Singing to Your Dog

Do you sing to your dog?   If not, perhaps you might want to give it a try.   According to Roberta, you might be in for some surprising results!

Singing to your dog has an effect.

by Roberta Baxter, January 15,

Yes, you read this correctly! No I am not going off my rocker! The senses for animals are different than human sensory abilities as we know specifically from the sounds the dog hears that we don’t.  It is not just the pitch, but the flow of tones that catch a dog’s attention. Try singing  “Yankee Doodle” to your canine and see what the response is.  Then sing  “Brahms Lullaby”.  You know the one that mamas sing their little ones to sleep with when they are cranky. Now one must really get into the depth of the meaning of those songs as you are singing, because if you don’t the effect will not be accurate.

As we sing a gentle flowing, calming song, we produce serene surroundings for our dogs.  Try it the next time you know your dog does not like to visit a certain place. Yes, the trip to the veterinarian is the great place to practice this concept. Choose the song you will be singing each time you are going to the Vet.  You can change the tune, but you will then be changing the effect since the dog will not be guided by your familiar song.

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  1. Jana says:

    I actually do sing a lullaby kind of stuff to my dog when she’s not feeling well to calm her down. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but I do it anyway.

    Patricia B. McConnel, Ph.D. analyzes the different meaning pitch and frequency of sound has to animals in her book The Other End of the Leash. Very interesting stuff.

    Our dogs also go crazy about my husband’s playing harmonica. They will sing along. Not a regular howl like outside at fire trucks, actually trying to follow with the sounds 🙂
    .-= Jana´s last blog ..More Than Meets The Eye: Dog Language And Beyond Part I =-.


  2. rmorgen1 says:

    My dog is a Newfoundland puppy, 9 months old, 105#, 23″ at the shoulder. He is a barker and has us well trained to do his bid. He is very dominate and unlike my previous Newfies he wants his way in everything. Barking to get his way. He also wants to jump on kids and most strangers not to hurt them but to show affection. He has also discovered if he stands on his hind legs he can clear the dinner table, the kitchen counters, flower pots, etc. He had gone through two PETCO training programs and in that situation he does well. In fact he was best in class both times. But all is forgotten at home.

    I will try singing and the Womach program but….?

    Wish me luck.


  3. Elaine Lampe says:

    I am the proud owner of a resued Chocolate Lab named Buddy, I take songs like Money,Money,Money and change it to Buddy and tell him how everybody loves him. I change the name of other songs and do similar things. I have Buddy for 8 months now and he seems very happy. I iniatially started singing to Buddy as a way to improve his self esteem. Two weeks ago we got Chilton, a foster lab mix and I am now working on some songs for him, with the hope that it will give him better self esteem.


  4. Jesse says:

    I thought I was crazy for doing this. Sometimes, when me and Pepper (my six year old Bassador) are lying in bed, I will sing her a lullaby or even a folk song. She seems to like it.


  5. Kaitlin Vaughn says:

    I sing my dog my version of “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen and she falls asleep. And if she isn’t sleep when I stop singing, she looks at me until I continue.


  6. Danni Girl says:

    I sing to my fur babies and it really will calm them. Like when they get their nails cut i can hold them and sing and it truly will help. When my EM isn’t feeling well i pet him softly and sing. I cant carry a tune but each one has their own personal song my husband and i made up for them. Funny part is my 3 kids ( grown) still don’t understand why I would sing “to a dog” lol i think they even though they are grown still have a little jealousy issues lol. But I’m glad i foind this bc i thought we were just crazy fur parens lol. (Even though every truly dedicated ) fur mom and dad are a little off our rockers but that’s ok by me bc it makes us fur-rific! Lol lol lame joke yet still funny lol


  7. Kalli says:

    my dog loves my singing I would recommend Shawn Mendes seven years, mercy, one call away. Jhon legend all of me. Justin Beiber despacito Hasley colors and Alessia Cara scars to your beautiful they are great songs to sing to your dog bc 1 they have a nice flow 2 they are soft tones so your not screaming the lyrics. it’s very calming for my dog while he’s just laying on my bed


  8. Justin Morkavich says:

    We got our Zephyr who is a Pittbull Shepherd mix from a last hour rescue last year and without knowing all this I started to sing him a lullaby or two every night when we go to sleep. Somewhere over the rainbow and perry cuomos (little man your crying, I know why your blue) it helped to calm him down a lot so I continue to do it. It’s even gotten to a point now where he is just like a child and can’t go to bed without it. So I leave a recording of myself for my our friends and family who watch him when we go away for any period of time so that putting him to bed is much easier. Yeah some people laugh… but I really don’t care. Singing to our pup has tea helped him calm down and strengthened our bond.


  9. Arwen says:

    Good song recommendations. I sing to my dog let me love you by Justin bieber.


  10. gabby says:

    My Dog Falls Asleep When I sing high hopes to him.


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