!

Put your dog on a leash and work on his basics:

dog training, dog obedienceSit







Push ups (sit and down, or sit, down and stand in rapid succession)

I also love playing hide and seek, which is great for your come on command!

And, I enjoy teaching my dogs nose games.

All good doggy obedience starts in the home!

After all, this is where it is most important to have a well-trained and well-behaved dog.

Then, once your dog is listening to you 95% of the time inside your home, you can begin working with him on the same commands and games while he is outside.


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  1. Sam says:

    I couldn’t agree more. If you want your dog to behave properly in the house, why not train indoors? This also helps during those cold winter days.


  2. Gail alford says:

    Great advice


  3. Trish says:

    Yes sir!!!
    That is exactly how we started.
    And Sadie is not perfect …. but she is almost there!


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