Teaching Your Children to be Kind and Mindful of Dogs and Educating Others

That video is really hard to watch but I need people to see it and read the descriptions given.  It is crucial to see the signs.

Yawning is a sign of stress as is flicking his tongue like that.  Whenever you see the whites of a dog's eyes roll like that, it is a sign he is uncomfortable and closer to his bite threshold, at one point he even tries to just get up and go away until he is forced to endure more.  I am surprised this video did not end in a more horrific way.

I am so scared of the pictures and the videos I have seen lately of dogs and children.

And, parents actually not only allowing their children to mistreat and abuse dogs but encouraging them and teaching them how; it is actually disgusting to me as a dog trainer that often sees the scars on the children’s faces and the death of the dog.

However, there is a part of me that doubts that the parents meant to hurt the dog (the good part of me has to hope so anyway).  They are just ignorant and lucky that their child was not mauled.

Dogs are not people.

This picture terrifies me... Whereas I am proud of the dog, I am having a panic attack for him. I wouldn't want someone's legs clasped around MY neck!

Dogs have a whole different set of rules and regulations.  They can’t voice what they want (and usually we tell them to be quiet) and they simply don’t speak the same body language we do.

We are so inept at reading the signs and signals they give us over and over again.

In some future article I am going to delve into the world of dog language and what they tell us with their eyes, in an attempt to educate people and help keep more people and children safe.

But for now I want to again express my fear and displeasure of the way that parents allow their children to treat animals.

Recently someone posted that their child could do "anything" to their dog and the dog just rolls over, unless food is involved and then the dog is "not aggressive" it just growls.

First, your child should not be allowed to do "anything" to the dog, this sets the dog and child up for a bite.  And, second a growl is aggression and if the warning is not heeded a bite will likely follow.

I heard a story a few weeks ago that literally made me want to vomit.

A mother got a kitten for her toddler.  The toddler was too rough with the kitten and apparently the mother was not good at being a mother and allowed the child to abuse the cat.

At some point the mother noticed the child bleeding and was furious looking all over her for a wound the kitten must have inflicted only to find out that the child had actually broken the kitten’s jaw.

With no money, the kitten was taken to a shelter (this is where I hope and pray that they fixed the jaw and adopted the kitten out… but would this kitten ever be able to live a normal life?).

I hate writing these articles because they are sad, but people really need to be educated and animals need to be saved.

My own step daughter was allowed to abuse a kitten when she was young to the point that the cat became extremely aggressive and was re-homed (rest assured this was before I came into the picture).  They (her mother) still laughs about it today.

But I don’t think it’s funny.  She still has a tendency to not be respectful of my animals and needs to be watched.

So Who’s Fault is It?

So often I see these videos of children jumping on dogs (like the one I have posted) and people talk about how sad it will be when the dog is euthanized.

And, I totally agree!!!!  The dog is the abused.  It makes me sick to watch that video.

But so is the child.  After that dog had given his warning over 17 times hoping and praying in his own mind that the pain and abuse will stop and he bites the baby in the face and disfigures him and maybe causes death or blindness; he (the child) is also the victim.

A child of this age does not know better, and you can see in the video he is being encouraged to abuse the dog.  So he will grow up an abuser until a dog ends up biting him.

And, when the dog does finally hit his bite threshold and lets loose the parents will say “He never showed any sign of aggression or discomfort, he loved being jumped on by our son”.

And, some people will believe that this dog somehow flew off the handle and bit with no warning or provocation.   Then we will hear that Rottweilers, Pitbulls, German Shepherds, Labs… etc. are not trustworthy and will turn on their owners.

Are there aggressive dogs?

Sure there are, but most give us these subtle signs.

That is what I love about this particular video, a great group Dogueshop broke it down (they did not post it by the way they are only trying to educate ignorant people) to show people each time the dog gives a signal he is uncomfortable and closer to biting.

In one stream I saw a person asked if they would allow their child to do this to an 80 or 90 year old person; and I thought that was a great point.

Rottweilers are known for having dysplasia and painful hips and joints, I can’t imagine what it feels like to be a bouncy house.  I think it would hurt me to have my ribs jumped on like that.

Respect is crucial for teaching dogs and children.

Not all dogs like being laid on, and lets face it even if you don't mind... after a while it gets uncomfortable and painful. It is best to teach children not to do this!

I don’t even like my step children to kiss or hug my dogs, not because my dogs are aggressive, but because it teaches them to let their guard down when it comes to other dogs and when they reach over to hug the next dog they may lose a piece of their face.

Dogs can be kept on leashes, toddlers can be separated, kids and dogs can lose privileges for bad behavior and dogs and kids shouldn’t be left alone.

Children should be taught to love and respect animals and by doing so animals (most of them) will follow suit and love and respect kind well mannered children.

I have written articles before on

But the most important thing to do, as difficult as it is, is watch that video and read the signs so that you can learn some dog behavior and keep your dog and your children safe and please if any article needs to be shared, please share this so that other people will realize how important it is to be respectful of dogs and children.

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  1. Stacey Adams says:

    This a so awful….how can people be so stupid it made me sick to see that! I am taking classes for veterinary assistant and I am so excited about working with the animals. To see people doing this makes me so mad! I would hope that there is a way to inform people what they are doing is wrong!!! Something needs to be done!!


    Amanda Donsignore Reply:

    This is disgusting!!!! Nothing to laugh about!!! This is animal abuse!!! These people makes me sick. And then, when the dog bites the child, who’s fault is that??????? The dog will be punished and not the stupid parents!!!!!


    Larry Hodge Reply:

    These idiots shouldn’t be allowed to have a Pet Rock !!! Not to mention a dog and should be imprisoned if they try to conceive another child.


    Lou Larsen Reply:

    Licking and minor biting problem. I too am interested in tips and responses to Stacey’s question. I have an 8 month old Labradoodle (standard size) that we’d like to train as a therapy dog for children’s hospital visits and to ‘work’ at our youth summer camp. Right now I’m very concerned he’s not on track to to being in contact with children by this summer. Perhaps he has too much puppy in him still – he has a tendency (rarely with us in the home) but more frequently with visitors, of ‘nipping’ people’s hands. It’s not an aggressive bite… perhaps more of a grabbing or his teeth contacting flesh with his mouth open. Thank goodness the sharp puppy teeth are gone!

    After he does this we give him a stern ‘no bite’ command and he seems to ‘rapidly lick the air in and out of his mouth several times.’ It’s almost like a submissive – oops I forgot (which seems too common.)….. But, is it!?!?!


    Minette Reply:

    No that is an avoidance and stress mechanism after you chastise him.

    Nipping is never okay and if he does that to a child and causes an abrasion or a scratch or bruise they could say he “bit” and you could have a liability issue and animal control on your door step saying he is a dangerous dog.

    Get a professional involved so they can witness the behavior and safely work with kids without the risk of a bite.


    Jo Watson Reply:

    My heart was breaking for that poor Rott, and those absolutely, uneducated, Owners!!! (I really want to call them a whole lot, of something else, I was soooooooo, ticked off!! I am just beside myself, at how many Animal Owners, actually treat their poor, trusted Animals. It reallt just makes me sick…..I don’t know what else to say. I amm too sad…..


    Caprice Dowsland Reply:

    this is exactly why i say dogs usually don’t harm unless provoked. Sure there’s exceptions to every rule but it’s usually behaviors like this in this video that cause it in most cases then they wonder why the dog bit. Wish more would watch this and learn from it!Especially those that need to learn that this is not ok behavior and the laughing is wrong it encourages bad behavior from dog and child. Dog thinks,”oh it please my master when i growl and/or bite” and child thinks,”it please mom or dad when i do this to dog(s)”. So cruel on both sides!And they wonder why! It urks me to no end and no one listens to me when i tell them all this,wish i could show them this vid.!


  2. sharron says:

    I never let children put there faces down to my service dog because the dog does not know the child and that is how children get bitten.


  3. Cheri McLain says:

    It scared me to watch the video. I was just waiting for the dog to snap. When my rescue organization takes animals to fairs we watch the children w/ the dogs for signs that they will overstep their bounds with a dogs tolerence level . Every time a dog is adopted if the family has children they walk away with a book called “pet me safely” . I want the animals to be safe and the children to never have a bad experience with a dog .


  4. Tuffy Boone says:

    I totally agree with the two posts above. This is teaching the baby NOT to respect the dog’s space or it’s comfort. I have 3 children and we have had dogs all their lives – they would never have been allowed to do this. Irresponsible owner – and what a patient dog. Extra points to Rottweilers on this one!


  5. Wendy Walbrecht says:

    Another example why of I hold little hope for the human species.


  6. Wendy Walbrecht says:

    Ignorance you call it? Let’s be blunt. Stupidity.


  7. Laurie Bell says:

    What seems the most disturbing to me is that by the video footage it looks as if this is not the family’s (owner’s) child. It is as if they are “introducing” him to this dog, Scoobie (who btw, what a good dog to tolerate that so well for so long). I don’t know that for certain. Our dogs are wonderful & gently with our two small children but we are careful to make them understand they are DOGS & they need to respect them, I have never allowed my children to play rough or handle our dogs with any time of “restraint” (like a hug) & I surely would NEVER allow another person’s child to play like that with them. SCARY!! I was on the edge of my seat withmy mouth open just praying nothing bad was going to happen even though you said it didn’t before I watched it. no good!


  8. Denise Langston says:

    Unbelievale!!!! This video is wrong on so many levels. Dogs are killed everyday for biting people and inocent children are mauled, bitten badly, and killed by dogs when people use the dog as a entertainment for children. Children should never be allowed to climb on a dogs back rather its jumping or laying on them, kissing them in the face. That is totally wrong. People don’t understand the wrongness about a situation like this. Kudos to that Rottie for not taking that childs face off and the parents who think their dog is kid proof need to be educated on this kind of stuff. It really upsets me that the child and the dog were put in harms way like this. Sometimes the adults just don’t realize what can really happen in a split second. Thank you for bringing this video out for people to see and educate them on how wrong this is. Perhaps it will save a child and dog.


  9. Marcie says:

    That is NOT funny! Personally, How can ANYONE think that behavior is ok? I feel for the dog and give him a lot of credit for his patience.


  10. Stacey Boothe says:

    We have an 8 month old adopted lab/border collie who started showing signs of aggression at around 3 – 4 months. I’ve had some evaluations done and talked to my vet. We are working with him and keeping our training up, but the one thing that has confused me from the above video is, the licking. That is one of the signs that this dog is showing as a stresser, but when our dog Bodhi is coming to us and wanting love and affection…petting him, he sits there and is enjoying the petting on the head and down his back, but he does flick his tongue out, like he is licking his lips, very slowly and his mouth is closed. I just don’t want to confuse the signals.I try to be very aware of his warning signs.


    Minette Reply:

    Some things have to be taken in context.

    The tongue flicking in the video with the dilated pupils are clear signs of stress.

    Some dogs flick their tongue around food (because I think they can kind of taste the air with those amazing noses).

    And, some flick when being petted or if they itch, etc.

    If you aren’t seeing the other signs then I would be less worried.

    But if there is stiffness or dilated pupils, this is a clear sign of stress.


  11. Gina says:

    This is beyond belief that an adult would encourage a child to jump up and down on this poor dog. The parent if the dog had attacked his child should be responsible for allowing this to happen. People wonder why dogs like this turn on people. Well foulkes here is a clear example. They should be ashamed of themselves for putting the child at risk by doing what they thought was funny. They obviously are not fit to look after the child or dog. Stupid people grow up. A dog hurts just as much


  12. These people are crazy as hell! I have Pekingese but have had a Rottie. They are very sensitive dogs. The only thing that saved that child is the fact that they can be very protective to little children if raised well. Mine was very protective of all children, even the ones he had never seen before, but you should never even leave your child alone with a dog like that. Children do things to dogs without knowing better. It was even worse that the parents were there and encouraged it and thought it was funny. It is terrible that the poor dog had to indure that punishment and if he had objected he could have killed the child or torn him up really badly. Then the poor dog would have been put down for just defending himself. The idiots should be tortured the same way the dog was and I am not sure they shouldn’t have their child put into protective services! oH, IT MAKES MY BLOOD BOIL! Things like this are why Rotties and Pit Bullls get such a bad rap! They never tell you what people have done to the animal, just what the animal has done.


  13. joan weindorf says:

    why aren’t charges pressed against this couple and the dog taken away??!!


  14. e aaya says:

    Stupidity does not have age. The parents find cute that the brat is crushing the ribs of the dog. This kind of parenhood should be restrain. This family do not deserve a dog and the brat should be put in a cage .
    Is reaqly disgusting to watch this behavior of grown up people. They are having fun while the brat is hurting the dog.
    I praise the dog for the patience


  15. Maarit Rinne says:

    Zeeeeeez!!!!!!!! I cannot believe how stupid people can be!!!!!!!!!! All respect to the poor dog, he was magnificent! He could have charged any second………


  16. D.J.P. says:

    This video shows animal abuse. The dog should be immediately removed from these people. I can only think that the man must have very limited mentl abilities. What kind of person encourages his child to abuse a very patient pet? The dog is too good for this family. I hope they were reported to the Humane Society in their city.


  17. Diane Geggis says:

    OMG! Didn’t anyone pick up on the fact that the BABY understood that the dog was distressed!!!!
    After the fist hug and the dog got up – the child LEFT THE ROOM!!!!

    Children are awesome at reading body language and it seems to me that the baby understood.

    The poor dog who was commanded to lay down and submit to that abuse – and in addition the child who was taught to abuse the dog.

    That dog will not be friendly towards children in the future and because of this, may very likely bite or harm a child and then be killed because of his behavior.

    Absolutely sickening!!!!


    christine leblanc Reply:

    Diane I saw the same thing, the dog comunicated the child listened and then was called back by the parents to harm this amazingly patient pup…..”The more I know people the more I like my pets” This is just SO WRONG!!! on so many levels!


  18. Theresa Orchard says:

    The SUPER scary thing about a video (kids & parents) like this is, what is the dog going to do when the mom & dad & friends are in the kitchen having coffee & there is no supervision & well hey last eweek mommy let me jump all over doggy so why not now & whenever I like?? Tsk tsk!!!!! We have 2 big dogs & 9 grandchildren & this has & will NEVER be allowed. As much as the boys LOVE the kids I am always aware of the goings on in the yard. I feel we must give dogs the same respect we give humans in the “Do unto others as we would have done unto us”. This is not something I would like done to me if I was having a peaceful laydown. KIDS & DOGS should always be watched!!!!!!!!!!

    PS: Minnette/ Chet : I just LOVE this blog & ALL the great advice I have gained from you both .
    THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  19. Tom Fitch says:

    People…sheesh! If this poor Rottie were to have snapped, I can just hear the parents – “He’s always been so friendly, this just came out of nowhere, he was just laying there and the next thing we knew…”. This as the county hauls him off to be “put down”.


    Roberta Malott Reply:

    This borders on animal abuse – what in the heck were the parents thnking – and in the background laughing about it – that poor dog was having a problem breathing – cruelty at it’s worst.


  20. Luann Johnson says:

    I feel bad for this dog. This dog is going to bite that child and it’s not the dog or childs fault. The parents need parenting classes TODAY!


  21. Stupid parents, this kind of activity will eventually lead to something very bad and the poor dog will be blamed. Like Ben Franklin said: “We’re all born stupid, but you have to work hard to remain ignorant”. That father promting this abuse needs to be locked up for putting his child in danger!


  22. Karen says:

    I would love it if you write about dog body language. I would find it so informative.


  23. Lora B says:

    This video was NOT FUNNY AT ALL! I can’t believe that the owners allowed this to happen and have the nerve to laugh about it. How would they like someone jumping up and down on their chest? They wouldn’t be laughing then, I’m sure of it. As the proud owner of two Maltese boys, I would never ever subject them to such behavior. NEVER EVER!! I strongly believe that the owners should be brought up on animal cruelty charges and let the poor dog good to a loving home with owners that have some common sense!!


  24. Suzette says:

    Thank you for getting this information out. I see stupidity every day with animals on a small scale. I could imagine the larger scale is not pretty. People, you have a brain, use it.


  25. Bree says:

    OMG! That is so mean! Poor dog! :,(


  26. JH says:

    What Idiots!!! Very little regard for the poor do OR child!!! Hard to believe!


  27. judith fingar says:

    I have had dogs all ny life. I used to be a breeder of labradors. My children, grandchildren and others have fallen asleep with my dogs. The thing is the dog has to have been with that chld since it was born. They then consider that child their own. They will protect that child from anything. Once one of my grandchildren stepped on my male dogs penis and while he jumped up he did not do anything to hurt the child. It is all in how you train an animal If an animal is brought up as part of the family from a pup they will lay their life down for that family. I now have a rescue dog that was a biter. It has taken three years to have him trust us. My great grand daughter was running through the house and fell on the dog. He jumped up and barked but did nothing to harm her. If you have absolute trust and command of the dog they will return that trust. You have to however train your children and others to act without fear or violence with an animal. Never hit or abuse your pet. Be the leader of your pack. It is the dog owner who knows the dog.


  28. Paige says:

    What is even more scary about this clip is that I got the impression that the child didn’t even know the dog (and vice versa) as at one point the man reminds the mother and child what the dog’s name is.
    So not only is the child being taught to abuse the dog, he is being taught to abuse strange dogs.
    I do hope further action is taken as its only a matter of time before this dog bites a child. Imagine in a few months time that same child repeats the behaviour but is now however much bigger and heavier and the dog just can’t stand the discomfort?
    My children would never be allowed to do that. Never.


  29. Candace Rocha says:

    That is so very wrong and so very stupid. My last child was bouncing on my dog. She was about a year old, and the dog was about 2-3 years old. I was busy trying to balance the check book. I was wondering why he kept grunting. When I finally turned around and looked I was horrified! I pulled her off him so fast and told her no jump on the doggy. Then I turned to my poor dog and checked to see that he was all right. After that, she never got more then 3 bounces before I got to her and pulled her off. It took about 3 weeks for her to learn not to bounce on the dog. He was such a good dog. Unfortunately it did affect him in his old age. He ended up with arthritis in his spine in the area were she would bounce. So even though he never made an attempt to hurt her, never turned his head. and I stopped her as soon as I realized what she was doing to him. It had its repercussions years down the road for him. I felt so bad and felt so guilty that it took me a couple of minutes to turn around, He was such a good dog. He watched over us, and was a good watch dog. No one came on our property with out him letting us know. WE had him for 15 beautiful years.


  30. Amber says:

    I know the warning signs of a cat but not a dog. I got a kitten a few years ago who was not as forgiving as my other cat. I soon learned just when I was pushing her to far. On a cat, the tail is the easiest way for me to tell what their feelings are. I guess it would be best for me to learn the same thing about a dog as well. We just got a Siberian husky who I don’t trust 100%. I can see him, who is a gentle dog overall, getting upset and biting. I don’t want that to happen.


  31. Sheryl Rasmussen says:

    Unbelievable ! People are so stupid about pets. But they want to put something “cute” on facebook or wherever. If a dog growls…..believe me, he isn’t just clearing his throat!!


  32. Patti says:

    Are these people totally insane. They shouldn’t be allowed to own a dog. They are just lucky the baby was not bitten and I wouldn’t blame the dog for it at all. I just hope there won’t be another playtime with bowser it may not turn out so well.


    Rose Reply:

    I agree…sometimes people blame the dog when it’s really not their fault at all!!!


  33. Frances Reese says:

    Some people are sick.I


  34. Tony says:

    first thing,an abused animal so did anyone call the SPCA(new zealands equivalent).second, some one needs to show those parents the result of a very angry dog attack!which will result in horrificly injured child and a family pet in total distress being uthanised(destroyed)and finaly the owners being banned from owning a dog,. ever,did I say finaly,not quite?the parents or dog owners will be charged with putting a child in harms way thus causing lasting injury(physical and physcological).the video was absolutely gutwrenching.it is only the dogs temperament that saved the child from being savaged.part of that temperament was from fear of the owner?? notice the foot pushing the dog onto it’s side, and the way the dog acted when given command by the owner,head went down.New Zealand is by no means perfect,we have so much wrong with our multicultural society,but we are getting realy tough on this sort of abuse.child abuse,animal abuse,any dam sort of abuse.SO is the dog and child still being placed in similar stressful situations?if so ,some one has failed in their responsibility towards both child and dog.


  35. Frances says:

    How can parents be so dumb? If that dog bites that innocent child the dog will be the one to be blamed, don”t we all know. The dog obediently obeys his masters while they encourage the child to learn such aggresive behavior. Boy are they setting that child up to be attach by some dog.


  36. Anne says:

    That is horrible. I could hardly watch it. We had a rescue Newfoundland that obviously had been abused by a toddler. She never got over her fear of toddlers. Altho’ interestingly enough she accepted y 2 1/2 very well. My kids had been taught how to treat animals. I could not let her near other toddlers. The first day we got her from the shelter my 2 1/2 decided he wanted to take his nap with her. I did not allow the dog into the children’s rooms for fear she would chew toys. So my son took his blanket, went with the dog under the dining room table and he “read” to her until they both fell asleep. This continued for several years. My children and that dog were inseparable. Goes to show you how a little TLC with an animal can make a big change.
    ON another subject, I purchased you training video and book. Returned them within 2 days since I did not need them. I haven’t seen my refund on my VISA yet. Hope it comes thru soon. Anne


  37. Sue Emery says:

    This is certainly animal abuse and to allow a baby to abuse the animal is beyond comprehension. What would have happened if the dog had received broken ribs and/or a punctured lung? How funny would the parents find it to have the medical bills from a vet or even the have to the poor dog to sleep.

    If I found out who these people were, I send the SPCA and the cops to have them put in jail!


  38. karen says:

    Those parents should thank GOD that their child is not dead or in the hospital, that is the worst thing I have ever seen. Not just with that breed, but with any breed. People WAKE UP and think about what u are doing.


  39. Cindy says:

    How very sad! This breaks my heart! With everything that is out there to educate yourself as a parent and a dog owner. There is no excuse for this behavior! We owe it to ourselves and all animals to be the best we can be, and if you are going to own a dog educate yourself to be the best owner you can be!! Shame on them!!


  40. Nancy says:

    This was awful. Why do people think inflicting pain on an animal is funny? If the dog had bit that child the dog would have been put down. Shame on the adults for letting this happen.


  41. Harriet says:

    I hope the two people who are in the video, read the responds given to show that what they did was not funny. They should be taught some skills of how to raise a dog, and their child!


  42. Murray Evensen says:

    This is a blatant disregard for safety or human training.

    Animals, whether Dogs, Cats even Rabits & Guinypigs, Birds etc, have an instinct built in to their brain, and that is to preserve their own lives and will bite at anything that threatens them.

    When my daughter was a 7 year old she was petting a Doberman, when she moved closer she accidently trod on the dogs paw, the result was horrific as my daughter suffered bites to her face arms and back and the dog kept going after her, I don’t know how bad it could have got if someone hadn’t stepped in and pulled the dog off her.

    The moral of this incident is all children must be trained not to pet an animal she either does not know or even tied up at shopping centres.

    Murray A Evensen


  43. D. Shafarzek says:

    I having been passing this video around for a couple of months now and find it appalling. I do believe people are not aware. Everyone pretty much knows the outward and in your face signs of dog stress, but not so many know the subtle ones. I am a rottie foster mom and I was one of those people. I never let my kids do these types of things to our dogs, because to me, that is just common sense. Fostering dogs has been so rewarding for me, but I have to do right by them as well as my own. When I was having problems with a very abused female foster, it was suggested to me, to watch videos of dog stressors. To see the difference between the real outward signals and the more subtle ones. Boy did that open my eyes. It has helped tremendously with the rehab of my foster girl and the dynamics within our 4-legged pack of 3. I think anyone who has a pet should make themselves aware of these stressors. We all know that when tragedy happens, it will always be the animals fault, when 99% of the time that is just not the case. The animal pays the ultimate price. Thank you for this wonderful article along with the video. I will be passing this along again with hopes it goes viral. Shelters, rescues, and breeders, should make watching this video, part of the adoption process. People need to be educated and in time less animals will be turned in to shelters and euthanized. Thank you again…


  44. Well, that’s typical of idiots like these. These are the same types of people that allow their kids to play outside unsupervised till after dark,lose them in stores,allow them to run amuck anywhere and everywhere, no disciple at all,etc. Then, when there’s a bad outcome, it’s BOO-HOO! Well it’s your own fault, A-holes! They don’t teach their kids how to behave properly towards other humans, let alone other species. My question is this: Where are the animal rights activists here? This fundamental lack of a value system, is why we are where we are as a nation today…in big trouble.
    I could go on and on…


  45. Bob says:

    A disturbing video for me to watch, especially hearing the camerman’s laughter at the dog’s discomfort. A wonderfully tolerant dog that is really being pushed. One point on the article. “Dogs are not people” – I completely agree. Then stop using people comparisons in your articles. “I wouldn’t want someone’s legs clasped around my neck.” “… to do this to an 80 or 90 year old person.” Both are not appropriate comparisons and just further the thinking in treating animals like people, if a person likes it a dog shouldn’t mind. There are clearly some people that wouldn’t mind having someone’s legs clasped about there necks or some healthy older gandparents that don’t mind their grandkid’s jumping on them. It doesn’t matter – as we shouldn’t treat dogs as we may treat humans – period.


  46. Flora says:

    Another point of view, that is really not abuse, but could cause harm to
    a young child or even an adult. Don’t startle a sleeping dog!

    Some 40 years ago, our son was outside and had reached to
    pet our outside dog who was asleep at the time – we were so blessed
    that he did not loose an eye, but had a cut right underneath his
    eye that required stitches. Moral of the story, don’t startle a sleeping dog as if he is frightened he could easily snap or bite the individual whether a child or adult.
    Our 10 year old adopted poodle loves to sleep snuggled up next to me on the couch, but if I suddenly make a move, he will snap at me. I’ve learned that it is best to touch him and tell him that I need to get up, etc – that way he
    awakens and is not frightened.
    We have had him for almost 3 years and think he is the best dog alive – he is
    so loving and affectionate.


  47. Marie says:

    That is so sad! I felt like I would cry. I can’t beleive the parents let him do that. I feel sorry for the dog.I hope anybody else does not do that! But God bless those people.


  48. Rose says:

    So sad! People can be so cruel!!! Sometimes it’s the owner that turns the dog mean..by letting it be abused continuously. And that’s why the child ends up being seriously hurt or killed! Sometimes we hear sad stories of children being serously injured or killed from a dog, but it’s not always the dogs fault..it’s sometimes the opposite..it’s the child abusing the dog to cause the dog to harm the child!


  49. Marie says:

    Poor dog! The dog should be respected for that. I hope the people never do it again. It would not be the dog’s fault if it bit the child! I would think they would realize that they are abusing the dog. Nobody should laugh at this! What the parents did was wrong and I hope everyone agrees.


  50. griff says:

    I hope the parents read all of these replies, those parents should go see the children who have been injured by dogs and get the message to not let their children abuse family dogs, or pets, even if they own them or not.To the person who took this video of the toddler abusing the dog? SHAME ON YOU!! WHY DO PEOPLE MISTREAT ANIMALS? They should be reported to the police soon A.S.A.P.


  51. Natalie says:

    For shame on those people, I hope someone has pointed out to them, that not cool. I feel for that pup. 🙁


  52. Barbara says:

    Is there no way to press charges with this video?


    Minette Reply:

    The original video is over 2 years old and I am sure people have tried and have made the parents aware.

    I am hoping that they have made the changes necessary to keep their dog and children safe.


  53. Sheila Bliesath says:

    I was terrified and knew that you said the child did not get hurt. If that dog had attacked it would have been just another one of those awful Rottweiler dogs doing what comes naturally! When in reality that father would be totally to blame. Allowing that child to bounce on that dog! NUTS! Living life on the edge for sure!


  54. Marina says:

    We have two pitbull rescues – not our first – they are sister and brother, and each has their own issues. As far as people are concerned, the female is the least trusting/most suspicious. I tell everybody to greet her by squatting down or standing alongside her (do not bend down over her head) and give her a scritch under her chin. I cannot believe how many people (adults!!) still try to bend over her (threatening) and pat the top of her head (threatening) or grab the sides of her head (threatening). I make the people stop their behavior, but if there was a problem, it would be the dog’s fault! Really?!?


    Minette Reply:

    Although squatting down is usually better for nervous dogs, it also puts a person’s face very close to the dog’s mouth.

    I never squat if I am worried about teeth. I would rather get bit in the arm or anywhere other than the face.

    Sometimes it is better to stop people from petting the dog at all, then the dog doesn’t have to get nervous and the person isn’t at risk and the dog can begin to get comfortable in public instead of constantly on guard of when someone is going to want to touch him again.

    Read this http://www.thedogtrainingsecret.com/blog/honest-rude-andor-fib-dog-safe/


  55. tonya says:

    the video is not viewable, but I can imagine 🙁


  56. paula burzacott says:

    This is what happens when people dont do their home work before getting a pet , respect, welfare, feeding, training , what to do and not to do with dogs.having children and pets most of my life this is one big no no and really what sort of parents are they , forgods sake read a bloody book on parenting and give the poor dog a better home .even a good dog can bite when pushed into a corner and someone should report them before it does happen if you know them you might save a child and a dog


  57. Madison says:

    There is currently a video posted on fb that shows a young child pulling a dogs tail, slapping the dog, and pulling the ears while the parents video tape and laugh. People are trying to find out who these people are. The site claims they don’t know. Is there anyone to report this to?


    Minette Reply:

    I have seen the video and no, I don’t know where it comes from. I think those people need to be charged with child endangerment.

    When the lady taped the dog’s muzzle for barking in Nov. she was tracked down and charged.

    This video you mention, is even more horrific to me and the parents should be charged with a crime… hopefully someone finds a way to do so


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