Proof Dominance Training Is Off Base?

For some reason the world seems to think that the only way to cure dog aggression issues is with dominance.

The people who defend this position like to argue that dogs are decsendants of wolves, and that the Alpha relationship in a pack of wolves, is why we should use domination to make our dog’s think of us as leaders too.

But the APDT has published on their website that they feel this approach is off base, and back it up with their own counter argument that you should go read if you’re the kind of person who’s been brainwashed into using dominance by some particularly popular TV show trainers.

Go read their statement here:

>>> My Thoughts:

The APDT says that you can not use the observation of wolf behavior to explain dog behavior, as you can observe chimpanzee behavior to explain human behavior.

But I’d like to caution people reading this statement and offer my thoughts.

I believe the APDT is using this argument to say you can’t explain ALL behavior, and not some behavior.  And I think they’re right about how Wolves do not determine who the alpha of the pack is by how dominant a dog or person is to them, and instead rely on social structure and support from one another.

But they do have a leader, and knowing how they determine who the leader of the pack is, I think is something worth studying and applying to your dog, especially since how they really do it is NOT with aggression.

To understand where we come from genetically, and what our DNA has been hard wired into us to do, is an important thing and not to be completely ignored.

Just my two cents.

What do you think?

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