Top 5 Most Popular Pets in American Households Today

I Might Be Getting A Guinea Pig..

Growing up as a kid we always had a dog in the house.  I loved every dog that we had, but I was a kid and of course, I always wanted more.  I remember begging my parents for a cat. The answer was always no, we have a dog.

Nevertheless, I got my cat one day, without the consent of my parents. It lived in my room for a whole 2 hours before my Mom entered my room without knocking and discovered the kitten I smuggled in. I was ordered to take the kitten back, and then grounded for a month.

Bull FinchAfter that I thought I better not press my luck with bringing anything else into the house without consent or I was going to quickly find myself out on the streets. I had learned my lesson, and decided to switch my species. Maybe I should go for something that had 2 legs instead of 4.

I asked for a bird. I crossed my heart and promised to take care of the bird. I must have been pretty convincing because eventually I got the bird. I took care of the bird for 1 week and then it was suggested to me that I give my bird up for adoption since I was neglectful.  My older sister adopted the bird.

Next it was time to ask for something a bit more exotic. By this time I was a teenager so I was more responsible. I should rephrase that, I was a teenager therefore I knew more about the world than my parents did and I could certainly care for a reptile with no problem.

In comes the pair of lizards. Now, I did my best to care for these lizards but despite my effort they died a few weeks after I got them so the pet store where I purchased them from gave me another pair, which died…..again.

After that I gave up. Dogs were obviously the pet for me.

Now I am a mother and I have a 10 year old son who wants to be a pet owner.  Despite the fact that we have 3 dogs and a tank full of fish, he wants a pet that he can call his own. I know how he feels. I am all for letting him have his own pet. It will teach him responsibility. Now…… don’t get me wrong, I know that eventually I will be the sole provider of this pet all too soon. I mean, he is my son after all, and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. .

So in comes the question of kind of pet to get for a 10 year old boy and more importantly what kind of pet do I want to be caring for in a few months.

I did a little research and here is a list, courtesy of Time for Kids, of the most popular pets residing in American households today.

Top 5 Most Popular Pets in the US

  1. Dogs.  46.3 million residing in American households
  2. Cats. 38.9 million
  3. Fish. 12.6 million.
  4. Birds. 5.7 million

Small animals. 5 million

After making a deal with my son that if he can keep his room clean for 2 months straight, without any clothes on the floor, the bed made every day, the closest clean, and nothing cluttering his dressers, he may just be responsible enough to have a pet of his own, which by the way will be a guinea pig.

Gold Fish

Bringing Up Number 3 Are Fish

I don’t think he can do it, but just in case I am prepared for a miracle.

So tell me, what’s your top choice for a  pet? Who’s residing in your house?

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  1. Virginia says:

    the queen is our girl Babette….Boston/Rat Terrier that the breeder said was a mistake….called the litter Brat’s….didnt give them a second thought, not much food, or care. When I came along she was 5 mos old weighing about 3 lbs…respiratory infection, bad skin etc. I was unemployed and this guy still wanted $200….I talked him into payments. Got the dog home, gave it a bed of its own, toys, plenty of fresh water and good diet, PLUS the greatest Vet in the world..who knew my $$ situation and worked with me. What a great person this VET is !! Babette has grown into a beautiful healthy 15 lb …gorgeous dog!! Sleek and muscled like a Boston, Beautiful stand up ears like a Rat Terrier…brindle,short hair…magnificent and so smart!! She is boss of 30 acres and keeps every thing in check. We are clicker training her to come home…use your instructions…hands off! We love your program.


  2. Amber says:

    Mine would have to be my cat. I do love my two dogs, but my cat is different. Maybe it’s the fact that I can’t see any wrong in anything she does. Maybe it’s just because I like how she doesn’t let other people have their way with her. Or perhaps it’s because I’ve had her longer than either of the dogs. But, whatever it is, I know it would break my heart to loose her before she at least turns 12 years old. After twelve, well, it’s just old age that’ll get her. Or maybe it’s the fact that I’ve vowed never to hurt her on purpose, no matter what she does. She always know when I’m sad to, and she does this amusing thing (especially to someone who’s feeling down) where she will run around, come up to me, bite me, meow, and then run away. It always makes me laugh.

    We got her when I decided to ask my mom if we could get another cat. My secret excuse for this was that my other cat was getting on in years and I didn’t want to be left without a cat. I thought that if we had another cat, I wouldn’t be so bad when she died. After all, I’d had Smokey (the old cat) for my whole life. So, we watched the newspaper for a free kitten ad. We found a couple that were close to each other. The first house we went to only had male kittens. We didn’t want a male. So, we went to their neighbor’s house. Those people had found a stray female gray and orange (Never saw a gray and orange cat before) who had kittens. One of the kittens looked exactly like the mother but they were going to keep that one. Then, all of a sudden, this little gray kitten comes clawing its way up the back of the couch to say hi to me and my mom. After a couple minutes, we decided that this cat, who’s name had been Muffin, was the one for us. My mom was a little unsure, not wanting two gray cats, but it all worked out. We ended up changing Muffin’s name to Pocket because the cat was small and was always getting into tight spaces.

    So, there’s my nice, long story. 🙂


  3. Carolyn says:

    Definitely my dog! Lulu is a chihuahua and came from a bad background… no human socialization as a puppy, and by the time I got her she was 6 months old and absolutely terrified of human beings. The hoarders kept the little dogs in a back yard and periodically would chase them around with a fish net to catch the one they wanted to sell at the moment. Needless to say, this is not a proper situation for bringing up these wonderful creatures who are meant to be loved and loving companions.

    She was so terrified the first night that I had put her into the bed with me (after a good bath) and her fear was great enough that she wouldn’t even get down off the bed to urinate. she held it until she couldn’t and let go! However, I spent time with her petting and cuddling her and feeding her treats, and now she is bonded to me and to me alone. She tolerates others, but as soon as she is able, she is back either in my lap or under where I am sitting. I guess that due to the horrible beginnings, I opened myself up to her more than I have previously with any of my dogs. We have a special bond that I have no enjoyed with any other, tho I have truly loved all my dogs over the years. I am in my sixties now and she is the only one I have currently, and now she is four years old. It is going to lay me low when the time comes for her to go to doggie heaven. But I don’t dwell on that now, I just enjoy having her around. She is happy doing whatever I am … just being near me. (and she doesn’t have accidents in the house ever. She basically trained herself really… all I did was let her know I was displeased with her going in the house and she didn’t do that anymore. She is a pretty special girl, my Lulu. She is a wonderful companion and friend as well. She always feels my moods and she is pretty funny too whenever I get a big downhearted. Sometimes she will sit in front of me and just stare until I pick her up for a snuggle and then she sticks her nose into my neck and cuddles like a child. Sometimes I think she is more human that I am!

    One other short comment tho, by the very nature of pets being something that one can love and can return that love, and something we can hold and pet, I don’t consider fish or reptiles to be pets on the first qualification. Reptiles might be fond of us, but I think more as a possible food source. That is my humble opinion. And that is it for me today. Think I will cuddle up with Lulu for a while. 🙂


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