Top 8 Things That Your Dog Wants This Year

Everyone Wants a Happy Dog! Thanks vote-29 for the photo

Your dog doesn’t ask a lot, he doesn’t really need a lot but he does need some things and want others!

A Full Tummy

A lot of dogs are starving and left outside to fend for themselves; unfortunately this happens a lot.  Times get tough, the family dog gets put outside and then he is forgotten and he begins to starve.  We see it all of the time on TV Shows and photos of abuse and neglect on the internet.

Your dog wants a full tummy (or enough food to sustain him) twice a day (in my opinion).  I certainly wouldn’t want to wait 24 hours until my next meal.  I think dogs do best with twice daily feedings as well… unless you are training so often with him that his training treats are part of his meal.  Or you use his food.  For more on instituting this read Working for a Living in Dog Training.

Now!!  I will mention that as much as it seems like it… your dog also doesn’t want to be over fed.  His joints ache and he can suffer from diseases like diabetes and other disease.  So please don’t over feed him; if in doubt speak to your vet about how much food YOUR dog needs per day (it is different for different dogs depending on age, size and nutritional requirements).   Don’t “Love him to death” either!

Fresh Water

Fresh water is very important.

As someone who competes and travels here and there with my dog on a fairly constant and consistent basis; I know how important clean water is!  Just a change in my dog’s water from one city to another is enough to cause diarrhea.

Bottled water is used when we travel to keep my dog’s system from any kind of disturbance.

It is also important to change your dog’s water every day to get rid of as many toxins and bacteria as possible.

Dirty water can lead to kidney infections which can lead to the shutting down of the kidneys, organisms can also live in dirty water and cause diarrhea and other prolems.

Clean water is often over looked or it is assumed that all dogs get clean water (and I wish they did!).

Shelter From the Elements

Thanks Blue on Black Dog for the photo

Thanks Blue on Black Dog for the photo

Shelter from the elements is another basic need or desire your dog has.

It rains, it snows, it gets way too hot but your dog needs basic shelter.

It just happens to be winter as I type this article and I have recently seen all kinds of pictures of dogs sleeping in the snow and being snow covered.  It is sad to see these photos.

Your dog needs basic shelter and a warm or cool place to go depending on the time of year.

Cold kills and heat kills. Keep your dog safe and alive (and in my opinion happily snuggled inside your home with you!)


Dealing with a dog is like dealing with a 2 year old human toddler.

  • They get excited, they get excited, they get excited… ha ha
  • They have trouble concentrating.
  • They do things (they may or may not know is wrong) simply because it feels good and is fun.
  • They make mistakes.
  • They have trouble listening.
  • And, they have very short attention spans!

It requires patience, consistency, and a sense of humor to have or live around one.

Remember next time you lose your cool with your dog that he is doing his best to do the things you want; but he is just a dog being a dog.

If you are consistently having a problem then work on your training for our store and our line of obedience products click here.

Thanks Dog Training 101 for the photo

Thanks Dog Training 101 for the photo

Dog Training

Believe it or not your dog likes training (well if you do it right).

If you use compulsion and force he probably doesn’t like it very much.  However, having once trained on the “dark side” using leash corrections and compulsion… my dogs still liked it.

Dog’s need mental interaction and stimulation; and if they don’t get it their little minds can rot.

When you don’t take into account your dog’s need to learn and think he becomes a “zombie dog” for more on that and how to avoid it click here.

Even if it is just simple learning a new trick or working on basic obedience or running through what he knows, your dog likes the interaction and mental stimulation of having to sit and think.   Imagine if you never used your mind, never read a book, or watched TV, or worked or had a stimulating conversation… you’d probably go nuts!

Using your mind is an important and it is just as important for your dog to use his to keep him youthful and well trained.

Even Old Dogs like to Play!  Thanks Orvis News for the Photo

Even Old Dogs like to Play! Thanks Orvis News for the Photo


Play is also an essential to a good life.

Again imagine, if you will, never playing.  Work, work, working but never getting out to play and just have a release.

Now if you are an adult, chances are you play less and work more.  Some of you may find it hard playing at all, now imagine you are 2.

We love dogs because they are so excited about life and live life in the moment, enjoying every second they have breath.  Now expect them not to be child like and not to play… it just doesn’t work.

Even the oldest dog, or a dog that doesn’t like toys needs to play.  My 13 year old dog got to the point where play wasn’t as high a priority on his list; but his little face still lit up when I would initiate play or leave out his favorite toy after a nap.

I often had to engage him; but he loved every moment of it.  I even threw in some dog training while we played to engage his mind and make training more fun for more on that click here Dog Training the Conspiracy Theory.

A Snuggle

Everything Likes a Good Snuggle Thanks Rebloggy for the Photo

Everything Likes a Good Snuggle Thanks Rebloggy for the Photo

Like all of the above; snuggling (in my humble opinion) or physical caress is crucial to a good life.

Dogs need a good snuggle.

That is not to say that you need to go grab your 250# dog, pick him up and put him under your covers… but you need to find some way to give him the physical love that he needs.

Now we have talked about it before and it is rare but some dogs don’t like to be petted, even by their owners, so it is about finding a fine line for those dogs that gives them a little personal scratch when they are embarking on a fun training journey or something that they like where your touch can be associated with something good.

There are also those dogs that are too busy, it seems to slow down to enjoy touch.  I have one of those right now… he is too busty bouncing, and pouncing and being a puppy to slow down long enough to get a good scratching and petting under his belt; but when he does slow he likes it and it teaches him to slow down more often for some affection.

I Use to Sit of the Floor

I have had a few dogs over the years who were more difficult to train and more challenging to live with and a dog that has a tendency toward any kind of aggression, especially toward me is not allowed on my furniture.  So, I would sit on the floor and allow them to snuggle in my lap for a time.

In my opinion everything needs love and physical loving touch.  I know, in some ways I live for that and have days I need it; so does your dog!

Your Time

Thanks to Man with Amazing Activities for the photo

Thanks to Man with Amazing Activities for the photo

The most important thing is your time!

Your dog needs your time!  He needs to be loved, played with, trained, snuggled and just to have you spend time with him letting him be a part of your family.

If you spend 30 minutes a day (the minimum amount of time you should be exercising anyway hint, hint) with your dog; I guarantee your relationship with him and your blood pressure would be improved!

Dogs do all kinds of wonderful things for our health, like lower our blood pressure, make us live longer, facilitate our exercise; but they can’t do those things of us if they are living outside, on a chain, or even inside but constantly ignored.

Dogs need to be a priority.

They don’t need all of your time, in fact they need less than most of your friends on social media, but they do need a small piece of your valuable time in order to find happiness and fulfillment in their lives.

After all, they deserve the best that we can give them don’t they?

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