Squeakers!!!! Parents Beware!

Thanks Twimg for the Photo

I have been spending a lot of time at Pet Expos lately, competing in dock diving events and just kind of enjoying everything they have to offer.

I am on my 3rd Pet Expo of this year and we are ready for more dock diving.

But I have to say I was taken aback at the last Pet Expo.

There was a mom there with her 3 kids, 2 toddlers and a baby in a stroller but one of her kids had on shoes that squeak like a dog toy…

I was kind of shocked as I sat there watching one of the toddlers run around and squeak.

Luckily it was early in the morning and the Pet Expo had not yet opened so it was not yet crawling with pet dogs that might not have dealt with this situation well.

However in my peripheral  vision I could see dogs bouncing and lunging and barking at the toddler.

Even a non-aggressive dog is likely to knock down, nip or bite this child because she looked like an interactive toy on wobbly legs.

I have never heard a “dog squeaker” sound come out of anything but a dog squeaker or dog toy.

I have even used squeakers on occasion to get dogs excited and get them to pay attention to me and give me eye contact and focus

I would never use something that could put children at risk or sound like them!

At First I Was Super Angry

Frustration can Cause Aggression thanks K9 Masters for the photo

Frustration can Cause Aggression thanks K9 Masters for the photo

At first I was super angry.

Angry at the mother…

Angry at the makers…

Just plain MAD

But anger doesn’t help anyone, only education will, and thankfully I have that forum here.

I still can’t understand who would make these shoes for kids.  I can’t be the only one who associates that squeak with a dog toy.  If it is to help children walk or for sheer fun I would think they could find a more appropriate sound that has not been associated with dogs for decades.

Even my dogs would get over excited by a child running around in those shoes (thankfully my dogs were in their crates awaiting their next jump); but at least my dogs are well trained and they do not have aggression issues.

This is not the case for many of the pet dog that come to the Pet Expos.

Any dog on a leash is welcome, and you have to hope that the dogs are good with other dogs, kids, cats, birds, mice (yes they are all at some of the expos).  Some people knowingly bring aggressive dogs to “socialize” them and others are just too naïve to know, or have never really socialized their dogs.

Any way you toss the dice, this can be a scary set up; especially for a toddler wandering around with shoes that squeak.

Not All Dogs Like Children

This Picture Shows Signs of Discomfort and Perhaps Fear from This Dog.  Thanks ASPCA for the Photo

This Picture Shows Signs of Discomfort and Perhaps Fear from This Dog. Thanks ASPCA for the Photo

Not all dogs like or respect children as it is and I think some dogs see small children and toddlers as more of equals than as tiny people.

Let’s face it; children don’t act like adult humans as it is so it is harder for dogs to recognize that they can’t play too hard with them or get aggressive with them.

Strapping squeaking shoes to your child around unknown dogs is just asking for a problem.

I Would Love to Do a Study

I would love to do a study with adults in shoes like this, just to see how many dogs get over excited, are more willing to jump up, or who show frustration aggression with these shoes.

But instead I think it is sad to put our children at more risk.

Dogs Should Be Trained to Ignore Distractions

Dogs should be trained to ignore distractions like this; and it can be pretty simply done at home by squeaking a squeaker and telling your dog “Leave It” or having him give you eye contact and focus.  But not all dogs have this kind of control or training.

Please pass this post along for those parents who simply don’t realize how dangerous these shoes could be at the wrong place so that we can keep our children safe.

And for more on keeping our children safe click here.

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  1. Bev Mc says:

    I don’t take my three dogs to places where there will be children and other dogs because I don’t know how they will react. Only 1 of the three is well trained and socialized. Others should consider the things.


  2. Joyce Krutick Craig says:



  3. Loretta says:

    I am so glad you put this up about the shoes. Just in the training stages of my little poodle. He does not like kids, my grandson at 18 months made sure of that! But just last week I was in a coffee shop that host little ones birthday parties and I heard the squeak noise and wondered who in the world brought their dog inside. Sure enough, the cutest little toddle was barely able to walk but when she did every eye in the very noisy place found her. Actually the entire place quieted down, I think like me, looking for a dog.

    The shoes were cute and sparkly, she was a doll, but I thought HOW STUPID for that one particular noise to be in such an innocent and vulnerable place. My dog weighs 8#’s and when he wants something and is wanting it NOW, like a treat or a toy that I have teased him with, he has brought blood, by my mishandling but still….

    That noise is an instant trigger for every dog on our block when one of the other dogs has his toy outside!


  4. sandy says:

    Did you approach the mother to let her know how dangerous this could be. Sound like mothers need to be aware. I am not exactly sure why sneakers like this are need to encourage or excite a toddler to walk. They want to walk and find every step exciting all by itself. The manufacturer should be warned also, befor a child is hurt (I guess telling them there may be lawsuits may encourage them to at least change the sound). I am not sure what sound would not at least get a dog curious. From when I have seen crawling babies and toddlers around dogs, the toddler can appear as though they are challenging by going up to them, steering them in the eyes and reaching out to them, especially when they tend to grab hard at ears and face, poke at the eyes, etc. This really scares me…how ignorant are parents, especially to bring them to a Pet Expo what there are so many unhkown dogs, many of which may never have been around a toddler before 🙁


  5. marie koelmeyer says:

    Thanks for sharing this information. Parents of small children with pets,

    please take note and get rid of those squeaky shoes if you

    have purchased any, it is better to be safe than sorry.

    Manufacturers of children,s shoes please note,this is a

    serious issue.


  6. Sharon says:

    I just seen on the show Shark Tank where a couple was there asking for money to help promote their business. It was squeakers in knees of kids clothes. That way when the child was crawling around and the parent was in another part of the house they always knew where their child was because of the squeak everytime their knees moved. Personally myself when I seen it I thought well that is a dangerous babysitter because you can hear what their knees are doing but you can’t hear or see what their hands are getting into. Thank heavens the Sharks all shot them down because they thought the sound was annoying and other people would feel that way too. I am willing to bet the shoes that child was wearing was made under the same concept. The sad part is some dog is going to be put down because it wanted the squeaky toy (shoes) and it was considered an attack. People can be so stupid.


    Minette Reply:

    I whole heartedly agree!

    My mother used to tie bells (BIG cow bells) around my sister and I’s necks when she would take us to the city (we were from WY) and go to places like the zoo. That way she could hear us (we thought it was cool) but she still parented us and it was never done at home so she didn’t have to be a parent…


  7. charmaine says:

    Hi, very interesting information. We have a lot of news on sixty minutes and our current affair shows here in Australia, on this particular subject. There is always a small child being attacked by a dog for some reason or another. We of course don’t want any harm to ever happen to our children, that’s why education is very important. I think some parents are just plain ignorant. My dog is a Maltese/Australian silky terrier and she doesn’t take to children to well. So therefore I don’t put her or children in that situation. Rosebud (that’s my dogs name) has a squeaky toy we call her precious and if anyone apart from people she knows goes near her precious, she gets very angry and has snapped at people she doesn’t know. Now is that her fault? or is it lack of education of my part? I think its mine of course. But then if I tell people about the situation with her toy and they feel the need to try it out for themselves, well that their problem. Thanks again, I enjoyed the article.


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