Sniffing Out Bedbugs

courtesy of Highly trained dogs, like Cruiser, are extremely effective weapons against the dreaded bedbugs that are becoming all too common in places like Manhattan (Photo: Chad Batka, The New York Times)

Sweet dreams, good-night, don’t let the bedbugs bite!

Sniffing Out Bedbugs
by Maria Goodavage,
The noses have it. Yesterday, I blogged about bomb-sniffing dogs. Today, it’s bedbug-sniffing dogs. Both are heroic to humans. While bomb sniffers save lives, bedbug sniffers save sanity.

With good training, bedbug-sniffing dogs are amazingly accurate: The best of them can detect a single egg or live bug 96 percent of the time, reports a fun and fascinating story in The New York Times. Check it out for more than you ever wanted to know about bedbugs, and the dogs who love to go hunting for them. (Don’t be surprised if you start feeling itchy afterward.)

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