Simplifying My Life and My Relationships, Learning from My Dog

My Girl Chasing Bubbles

As I sit here today, I don’t know how many umpteen degrees below zero it is outside; although I do know my hair literally froze solid when I walked outside to get a delivery this morning, and my dog sits upside down in my lap I am reevaluating my life.

2013 is over and I am reluctantly kicking in a new year.

You see I hate change, hate, hate, hate, hate change.

And, I almost hate new years resolutions just as much, so you’ll note this comes a week or two after the new year.  Real change needs to be considerate and true not just a fad.

If it is new or unknown chances are I am not going to be the first to tackle it.

It’s hard to change your stripes or your personality, but I suppose anything that is worth having is difficult.

So as I look down at my dog I realize I want to be more like her.

Fury Upside Down in my Lap

Fury Upside Down in my Lap

Not only do I have a lot to teach her in her life, she has a lot to teach me if I am willing and able to slow down and listen!  I swear dogs are better trainers than we are!

  • I want to wake with my eyes open and my tail wagging; I want to welcome each day instead of dreading getting out of bed.
  • I want to enjoy each meal; I swear my girl lives from meal to meal and savors and looks forward to the treats in between.
  • I want to love my work; it doesn’t matter what she is doing if it is time to work no matter how early or how late she is excited to get started.  Dogs don’t look forward to retirement, they look forward to work this is how I would like to live!
  • I want to sleep hard and dream well, as I watch her twitch and smile (yes I am anthropomorphizing her for a moment) I realize I want to rest like that; without the worries of bills and the cares of life, just sleep!
  • I want to love unconditionally; I want to wag my tail whenever my family comes home and I want to learn to turn the other cheek and love no matter what mood the other person is in.  Perhaps if I flop on their lap and wag my tail and look up at them I can make them smile too.
  • Dock Diving FurI want to be spontaneous (I am notoriously not spontaneous… if it is not on the calendar for a few days I’m probably not going to do it); I love how my dog will drop anything and get excited to go to the vet, training, a walk, a jog next to the bike it doesn’t matter she just wants to go!
  • I want to take criticism and praise the same and not dwell on either; my dog doesn’t dwell on what she did wrong or focus on what she just did instead she merely tries to please and learn from her lessons.
  • I want to jump into the deep end without being able to see what is coming!
  • I want to protect my loved one with tenacity and my whole heart; no one is breaking into my house or messing with me with my girl around she is serious if she thinks someone is going to hurt me.
  • But, I also want to happily meet new people and welcome them into my life like she does; I am so introverted that I would like to be more like her calm and sweet and happy when meeting new people!

I think we humans over complicate life, make things harder than they should be, and worry about little things that don’t matter.

So I could read “Don’t Sweat the Simple Stuff” which I probably should read; or I can just take a hint from my dog and live life more to the fullest like she does and I bet I will be happier!

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  1. Shannon says:

    I know this is an older post but I love it. Often I think that we are so caught up in trying to be our animal’s teachers when we are really the ones who need to be taught. I am a huge lover of both dogs and horses and I think both have so much they could teach us if we were just willing to stop and listen. “They say a good rider [or trainer] can hear his horse [or dog] speak to him… But a great rider [or trainer] can hear his horse [or dog] whisper.”


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