Training Your Goldendoodle

Goldendoodles!  I mean who doesn’t love them!

Did you know that the original idea behind the “doodle” (crossing a Standard Poodle with the Labrador Retriever and the Golden Retriever) was for people who were attempting to give guide dogs to individuals with allergies?

However, these guys were just so cute that they caught on all over the world!

Socialization is Critical

Most people think socialization means recklessly interacting with the thing (dogs, people, children, etc.)

goldendoodle training

Nothing could be farther from the truth!

It is crucial for your puppy to see the things he will encounter as a dog, but it is even more crucial that he develop good habits with these things!

Goldendoodles and doodles in general tend to be very social.

Some would say, overly social.

And, it is interesting to note that this mixture of breeds often grows bigger than either of the two that went into making them.

So, it is crucial to begin training your puppy early with making your puppy sit and have manners when he meets new people, children or dogs!

Teach him what your expectations are from the beginning and don’t allow him to begin bad habits that will be difficult to take.



This ties into the above statement.

Manners are crucial with socialization, of course.

But, manners are also important at home!

Don’t allow your puppy to jump on you!

Don’t allow him to jump up on counters or other inappropriate places and make sure that you are also rewarding his good behavior.

Every puppy sits and lies down occasionally, take these moments and reward your puppy so that your puppy can choose the behaviors that you like!

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Redirect Bad Behavior

Redirect bad behavior immediately.

Don’t allow bad behavior and bad habits to take hold.

If he grabs the wrong item to chew, exchange it, for something that is appropriate.

If he puts his teeth on you give him a time out, and/or give him something appropriate to do and an appropriate way to interact with you!

Potty Training Your Goldendoodle

Crates are essential for potty training!goldendoodle training

Start early by playing crate games and feeding your puppy in his crate, both of these things will help your puppy understand that his crate is a safe and happy place to be!

Also be sure that you are also crate training while you are home.  If you only crate him when you leave for long periods, crate fears can set in!

Remember puppies need to be taken outside every two hours in the beginning.

Also after naps, eating or drinking, and after exercise!

It is up to you to get your puppy outside for the first several weeks.

Once you have established a schedule, you may begin to teach your puppy to ring a bell to go outside.

However, just like babies cannot be potty trained, puppies often have to learn to gain control of their bladder and bowels as well.

Be patient!

But be proactive, if you are not you will create bad habits that will make potty training a nightmare!

Other Goldendoodle Tips

I cannot express how important it is to teach good greeting behavior while they are young.

Many people won’t mind your adorable young puppy jumping up on them or scratching them.  But they will mind when your dog is 80 or 90 pounds.

It is unfair to allow your puppy to start these behaviors.

Goldendoodles have such kind and happy souls teach him right from the beginning so that you don’t have to correct bad behavior.

These guys also will need lots of exercise!

goldendoodle training

He has the body of a Retrieve and a Water Dog and both breeds are known for being able to hunt for hours on end.

Find some sports and hobbies for your dog to keep him stimulated mentally and physically!

These guys excel at dock diving, field trials and other sports.

He will also enjoy long hikes or runs.

Be sure you are prepared to give him the things that he needs!



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