Teaching Your Children to be Kind and Mindful of Dogs and Educating Others

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That video is really hard to watch but I need people to see it and read the descriptions given.  It is crucial to see the signs.

Yawning is a sign of stress as is flicking his tongue like that.  Whenever you see the whites of a dog’s eyes roll like that, it is a sign he is uncomfortable and closer to his bite threshold, at one point he even tries to just get up and go away until he is forced to endure more.  I am surprised this video did not end in a more horrific way.

I am so scared of the pictures and the videos I have seen lately of dogs and children.

And, parents actually not only allowing their children to mistreat and abuse dogs but encouraging them and teaching them how; it is actually disgusting to me as a dog trainer that often sees the scars on the children’s faces and the death of the dog.

However, there is a part of me that doubts that the parents meant to hurt the dog (the good part of me has to hope so anyway).  They are just ignorant and lucky that their child was not mauled.

Dogs are not people.

This picture terrifies me… Whereas I am proud of the dog, I am having a panic attack for him. I wouldn’t want someone’s legs clasped around MY neck!

Dogs have a whole different set of rules and regulations.  They can’t voice what they want (and usually we tell them to be quiet) and they simply don’t speak the same body language we do.

We are so inept at reading the signs and signals they give us over and over again.

In some future article I am going to delve into the world of dog language and what they tell us with their eyes, in an attempt to educate people and help keep more people and children safe.

But for now I want to again express my fear and displeasure of the way that parents allow their children to treat animals.

Recently someone posted that their child could do “anything” to their dog and the dog just rolls over, unless food is involved and then the dog is “not aggressive” it just growls.

First, your child should not be allowed to do “anything” to the dog, this sets the dog and child up for a bite.  And, second a growl is aggression and if the warning is not heeded a bite will likely follow.

I heard a story a few weeks ago that literally made me want to vomit.

A mother got a kitten for her toddler.  The toddler was too rough with the kitten and apparently the mother was not good at being a mother and allowed the child to abuse the cat.

At some point the mother noticed the child bleeding and was furious looking all over her for a wound the kitten must have inflicted only to find out that the child had actually broken the kitten’s jaw.

With no money, the kitten was taken to a shelter (this is where I hope and pray that they fixed the jaw and adopted the kitten out… but would this kitten ever be able to live a normal life?).

I hate writing these articles because they are sad, but people really need to be educated and animals need to be saved.

My own step daughter was allowed to abuse a kitten when she was young to the point that the cat became extremely aggressive and was re-homed (rest assured this was before I came into the picture).  They (her mother) still laughs about it today.

But I don’t think it’s funny.  She still has a tendency to not be respectful of my animals and needs to be watched.

So Who’s Fault is It?

So often I see these videos of children jumping on dogs (like the one I have posted) and people talk about how sad it will be when the dog is euthanized.

And, I totally agree!!!!  The dog is the abused.  It makes me sick to watch that video.

But so is the child.  After that dog had given his warning over 17 times hoping and praying in his own mind that the pain and abuse will stop and he bites the baby in the face and disfigures him and maybe causes death or blindness; he (the child) is also the victim.

A child of this age does not know better, and you can see in the video he is being encouraged to abuse the dog.  So he will grow up an abuser until a dog ends up biting him.

And, when the dog does finally hit his bite threshold and lets loose the parents will say “He never showed any sign of aggression or discomfort, he loved being jumped on by our son”.

And, some people will believe that this dog somehow flew off the handle and bit with no warning or provocation.   Then we will hear that Rottweilers, Pitbulls, German Shepherds, Labs… etc. are not trustworthy and will turn on their owners.

Are there aggressive dogs?

Sure there are, but most give us these subtle signs.

That is what I love about this particular video, a great group Dogueshop broke it down (they did not post it by the way they are only trying to educate ignorant people) to show people each time the dog gives a signal he is uncomfortable and closer to biting.

In one stream I saw a person asked if they would allow their child to do this to an 80 or 90 year old person; and I thought that was a great point.

Rottweilers are known for having dysplasia and painful hips and joints, I can’t imagine what it feels like to be a bouncy house.  I think it would hurt me to have my ribs jumped on like that.

Respect is crucial for teaching dogs and children.

Not all dogs like being laid on, and lets face it even if you don’t mind… after a while it gets uncomfortable and painful. It is best to teach children not to do this!

I don’t even like my step children to kiss or hug my dogs, not because my dogs are aggressive, but because it teaches them to let their guard down when it comes to other dogs and when they reach over to hug the next dog they may lose a piece of their face.

Dogs can be kept on leashes, toddlers can be separated, kids and dogs can lose privileges for bad behavior and dogs and kids shouldn’t be left alone.

Children should be taught to love and respect animals and by doing so animals (most of them) will follow suit and love and respect kind well mannered children.

I have written articles before on

But the most important thing to do, as difficult as it is, is watch that video and read the signs so that you can learn some dog behavior and keep your dog and your children safe and please if any article needs to be shared, please share this so that other people will realize how important it is to be respectful of dogs and children.

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  1. griff says:

    I hope the parents read all of these replies, those parents should go see the children who have been injured by dogs and get the message to not let their children abuse family dogs, or pets, even if they own them or not.To the person who took this video of the toddler abusing the dog? SHAME ON YOU!! WHY DO PEOPLE MISTREAT ANIMALS? They should be reported to the police soon A.S.A.P.


  2. Natalie says:

    For shame on those people, I hope someone has pointed out to them, that not cool. I feel for that pup. 🙁


  3. Barbara says:

    Is there no way to press charges with this video?


    Minette Reply:

    The original video is over 2 years old and I am sure people have tried and have made the parents aware.

    I am hoping that they have made the changes necessary to keep their dog and children safe.


  4. Sheila Bliesath says:

    I was terrified and knew that you said the child did not get hurt. If that dog had attacked it would have been just another one of those awful Rottweiler dogs doing what comes naturally! When in reality that father would be totally to blame. Allowing that child to bounce on that dog! NUTS! Living life on the edge for sure!


  5. Marina says:

    We have two pitbull rescues – not our first – they are sister and brother, and each has their own issues. As far as people are concerned, the female is the least trusting/most suspicious. I tell everybody to greet her by squatting down or standing alongside her (do not bend down over her head) and give her a scritch under her chin. I cannot believe how many people (adults!!) still try to bend over her (threatening) and pat the top of her head (threatening) or grab the sides of her head (threatening). I make the people stop their behavior, but if there was a problem, it would be the dog’s fault! Really?!?


    Minette Reply:

    Although squatting down is usually better for nervous dogs, it also puts a person’s face very close to the dog’s mouth.

    I never squat if I am worried about teeth. I would rather get bit in the arm or anywhere other than the face.

    Sometimes it is better to stop people from petting the dog at all, then the dog doesn’t have to get nervous and the person isn’t at risk and the dog can begin to get comfortable in public instead of constantly on guard of when someone is going to want to touch him again.

    Read this http://www.thedogtrainingsecret.com/blog/honest-rude-andor-fib-dog-safe/


  6. tonya says:

    the video is not viewable, but I can imagine 🙁


  7. paula burzacott says:

    This is what happens when people dont do their home work before getting a pet , respect, welfare, feeding, training , what to do and not to do with dogs.having children and pets most of my life this is one big no no and really what sort of parents are they , forgods sake read a bloody book on parenting and give the poor dog a better home .even a good dog can bite when pushed into a corner and someone should report them before it does happen if you know them you might save a child and a dog


  8. Madison says:

    There is currently a video posted on fb that shows a young child pulling a dogs tail, slapping the dog, and pulling the ears while the parents video tape and laugh. People are trying to find out who these people are. The site claims they don’t know. Is there anyone to report this to?


    Minette Reply:

    I have seen the video and no, I don’t know where it comes from. I think those people need to be charged with child endangerment.

    When the lady taped the dog’s muzzle for barking in Nov. she was tracked down and charged.

    This video you mention, is even more horrific to me and the parents should be charged with a crime… hopefully someone finds a way to do so


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