A Dog's Fear of Toys

Here’s an article from Karen Pryor’s recent blog post about dogs that have a fear of toys.  Most of us have the idea that dogs love to tear into most any toy you throw their way.  But Karen sheds light on this notion through her own experience with her dog, Misha, that there are dogs that have to learn how to overcome their fear of toys.

Using clicker training and rewards, Karen soon has Misha running and playing with all sorts of toys!

Watch as an old dog learns a new trick!

by Karen Pryor on 12/21/2009

You’d think that all dogs just love to play with toys, but its not true. Some dogs are scared of toys. With these dogs you have to teach them to play again.

Karen Pryor’s harelquin poodle, Misha, (that we talked about previously) is one. Misha’s late canine house mate Twitchett ruled the toy kingdom at home and rarely let poor Misha get in his fair share of fun and games. So, toys haven’t held much interest for Misha and can sometimes really scare him.

Read the rest of Karen’s article on overcoming a dog’s fear of toys here.

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