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Hello everyone!  We are going viral…no, no that doesn’t mean I have a virus, thankfully I kicked that bug a few weeks ago, we are taking our information and knowledge to share on Facebook and Twitter!

I know what you are thinking, you have a busy life and even if you are already have an account with Facebook and Twitter you are wondering if you have the time to add something else to your plate and your life.  I completely understand!  I feel the same way every time I click “Like” on my facebook page.  I make a concerted effort not to add anything I am not truly passionate about on my page.

But I am here to convince you to join me!  Not only will all of our new articles and services be added immediately to our account, but I will also be adding fun facts, services, and new and upcoming items to our pages!

Today, for instance, I added a link to get free pet supplies!  Who doesn’t like free stuff?  Some of the things offered are coupons to get money off items you are probably already purchasing and some offer free treats and items to the first 150 people!

Yesterday, I posted a link to one of my favorite videos a Man vs. Dog eating contest!  I simply love this video, it brings a giggle and a smile to my face every time I watch it.

I will be posting news articles, rescue information, articles, pictures and cool doggy supplies on our pages!  It is my desire to find the coolest stuff and share it with you!  I also encourage you to join me and send me links you would like to share and leave questions and comments for me.

I will do my best to answer your questions and give you the best, and the most fun information I can!  My passion in this life is to truly enjoy the time I spend with my family and my dogs!

So PLEASE join me, so I am not Tweeting and Facebooking to myself!  Share the links and encourage your friends and family to join us!

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I look forward to building a more personal relationship with you and finding the coolest dog stuff around!


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  1. Laura says:

    Glad too see you on facebook


  2. Gale says:

    I don’t facebook. I have a face and read books, and I am not a twit.


    Shirli Woodward Reply:

    I dont either and it looks like we will be left out of the link. Good to see someone else who feels as I do. I do not need either facebook nor twitter.


  3. Raquel says:

    This is my first dog that is mine. How often do I have to give her a bath?


    Minette Reply:

    You CAN bathe a dog every week, but make sure to use gentle dog soap and rinse well. At my house, with my dogs I bathe them when they are stinky or dirty but not all of the time. If they are slightly stinky I use a baby wipe and just wipe them down!


  4. Vicki says:

    I don’t use facebook very much; twitter not at all, but I am trying to learn to use facebook a little more.

    I really don’t uderstand how best to utilize facebook. Glad to see you there.


  5. Eileen says:

    Joined Facebook.


  6. Beth S. says:

    Hooray for Chet on FB and look, he’s tweeting too.


  7. Its great that you are on facebook and twitter. That will help you increase your viewers.I will definitely check that out.


  8. tracey says:

    welcome aboard on FB Chet, it’s a marvelous tool when you have something so wondeful to share! I am not a twit Gale & I don’t think people will aprreciate being called a twit for being on FB! It’s a wonderful opportunity for Chet to broaden his horizons with the world! Join, you never know you might even enjoy yourself! 🙂 xx


  9. Minette says:

    join us! Facebook is a lot of fun!


  10. Gina says:

    I have 4 dogs, a 10 yr old Sheltie, 9 yr old Bearded Collie, 2 yr old Sheltie and a 1 yr old Maltese. Our Maltese thinks she’s the alpha of the entire family even though I have shown her that I AM. Will she ever grow up??? Or is it me that needs to grow up? lol


    Minette Reply:

    Work more on making her earn her benefits (toys, games, treats, food) from you and don’t cater to her! Some dogs are more dominant and demanding, it is important to work on obedience and just make them work for the things in life that they desire, this helps them to be better pets and learn to accept YOU as alpha because you take care of her needs!


    Gina Reply:

    Thank you for your advice Minette re: our Maltese, the little ‘imp’. I have tried some of your suggestions with no success. Guess I have to just be more consistent.
    I truly appreciate your advice … Wish us luck please as she is getting to be a ‘brat’ and so far , no matter what we’ve tried, nothing has worked. Even simple commands, like No, Sit, Come, Stay are not in her doggie vocabulary. But maybe with time and more work she will eventually learn.


    Minette Reply:

    You can do it, I know you can! Some dogs are a little more stubborn than others 😉 just hold out rewarding her until she does what you want.

    Instead of thinking about all the things she doesn’t do…wait for her to do good things…wait till she sits on her own with no command and then praise her and give her a treat, same with down and come. She will learn that doing what you want gets her rewards! You may have to trick her into thinking she is training you, while knowing you are in control!

    Good luck, I know you will succeed!

  11. Our rescue dog Astro is on his way to us from Rumania. He is 4 years old and has only 30% eyesight left after being abandoned on the street to die because he could no longer see properly.
    He was picked up by a wonderful rescue team and has lived at their shelter since 2010. Being a special needs dog it has not been easy to find his for ever home. He has now found it with us.

    He will be my 10th rescue dog. All of them have lived happy and active lives in our home. The last one a Siberian Husky died 2 years ago aged 17.

    Now I start over and will train Astro from zero because he has never been indoors and has never had his own private domain. He does not even understand that he needs to go outside to pee.
    Thank´s to the interesting training tips and ideas and my experience from many years of helping rescue dogs I feel confident that Astro will grow and become a happy and well behaved dog when given unconditional love,patience and safe guidance.

    I wish you all the best on facebook and twitter where I will follow you and also tell others about you!


    Minette Reply:

    There should be more people in the world like you! Bless you for what you do to help those less fortunate! You inspire me!


    Coralie Reply:

    Thank You Minette!

    It´s a wonderful feeling to help our beloved animals.


  12. Gina says:


    You truly are my inspiration also. If we didn’t have a limited number of dogs we could keep in our home, I’d rescue as many as my family could care for also.
    God bless you for your love of God’s creatures.


  13. June says:

    Welcome to FB


  14. Amy says:

    OMG! I love that you are on Facebook as I have told my friends how wonderfully your program works. Now they can go on FB and see for thier selves.


  15. kelvin says:

    pls let me know the price for the dog training dvd set.tq


  16. chris says:

    hi Chet,
    I just want to thank you for the awesome method of training your dog the clicker method, I bought your program went to work and within the first 20 mins my dog (Chloe a Boston terrier 6months) could set on the carpet on command and ring the bell to go out. Now she is 3 years old, that would be 2 1/2 yrs in training and I’ve forgotten all that she can do. She will remind me at times by going thru all her trained responses to see if she can train me to give her a treat LOL. Your program rocks!! Best dog I’ve ever had and most trained of any dogs in my mobile home park. As a matter of fact we have dog sitters wanting to watch her when we go on vacation. they said, “this is the most obedient dog they ever met” Thanks all the credit goes to the system I used, of course I was a little consistent to so she can’t have all the credit. Keep up the good work, I’m thinking about purchasing a Yellow Nape Parrot and start him on click training. I know your course works with this the same. Good day and great job. Keep up the work, talk soon.



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