The Benefits of Clicker Training


How Clicker Training Will Help You and Your Dog!

Clicker training helps your dog learn behaviors. Rather than simply guessing what you want him to do and running through his gamut of tricks, your dog will actually learn the behavior.

Clicker’s are simple and easy to use. It’s a small handheld tool that makes a clicking noise when you press it. It’s this noise that marks the behavior so while anyone can learn to use it you must practice clicking.

Clicking embraces positive reinforcement training techniques. Positive reinforcement has been shown to activate chemicals in a dog’s brain. These chemicals create associations in the brain – positive associations, strong associations.

Clicker training helps build a bond of trust. When you click and reward, click and reward your dog learns that you are a person who holds true to your word. You are a person to be trusted and relied upon.

Clicker training creates structure. Dogs, and most people, prefer a structured environment. Now that doesn’t mean they’re not adaptable but by and large they want to know what to expect. Clicker training tells them what to expect.

Clicker training can be used on just about any animal, not just dogs. Animals and people too, respond well to operant conditioning – particularly when the consequence is a pleasant thing.

The benefits of clicker training have a broad reach. It’s a fairly simple method to use and when you have the right training guidelines and information clicker training is one of the most effective and efficient training methods available.

Depending on the training resources you utilize, clicker training is also very cost effective. With the minimal cost of a clicker and the information found here you’ll be well on your way to a happy and healthy pooch!


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  1. Thanks for post. Nice to see such good ideas.


  2. Veronica says:

    I need Dog training video


  3. Where can I purchase a clicker?

    Linda Napoletano.


    Minette Reply:

    Any pet supply store, even wal-mart has had them. Petco, Petsmart or you can do a search online!


  4. Kenneth Hegland says:

    Absolutely no need to worry. Pooches what can I proclaim. I have without exception treasured family pets but dogs are my favorite. You will find there’s absolutely nothing just like a dog who loves you. As pet enthusiasts we ought to be nice to them.


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