Steps to Manage a Dog’s Over-Excitement

Steps to Manage a Dog’s Over-Excitement


Have you ever experienced all of these things in the same brief time period?

  • Over-excitement

  • Over-stimulation

  • Extreme excitement

  • Frustration

  • Agitation

Think back…

It may have been a while for some of you because as humans we are expected to contain our emotions, most of the time.

But think back to when you were a kid.

Perhaps there was something that you really, really wanted to win or to have and you thought you were going to get it, but you didn’t or you had to wait for what seemed like an eternity?

over excited dog, hyper dogNow, did you move through all of those feelings?

I know I did, when I was a kid for sure.

Sometimes, I still feel that way if I don’t get what I wanted or expected or think I deserve.

But, I don’t have the mentality of a toddler.

Your dog, has the mental capacity of a toddler, and he doesn’t understand why moving through all of these emotions and then to agitation is not an acceptable way to act!

So hopefully, now, at least you can understand it just a little bit better, from your dog’s perspective.

I have found that understanding your dog and the “whys” helps monumentally to control your frustration when you work with him.

Dogs aren’t furry people, it is important to understand that they come with a whole other level of instincts and needs.

So let’s get to the steps of managing your dog’s over-excitement.

1. Don’t Get Excited

One of the biggest problems that people fall into is also getting excited or irritated.

Dog sports or sporting events or even exercise and hiking often bring out the excitement in humans and their dogs.

Dogs feed off of our emotions.

Don’t get me wrong you could be super chilled out and still have an excited dog, but if you are over excited or have a habit of being loud and excitable chances are your dog feeds off of you.

Try it!

Use a super high pitched voice, or your excited tone and speak to your dog quickly and clap your hands… your dog will mirror your behaviors.

I believe that if you are calm, your dog is also more likely to remain calm.

over excited dog, hyper dog

When You Get Mad

And, when you get mad, dogs fly into an over excited appeasement display trying to cheer you up and wondering why you are angry.

Even if your dog is embarrassing you or acting a fool, losing your temper and getting angry isn’t going to help you, your dog, or the situation.

Remain calm and think!

After all, you are the thinking animal.

2. Teach Your Dog Some Calming Techniques

I have written several articles on massage therapy and dogs.

I like to reach down and rub my dog’s ear when I want him to relax himself.

It is a lot like biofeedback and meditation for people.

It certainly takes time, but in my opinion it is well worth it!

Wouldn’t you like to be able to reach down and touch your dog or give a command to him and have his body instantly begin to relax?

Also getting your dog’s attention will allow you to use some other calming techniques.

Yawning slowly and with purpose can help show your dog how relaxed you are and hopefully he will follow suit.

Blinking slowly as you make eye contact can also help.

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3. Attention and Distraction

My go to is always attention and distraction.

Recognizing that my dog has the attention span and intelligence of a toddler gives me the upper hand when I am training and working with him.

Imagine taking your human toddler to an amusement park, but then having to wait in line for rides for what seems like an vast amount of time.

How would you keep your toddler from becoming over excited and then working themselves through those stages without becoming frustrated or agitated?

You would probably bring their favorite game, favorite toy, or let them use your iPhone, right?

The idea rings true for your dog, too!

The problem is, that a lot of dog owners don’t know the equivalent of the iPhone for their dog. over excited dog, hyper dog

For some, it is food or treats.

For some a ball.

For others a tug toy or a game.

Essentially I want to be able to be in charge of any situation.

I want to control the thing that my dog wants MOST!

How Do I Do That?

I build drive into my dogs’ toys.

I control when they come out for play (so they are exciting).


Then I teach my dog that if he listens to my dog obedience commands that he will be rewarded with his toy and what he wants.

He learns to control his impulses!

This way I can control my dogs’ over excitement by giving them something else to think about until it is our turn or the distraction is gone.

over excited dog, hyper dog, impulse control

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