Should You Train Your Dog Yourself Or Use a Trainer?

One of the questions that dog owners have with regard to training their dog is whether to hire a dog trainer or to train their dogs themselves.

There could be number of reasons why many people think that hiring a dog trainer for puppy training is more effective than self training. It could be that you do not have any time for puppy training or that you do not know where to start and how to go about puppy potty training. These are just some of the reasons why people hire a dog trainer for puppy training.

More Than Just Dog Training?

However, what many people do not understand is the fact that dog training or puppy training is not just about getting your dog to obey a few commands. It is rather about establishing a good relationship with your dog and about understanding your dog better so that you can tell them things in a way that they would understand and listen.

So in this context, you will not be able to establish good relationship with your dog unless and until you spend time with your dog and interact with your dog. This cannot be done by sending your dog for an expensive training.

Having said this, you should not be looking for a dog trainer rather a good dog training system that will help you with your puppy potty training, out of control barking training, etc...

Moreover, it is important to understand that dogs are very boundary-conscious pets. When you send your pet to a trainer it will get confused with regard to its own boundaries as well as the owner. They should first identify you as the owner. It is very likely to get confused when you send it to a new trainer in a new place.

Sending your dog to a trainer will also result in inconsistency. You and your dog trainer will not relate to the dog in the same way. For your dog trainer, your dog is just is job but for you it is your pet and it is almost like your family member. This will result in inconsistency.

If you cannot find time to spend with your pet then it is best not to own a pet. If you have time to spend with your pet, then you will as well be able to train your pet which is one of the best things for your pet.

You need not be an experienced dog trainer to deal with your dog effectively. All your pet requires is care and little patience and what you need is the right dog training manual that will help you with step by step training process.

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  1. Jana Rade says:

    I completely agree. If you do need help, have the trainer work WITH YOU and teach you how to do it. But learn training your dog yourself.
    .-= Jana Rade´s last blog ..Outsmarting A Smart Dog =-.


  2. regan says:

    Basic pet obedience training usually consists of 6 behaviors: sit, down, stay, recall, close and heel.These are not only the easiest commands for your dog to learn, since he is already doing these all things anyway, but they are the basis of more complicated commands to come. thanks a lot your are a good trainer i bookmarked your blog ,keep good work .
    .-= regan´s last blog .. =-.


  3. Animals Away says:

    I think that with guidance, alot of the basics can be learned on your own, but you must have patience and time to train the dog. Persistence is important, stick with it and you, your puppy and the relationship between the two will be better for it.


  4. pet caskets says:

    I am a physically challanged women. My lovable dog is helping me in my day to day activities. It is my good companion and friend. I can’t live without my sweet shally.


  5. christelle says:

    i have problems with my 2 month puppy i don’t i have to stay 5 hours out of the house and he stays alone should i tell him to go potty on a news paper in the bathroom or outside?tell me plz.


  6. isabella says:

    my mom wants to hire a trainer for are future golden retriever puppy.but i try so hard to convince her not to she wont listen to me how can i convince her please HELP MEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. Lydell says:

    My dog is 1 years old. I trained him myself to sit, lay down, roll over, open the door. But I can’t get the stay part to stick with him. Honestly I think all dogs are different I’m still working on a lot but he is worth every second.


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