How to Stop Your Dog’s Barking When it is at the Wrong Time

Dog barking is such a big problem for a lot of people.

The problem is that the average person actually rewards barking.

Either they think they want a “guard dog”, or they think barking (albeit in the beginning) is funny or entertaining.

The puppy barks at the door bell, or a noise on TV, and everyone thinks it is adorable.

The problem is that it creates a habit.

The dog gets used to barking at everything, and not only is it fun and instinctual, his people seem to like it!

It is best to never reward barking that is not on command.

Learning to “Control Your Dog’s Mouth” is Best To Help Stop Barking

Teaching your dog to bark and be quiet on command is the best way to get control of a barking problem!

This teaches him both behaviors.

Plus, it teaches him that he can control his urges to bark.

Other Helpful Tips To Stop Your Dog’s Barking

Take Space

Dogs don’t like when you come into their space and make them move, especially when they are knee deep in a bad behavior.

If your dog is barking at the window or door, walk up to him and begin to invade his space.

stop dog barking, stop your dog's barkingDon’t yell.

Don’t take his collar.

Just move in front of him and move him along one direction or another away from the distraction.

If he looks up at you and is quiet, if even for a moment, reward him with a scrumptious snack.

If he has a tendency to want to scoot around you and go back to where he was without really caring about the snack, let him drag a leash around the house while you are training him to learn some control of his voice.

He Needs to Lose a Privilege

I have a rule at my house: you get 2 barks to tell me something horrifying is going on in our world.

After 2 barks, should you continue, I am going to hunt you down.

Like “taking space”, I am going to make you stop barking, but I am going to take you by the collar and drag you away or inside if I have to do so.

(Obviously don’t do this if your dog has a tendency toward aggression, it is not worth getting bit).

I find that most dogs that bark outside, want to be “outside”, and they are just voicing their concern or entertaining themselves.

The last thing they want is to have to leave the distraction and come inside.

So, I do what they don’t want; I take them inside.

It is simple: if you want to hang out, outside, you must be quiet.

Again, you can warn me by giving a bark or two, but if you want to stay out, don’t continue to bark beyond that!

Deciphering Your Dog’s Bark

My dogs have very specific barks.

I suppose, it is a lot like being a mom to a new born baby… you learn very quickly what the sound means.

stop dog barking, stop your dog's barkingI know when my dog is barking because he is bored.

I know when my dog is barking because he is mad.

I know when my dog is barking because he is scared.

And, I know when he is being protective because someone or thing is too close to the house.

And, although I find it important to learn what a dog is feeling when he barks, it doesn’t make much difference what is going on; you can’t continue to bark.

I mean, even if he is warning me someone is coming in the yard… I want to be coming out immediately to deal with an intruder or situation.


Consistency is the most important aspect of stopping your dog’s barking.

You can’t be consistent all day long and then allow your dog to bark at 2 a.m., or 5 a.m., because you don’t want to get up and deal with him and his behavior.

You must be consistent to see and make a change.

It doesn’t matter if it is raining, snowing, in the middle of the night or during the middle of the day; you must be consistent with how you are dealing with your dog’s behavior.

If you are not consistent, your dog will not learn, because he doesn’t understand!

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  1. Mrs. Frankie Kendall says:

    Finally, you have addressed my problem. Thank you. When my dog wants me to do something, she comes to me and barks almost like she is talking. I don’t mind that but when she barks a loud bark every time she sees someone up the road who is not even close and she will not quit, I don’t like that.


  2. Mickey says:

    My dog is a very controlled barker. She alerts, then quiets. Perfect. UNLESS you are a squirrel..then all bets are off. What confuses me is if I open the door so she can go check it out? She runs and gets her regard to Mr Skurrel at all. SO what’s up with that?I did this a few times …not good, I no longer open the door. I close the door. But it’s very annoying.


  3. Donna says:

    I have use the creat for methed barking when Ty would start his barking I would have him go to his creat. And it has worked very well. When he comes down would let him out . We are both very happy!!


  4. Claudia says:

    I am trying to help a friend whose dog golden retriever barks constantly for attention. This barking is not noise associated, it is more like she is talking to everyone!


  5. Donald Hall says:

    We used to have four dogs that would be outside together and You would hear them bark because they were all happy to be together outside. I don’t necessarily think that I should have done anything to stop it because that was the only time that they would bark like that. Any other time, they were pretty quiet. What do you recommend in that situation ?


    Minette Reply:

    Irritated neighbors poison dogs… I suggest not letting them bark outside so that you don’t have this problem


  6. Suzanne Bell says:

    My dog barks crazily when our neighbors are playing with a ball. He tries to ram through our fence. I bring him inside and he stops but he does it every time there is a ball involved. Any helpful tips would be appreciated. Thank you, Suzanne


  7. Sandra says:

    My dog barks about the window…I have shutters and close them put he peers thru that ever so slender crack growls and barks..I have consistently say easy and take him away but it’s a game he won’t quit. He’s a three year old chessie rescue..any ideas?


  8. Joan Tice says:

    My new rescue dog sits by the window and barks every time I leave the house and doesn’t stop apparently I know she has anxiety issues from being left We are assuming that her last master was a senior lady as she could care less what my husband does. Would it be cruel to get a kennel and put her in when I go out WOuld this stop the barking?


  9. Walter Duda says:

    My dog barks whenever you do anything, pick up a broom or mop, turn on the heat pump, blender, apple peeler,get on a chair to fix a curtain, wants to go outside and play. All the above and more, barking is in her genes, she’s a Border Collie, very intelligent and behaved, all but the barking.


  10. Joan Boase says:

    My 3 year old dog barks when anyone comes near the car (even my friends!), and sounds very mean. I don’t think she does it when I am not in the car. She frightens my friends! Any suggestions?


  11. I have a Sheltie wonderful dog but goes crazy when a motorcycle engine is in the area. In the house, barking running from room to room finally calms down when he can’t hear the motorcycle, or if I hold him by the collar & talk to him but once I let go he starts again. When I walk him, he tries to get loose and run, is barking continually to the point can’t hold onto the leash or dog because he gets stronger when the motorcycle gets closer. I’ve tried a number of things chock collar, barking collor with high pitch sound, another high ptch sound you aim at the dog, these a very temporary gets use to them or just barks more and jumps around.


  12. Beverly Scott says:

    Can you explain how to work with a dog by teaching her first to bark and then not to bark? I’ve heard you mention this approach a couple of times, but am not clear on how to go about it. (Or this is better suited to a separate article rather than an answer to a comment?) Thanks.


  13. Lenore says:

    My dog barks at the tv when dogs, cats or whatever come on the screen. I have tried EVERYTHING!! Including crowding him out, but he never gives me even a second of eye contact & stops barking. Do I just keep on even though I get no progress from him?


    Minette Reply:

    Perhaps you should work these behaviors without the distraction and then add the distraction slowly once he has coping mechanisms and knows what to do.


  14. Betsy Hendrick says:

    My semi-lab,small, and rescued, kept outside all the time until the humane society found her with her mother barks when I get on the phone. Why?


    Minette Reply:

    because she is outside all the time


  15. John says:

    What do you suggest as a time out location. I don’t want to use her crate because I want her to continue to like going in her crate.


    Minette Reply:

    outside, the bathroom, your laundry room.


  16. Lynette says:

    I have the exact same problem! Please let me know if you have any suggestions other than turning off the TV


  17. Carol says:

    My 18 month old GSD has access to the back yard while I am at work. She is triggered by neighbor dogs barking, people walking behind the fence, or after being inside with me and then having access to the backyard, will charge the fence and go nuts for 5 minutes or so before calming down.

    I am gone for 9 hours for work/commute, which is too long to keep her inside. I’ve tried a couple different bark collars with only minimal success. Suggestions?


    Minette Reply:

    Day care, dog walker or just keeping her inside.

    People poison dogs that bark all day. Even when I work 12+ hours I can’t risk someone killing my dog.


  18. janet says:

    my shihtzu is mainly well behaved but when it gets to around 5.30pm he begins naughty things ie bitong cushions, barking wanting to go out but decides he doesnr want to go out. of all these things its the barking I cant stand. Ive tried all sorts but nothing works. H E L P.please.


    Minette Reply:

    Take him for a long run at about 5 pm. Not a walk or a stroll but run him until he is tired, he will be too tired to bark.


  19. janet says:

    Ive got arthritis and cant run. I usually take him out about 6 or 6.30 as I like to get back, shower and go to bed early as Im usually very tired by then


    Minette Reply:

    teaching a dog to run next to a bike or wheelchair can be a lifesaver


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