Training Dogs To Actually Obey You

This week I had an interesting interview with Chris from where we talked about a topic that I see a HUGE need for… teaching dog’s House manners!

And when I say house manners, I’m not talking about House Training, I’m talking about MANNERS, like greeting people nicely at the door, not digging, not jumping up… those kind of manners.

You can listen to this interview here:



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  1. BobSled Bob says:

    mp3 file please-I like to listen over and over


  2. Sue Hudson says:

    There was too much babling on, getting bored. The part in which I was interested in (jumping on people at the door) gave me nothing. Having your dog sit on a carpet and let people give it treats? How do you accomplish this, what if people don’t care for dogs. This was not very helpful!


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