Quality Time

Dogs love to go for rides in the car!

Just spending quality time with your dog can improve your health!  Today I want you to take a break and get away from the anxiety of the holidays together.  Invite your family or just sneak off with your dog, whichever will help you bust some stress!

I have been keeping up with the blogs and doing my daily tasks with my dogs each day.  However today, I feel I could skip this event if I wanted to, because today was Yoga day.  I can’t seem to do Yoga without the help of some doggie rumps and faces in my face.  Perhaps it is because they can here the video instructor say “Downward Dog” and “Upward Dog” or maybe its due to my grunting, but most likely its because I am a captive audience on the floor!

Although I did some major bonding with my dogs today, I still intend to get out and do this task cause it is simple and fun!

Bring the Whole Family!

All I really want you to do, is grab your car keys and your dog and head off for a little holiday drive to see some Christmas lights.  When I was a kid there were several blocks and neighborhoods in my town where almost everyone went all out to decorate the outsides of their homes.  The city even gave out awards for the most well decorated neighborhood.  Every year we would either walk up and down those city streets or drive and sing carols.  It is one of my favorite memories and things to do during the holidays!

So find a ritzy neighborhood and go enjoy some Christmas lights with some good hot chocolate and your best friend.

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  1. That’s super cool idea, spending time with buddy in holiday time.


  2. That’s super cool idea! Let’s spending time with buddy in this holiday.


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