Why Does My Puppy Pee When Excited? (and How to Stop It)

I get asked this question A LOT!!!!

It seems that a little accident here and there bring most normal people to their knees!

Honestly, this is pretty normal.

And, thankfully, the submissive and excited peeing usually disappears as puppies mature…


That is right; this behavior requires that you deal with it in a very specific way in order for it to disappear as quickly as it appeared!

Why Does My Puppy Pee When Excited?

Before we try to tackle how to deal with your puppy (or dog) peeing when excited, let us try and understand WHY it happens in the first place.

I feel like, as humans, we don’t give any thought to the “why” or the empathy of dog behavior; we just want it fixed as soon as possible.

I feel like we also forget when we were children.

If you think about being a kid… squatting made you have to pee.

Being in cold water… made you feel like you needed to pee.

Heck, I hate to admit this in public, and on the web (hahahaha), but I still think I have a nervous bladder.

When I show dogs or get ready to be on the spot, I feel like I need to pee, even if I don’t. 😉

Anybody remember the kid that wet himself when he stood up in front of the class and gave a report?

Or one who peed a little when he was excited?

Or the kid that had accidents at night?

So why, then, WHY do we expect our dogs to be different and to be ashamed?

Would You?

Would you take that kid and shame him and rub his nose in it at the front of the class?

Or yell?

Of course you wouldn’t! why does my puppy pee when excited, puppy potty training

So why, then, do we treat puppies differently?

When they squat to appease us, or sit (especially females), it feels like they are in the position to urinate.

So, if they are excited and have a full bladder, it is difficult for them to hold their bladder.

It isn’t that they are choosing to be naughty.

They aren’t choosing to urinate on the floor.

They are simply excited, and full, and in a position that makes them feel as if they have to pee.

But, when you YELL at them, it makes the behavior so much worse!

Submissive Urination

Humans don’t usually submissively urinate.

When we do, it is because we, literally, think we are about to die.

Your puppy is having the same feeling.

If he thinks he is in trouble, he urinates.

If you yell, this makes the urination so much worse.

Excitement Urination

The same holds true with excitement.

Ever done, or gotten ready to do, something and needed to pee, even though you know you don’t really need to pee?

Again, I will admit that I have a nervous bladder.

If I think I have to be on the spot, or do something exciting, I hit the bathroom just why does my puppy pee when excited, puppy potty trainingbecause I don’t want to have to pee.

Your puppy is the same.

When he is SUPER excited, like when you come home from work, or something exciting happens, he thinks he has to pee.

I can find a restroom.

But, your puppy is left with this feeling and this urge without being able to provide himself with an appropriate place to potty.

Also, it is best if, upon greeting, you don’t bend over the top of the puppy.

Bending over can be a little scary.

If you want to interact and lessen the chances of submissive or excitement urination, get on your knees to interact.

Let Him Out

If you know your puppy is likely to pee when he is excited, drain that bladder!

Let your puppy out prior to people coming over!

When you get home from work, let him out before interacting with him.

Allow him to drain some of his excitement!


If he, or more appropriately she (since females have more of an issue), has an accident – ignore it!

Don’t yell!

Don’t snatch!

Don’t smack!

All of these things will make this behavior WORSE!

In the dog world, urination upon greeting is a way of saying “Please don’t eat me, I am no threat”; so by using aggression, you ensure that the behavior gets worse! I can’t say this enough!

Remain calm, get the pup outside, and then clean it up.

If you are patient and don’t overreact, chances are this behavior will go away very quickly.

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  1. Doug Fairchild says:

    We recently got a hurricane harvey dog and she is 3 years old. The issue is we have had her for a month and she shows excessive submissive behavior toward me (the hubby) she piddles when I enter a room and or make any movements toward her. I have tried all of the tricks with sitting in a room with treats and that helps for the time being then the next day it’s the submissive piddling all over again. Sometimes she starts to yelp along with piddling along with pooping when I even walk in her direction. This is her behavior in a nutshell. She loves my wife and has No issues with our other pets she just freaks out for me. We are almost ready to return her because we want her to be happy and obviously with me around that isn’t happening. I like her and I don’t know why she is so excessively submissive toward me after this long. Any last ditch suggestions, we would hate to take her back but we don’t know what else to do.


  2. Caron Forsberg says:

    I have the situation, with my, now 2 year old pitbull. Whenever anyone’s wants to pet him, he pees. I was hoping he’d outgrow it, but no. He’s afraid of them, and when they comment, especially women, in a high pitch voice… Oh,, you’re so cute, come here… he pees. What can I do. I have never said anything to my dog, no yelling, no scolding… I’m too embarrassed to speak, most of the time


  3. Sherry says:

    What can I do for help with “marking” in the house. 4 year old Yorkie.


  4. Dotty says:

    Great info. I will try more of this with my little girl! Thanks so much!


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