A Waggin’ Good Time!

Lets Get Those Tails Goin'!

Hello everyone!  Well, its that time of year, and tomorrow I am off to pick up kids for Christmas vacation, however I could not shirk my promise of writing a new article each day before Christmas.  I am determined to help you find fun ways to spend time with your furry friend!  So, this will be one of three today and I will be back on Christmas eve, to liven things up yet again!

If your happy and you know it….wag your tail!

This is a simple command and a behavior that most dogs readily offer, but it sure is fun to be able to control this on command.

What You Need

  • Treats
  • Clicker
  • Your dog
  • Lots of praise!

Getting started

  • Grab your dog and head off to a place where you can work together.
  • Start by praising your dog and clapping with excitement
  • When his tail wags, click and treat
  • Wait till the tail stops wagging then start again with praise and festivities
  • Click and treat when the tail starts to wag
  • As soon as your dog is wagging readily you can begin to add a command to the behavior “Wag” “WHAT?” or whatever saying you think would be cute with a tail wag

Once you have gotten this behavior on command, it should be pretty easy to click and treat for a dramatic stop in wagging.

  • Wait until your dog knows the wag command and is readily offering it on demand, otherwise you are liable to confuse him.
  • Remember when you were teaching and you waited for the tail to stop wagging…so you could praise and get it to wag again?
  • Well now you will click and treat when the tail stops wagging!
  • Again figure out a command you think would be cute “You think so huh?”

Finally work with it until it too is reliable and easily understood by your dog.

Now when company is over you can say “He did WHAT?” and as he wags you cans say “Oh you think so huh?” and the tail should stop.  Go back and forth with your dialog wagging and stopping then reward with a jackpot!

This is a great game and fun for you both!

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