[Video] See Trick Dog ‘Annie’ Perform Her Favorites!

One of my students, Wayne Koester, recently sent me this fun video of his trick dog ‘Annie’ performing all her favorite tricks, including:

  •  Running through a box tunnel
  •  Dancing on her hind legs
  • Jumping through a hoop
  • Shaking a paw
  • And, belly crawling across the floor

You can watch the video here:

It’s impressive, right?

But did you also notice the SILENT commands that Wayne and Annie are using?

For example, when you break it down, you’ll see that to perform the ‘box tunnel trick’, Wayne has trained Annie to:

  1. 1.    Leave him
  2. 2.    Run to the box
  3. 3.    Go THROUGH the box
  4. 4.    And return to him

… The commands have been stacked, so that when Wayne says ‘Go To Your Box’ – Annie automatically translates this into FOUR COMMANDS!

And while Wayne still needs to give Annie the ‘Down’ command before he gives the ‘Crawl’ command, if he continues training, it won’t be long before Annie understands that to ‘Crawl’ she must first ‘Down’…

… And Wayne will be able to just say ‘Crawl’.

So now I imagine you’re wondering, “How do I train MY dog to perform tricks like this, with stacked commands?”

It’s far easier than you think…   But you need to start with the basics.

Wayne and Annie began their training using my ‘Hands Off’ Dog Training Course  which taught them both two important lessons:

First, Wayne learned how to train Annie to do ANYTHING by discovering how SHE learned!  

And second, through her training sessions with Wayne, Annie learned HOW to learn!

… So once Wayne understood how to communicate with Annie, and Annie understood how to learn from her Dad, they became an unstoppable team!

Wayne was able to toss aside my training program (gently of course ;-), get creative, and dream up his own trick routines for Annie!

And Annie has been loving every minute of it (as you can see by watching the video), learning new commands and tricks as fast as Wayne can teach them.

So again, start with the basics.

Learn to communicate with your dog effectively.  And teach your dog how to learn.  My ‘Hands Off’ Training Course offers you a step-by-step blueprint, with daily lessons for doing exactly this, so if you don’t already have a copy, I recommend you get one.

Because if you follow this program, and commit to daily training…

… It’s not unreasonable to expect that YOUR dog could be performing basic tricks like dance, shake a paw, roll over, and more, in as little as four weeks.

Until next time, happy training!


P.S.  Oops, I almost forgot:  If you’re a student of my ‘Hands Off’ Training Program and you have a success story or video that you’d like to show off, please send me an email at stars@thedogtrainingsecret.com  I’d love to hear your story, too…


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  1. Ava's Mom says:

    that’s all pretty impressive on both the dog’s part & the owner’s… I have one of those types of dogs too…. My question is how do you get them to perform their tricks without the bribe?


    Art Hess Reply:

    It’s called “time” and “repetition”. If you do it (any learned action) often enough with positive reinforcement you will soon find the student reacting to just hand signals or voice commands.


  2. Charan says:

    Love it when i see owners giving time to their pets.
    I always say kids and pets need time and love for them to love you back.:-)


  3. vitthal chavan says:

    that’s all pretty impressive on both the dog’s part & the owner’s… I have one of those types of dogs too…. My question is how do you get them to perform their tricks without the bribe?



  4. Laurie says:

    I have trained my dog to do so many tricks I had to write them down so I would remember what he has learned. I can get my dog to follow my hand any direction, he can touch my hand with his nose if I say target, or if I say target paw he will touch with his paw. Wherever I point and say paw that’s where he will put his paw, same with the nose. I have taught him basic commands, then simple tricks, then more difficult, and like Eric says you build on each command. Roll over, play dead, and crawl all start with the down command, then lure them in the direction you want. After a while you can skip commands and get right to the final results. Then if you have been paying attention, you will realize that your dog can do a command with the slightest hand movements, to the point that they may anticipate you. I find that the more you teach your dog the easier it gets to teach him something new. And teach them fun things too. Whenever I want a door closed I ask him to come do it. I can’t yet direct him from a distance with the door, but we’ll get there. Once you have an arsenal of tricks, I find you also need to teach the same ones in different places and in different situations. My dogs mind seems to go blank if I ask him to do something outside of his usual training area, so you need to do the teaching everywhere, and with distractions eventually. And if you make a mistake, laugh it off, my dog does, and we try again.


  5. Danny says:

    Wow…this is great!
    But how do u teach the dog to do 1 command into many actions?
    In what order did you teach your dog to do that?


  6. Jim says:

    Been watching and learning alot from the website and the videos. I have a 26 week old Yorkie that is really a quick learner but extremly hard headed. He gets easily distracted by deer, when taking him out doors for his last bathroom break of the evening. Anyother time he will listen to the commands perfectly such as “Come” , “Sit”, “Stay” . He gets reaLLY IRRATATED if I do not let him go where he WANTS to go to potty at. I will end up having to wait him out for as long as 20 minutes before he will do his number 2 because of my refusal to let him dictate where he wants to potty at.When he is sniffing , his pace will quicken when he is getting closer to the bathroom time, but during his sniffing routine he is “rooting” with his nose like a pig and will put anything he can find in his mouth , especially deer poop. He knows the command “leave it” but I am having to constantly repeat it during his walks .


  7. Jessie Wiggin says:

    I have a Jack Russell and he is energy plus, but he is a fast learner and i have him doing about 8 tricks now. At present I am working on names of his various toys, like get me the “ball’, the “teddy”, the duck, etc. Then there are certain tricks that he absolutely refuses to learn, like “sorry” where he will put his head between his front legs. Anyway I am having fun and hopefully so is the jack. On walks I have found that when he pulls on the leash that a “no” in a deep voice is very effective. At home, he is a terror but when I take him out in public he behaves so well that I am astonished – almost like he is showing off. I started his training with treats like in the video and some tricks he will only do for treats and then there are some he will do just for the sake of doing it. However, his greatest feat to date is the I say “no bark” and he stops immediately – so I have a jack that doesn’t bark. All my friend that are familiar with jacks can’t believe that my dog is not a barker. I am retired and as you can guess I spend a lot of time with my dog so my training has been quite effective. We also walk anywhere from 3 to 4 miles per day. Can’t say my dog gets tired out from the walking but my cholesterol has dropped 40 points!!


    Deborah Todd Reply:

    Hi Jessie,
    How did you teach your JR to stop barking? I have 2 rescue JR
    Terrorists and they bark their fool heads off! Kudos to you
    for your tremendous accomplishment.


  8. I enjoyed the video and the comments. I especially like the one about getting a dog to “no bark”. I want to teach my dog that. How. Thanks


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