Safe Car Trips For Dogs

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Dogs have to travel in the car with us, whether it’s to the vet, boarding kennels or on vacation with us. We need to take steps to keep him safe in our vehicles, and prevent injury. Here are my top 5 tips for traveling safely with your dog.

1. Never leave dog in a car when it’s warm. Interiors of cars heat up very quickly and dogs can die in hot cars. If they don’t die, they may end up with irreversible organ damage. Leaving the window down or leaving a bowl of water makes no difference at all, the temperature still rises.

2. If you travel with your dog on the back of a utility truck, make sure he’s restrained. Many dogs are injured or killed each year because of falls from the back of a vehicle. Attach their harness or collar to the vehicle by a chain, and make sure it is short enough to avoid your dog hanging himself if he falls over the side. Don’t attach your dog to your car by a choker chain. Your other option is to put your dog in a crate on the tray of your utility truck and firmly attach the crate to the vehicle.

3. Restrain dogs even inside  a car, or in the back of a station wagon. If you’re unfortunate enough to have an accident, your dog can become panicked. When the door is open, he may run in fear. Dogs have been injured under these circumstances when they’ve run from a vehicle and been hit by another car. Also, dogs have been badly hurt in a rollover accident, when they’ve been thrown from the vehicle, or slammed into the dashboard or steering wheel. It’s not worth the risk.

4. Never let your dog ride in the front seat, or on your lap, no matter how small he is, or how short your trip. He may distract you and cause you to have an accident, or fall to the floor amongst the pedals and be stepped on or crushed. Also, if the airbag deploys, it could injure him.

5. Don’t let your dog hang his head out the car window when you’re driving. He enjoys it, but the wind and dust in his eyes could lead to conjunctivitis, and possibly ulcers on his cornea. Not only does this hurt, but it involves the expense of veterinary treatment. If he enjoys the breeze, purchase some window guards so you can wind the window down and prevent him sticking his head out. This will also prevent him climbing out the window and injuring himself.

Dogs need to travel in cars. Otherwise they may miss out on the joys of the beach, the park or visiting friends. If you restrain them properly, you’ve both got the best chance of getting to your destination safely.

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