How to Stop Your Dog from Barking at the Door


Most dogs go nuts at the door.

The doorbell rings and the dog seemingly loses his mind!

He barks, he spits, he spins and loses all control of himself.

He ignores all of his commands.

Barking is complicated!

It is instinctual and sometimes has to be tackled one form of barking at a time.

But our system will help you get your dog’s barking at the door under control.

I recommend that you use our 2 additional guest greeting routines as well.

First Thing’s First

Counter Condition Your Dog’s Reactive Behavior

Counter conditioning is a technique employed in animal training, and in the treatment of phobias and reactivity, in which you use an incompatible behavior with a habitual undesired behavior (pattern) is induced.

This technique is scientifically proven to help pair a high value treat or reward and creates an emotionally positive reaction in the dog which carries over through training.

Here’s a little video that shows you the first steps for how to train your dog this game:

CLICK-HERE To Download The Printable Quick Reference Training Sheet

Giving Your Dog Something Else to do

stop your dog from barking at the door

Does your dog have inappropriate behavior and barking when people visit?

stop your dog from barking at the door

Give your dog an incompatible behavior, such as sitting, to help him get his impulses under control.

stop your dog from barking at the door

Record your doorbell and use your phone, or use a helper, or buy a similar doorbell that you can use indoors (I often recommend putting the button next to where you sit at night to help finalize the skill).

stop your dog from barking at the door

Condition the dog that the sound of the doorbell means, “Get on your bed”. Lure, click and reward.

stop your dog from barking at the door

Release the dog from the bed.

stop your dog from barking at the door

Ring the bell, lure and reward for all four paws on the bed.

stop your dog from barking at the door

Reach outside and ring the doorbell. Reward dog for going to the bed.

stop your dog from barking at the door

You may add the cue “bed” or work toward the doorbell being the cue for the dog to go to the bed.

Eventually, invite a friend over to help proof this behavior!

We have also created a game to help stop your dog from barking whenever the doorbell rings.

stop your dog from barking at the doorClick here to download the next step of the Doorbell Ditch Game.

Counter Conditioning Works

You can see how counter conditioning teaches your dog to be calm when people come to visit.

I certainly recommend that you get started on this training.

You are teaching and conditioning the dog that the ring of the doorbell brings positive feelings and commands, whereas in the past it has brought stress and negative emotions.

And, even though this is a great first step, you aren’t done yet!

You have to change his emotions and thought process when it comes to other triggers as well.



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  1. M says:

    The dog un the viseo is already conditioned. Where is the dog going crazy and barking? An already trained dog will do what you want by watching you. I have four dogs who do this, how do I start…with all four or the one who is craziest? Any help would be appreciated.


  2. Barbara says:

    I am sorry but this is not easily done at all. My dog barks at anything that moves or bumps, sounds, guns, thunder, rain, wind, animals, squirrels, everything.


    Minette Reply:

    Then search for our articles on teaching bark and quiet


  3. Carol says:

    We don’t have a doorbell but our dog barks at ANY sound! We live in a retirement center and if she scents the person knocking or recoginezes their “Knock” she doesn’t bark! She does bark when she’s not getting what she wants and we don’t know what she wants. Sooo, how do you stop this type of barking?


  4. Watching the face book video, there was supposed to be a link to click on to get a copy of the how to stop your dogs barking for $7.00. How do I get this deal?


    Dana Reply:

    Here is the link to our Stop Barking course:


  5. Shirley Harrison says:

    My dogs (2) go crazy at the doorbell and love to have people come over but I try and have them go to their places but they are barking and going nuts and then when the people come in they are all over them.

    I think years ago I made a mistake by going to another room to give them a treat to quiet them down and now they want to just get a treat but not be trained to not bark and not stay off the people. I use a squirt bottle too….. I need her to come and help me…..LOL


  6. Joyce says:

    I have 2 German Shepherd both males and they rush the door and people when any one or anything is near the house. that could be any one walking there dog a repairman trying to come in to do the repairs. They also bark at the 2 dogs on the other side of the fence and run up and back while barking incessantly. They have been to training and no matter what I do its as if they don’t even hear me
    please HELP


  7. IRISH PACK says:

    We lived in a rural area and I did not mind the dogs barking when someone was coming. Before that, I rented a basement room that anyone could access, so again, I wanted them to alert me to any ‘intruders’

    Now we are apartment dwellers and they go nuts with deliveries and even someone walking past my door. I bought a clicker but my 4.5 yo rescue must have major PTSD issues as the clicker upsets her. I don’t want to agonize her, but should I keep trying the clicker?

    Note: I rescued her at 6 months and she was a wreck, then a roommate terrorized her and played kickball when I was not home…I had no idea and it breaks my heart. So I have been very cautiously training her ‘softly’.


  8. Christine short says:

    My dog barks at anything especially when there is a knock at my door i have tried to stop her nut she just keeps doing it


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