Product Review: Tether Tug

Product Review: Tether Tug

I am pretty well known for my dog training style!

And, I am proud of that fact; my dog training mentality is to build drive and play games with your dog while training so that training is actually fun.

We (humans) love doing fun things!

Dogs also love doing fun things!

So if you want exceptional and reliable dog training it should utilize toys, treats and the most fun things you have available.

I have to admit at first I loved the look of this particular tether toy.

You pop this toy into the ground and it dangles and tantalizes your dog to play.

Once the dog grabs the toy he tugs and spins and basically tries to rip the toy off of the tether.

It looks like good exercise!

And, the truth is that I use a toy on a horse whip (flirt pole) like this for my puppies and adult dogs all of the time.

I use it to expel energy, provide exercise and to build the dog’s natural prey drive for toys.

I later use and manipulate this natural and instinctual drive to perform very animated and exciting obedience.

But the more I thought about this toy, the more I actually dislike it!

Weird, right?

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The Problem

tether tug, tether tug reviews

Not very exciting or interactive

The problem that I foresee with this toy is that it will quickly lose its novelty and as a result it will actually decrease prey drive and excitement for this or other toys.

Often times, things that constantly available become boring.

I mean, how often are you truly thankful for things like windows?  Unless you have recently done time without windows, you probably don’t even think about it.

We all know that toys left out in your dog’s toy box often go from “super fun” status, to mundane status pretty quickly!

I am afraid this toy will enter that realm for most dogs.

Exciting at first, played with for a few days or weeks, then abandoned in the yard while blowing in the wind.

And that, my friends, is a horrible thought to a dog trainer that prides herself on using toys and fun.

In a way, it would be like desensitizing toys and a game of tug (which would be fine if that is what you are looking for).

A flirt pole, a tether tug… they look so similar, right?


The Differences

The flirt pole only comes out when I decide to play with my dog; I don’t leave it out.

tether tug, tether tug reviews

More Jumping Fun

I also have the opportunity to tease my dog and make him “work” for the flirt pole.

Getting your teeth in the toy attached to the horse whip or flirt pole isn’t easy, because I am in charge and I want to build your drive!  Remember that easy things are not appreciated like the things we work toward.

I can give my dog a full reward!

The dog is not truly rewarded if he cannot get the toy and run off with it for a minute.

I can give my dog the opportunity to take the toy, chew it, thrash it, play with it and possess it for a while.

The Tether Tug stays in one place and can’t be carried off unless it breaks.

I can make my dog cover more ground; by flipping the flirt pole out, and back and forth I can provide my dog with more stimulation and more exercise.

The Tether Tug stays in one place.

tether tug, tether tug reviews

More Chase Fun

The Truth

The truth is  that this toy looks like great fun!

But, it will most likely kill your dog’s drive because it will quickly make toy play become boring.

Even if you take it down after each play session and set it up each time, it is not quite as interactive as it looks!

YOU are much more interactive than this toy!

Get off the sofa, grab your own flirt pole and head out to play with your dog!

That is a much better and more reliable option that will build drive and make your obedience more fun in the future!









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  1. Margaret Wilson says:

    I have great difficulty learning anything from the Internet. I much prefer to read a book. From my brief reviews of your internet advice it seems as if you have good dog training ideas. have you put all this information into book form. I am currently doing my best to retrain a 4yr old Whippet Cross. I have been successful in some things. However she still tries to sleep on my bed and prefers to steal my food than eat her own food. Both of theses issues are an absolute NO NO as far as I am concerned. I am happy to read e-mails on my computer but where learning is concerned I will only use a book.


    Minette Reply:

    Books and newspapers are really out of style. Paperless and internet learning is the new way. Even the veterinary practice I work at, our vets use articles and reviews on VIN. Books outdate so quickly and are pricey to print.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like the smell of a book and having something in my hand as well… but the quality of the information does not increase because it is printed in this way.


  2. Debbie Annas says:

    We crate our dogs at night. When we let them back out in a.m., my golden doodle INSISTS on grabbing something (shoes, throw pillows, etc) on her way out the door. If she gets out with it, she immediately abandons it. Is this just a game with her? How can we curb this behavior?


    Minette Reply:

    Some dogs like having something in their mouth when they are excited. I think it would be easier to let her have an appropriate “pacifier”


  3. Lunfa says:

    Thank you. I can see that getting off the sof a and playing with your dog I’d much more important than actually what you play with.


  4. Jodi says:

    Like the article – can’t get the two flirt pole videos to play though.


  5. Melanie Buzek says:

    It seems it would be great if there were something more permanent that was an anchor in the ground that you could snap the tether tug into. This would allow the owner to take it in after the dog has played with it so it is not always available.


  6. Barbara Eisenhower says:

    If you’re disabled like me, & can’t exercise your dog, I think this is a great toy! I have 2 pit bull mixes, & I think they would definitely have fu with this toy. They really need exercise too. I haven’t been able to walk them in over 2 years! It makes me feel bad for them. Other than hiring someone to walk them once a day (which I can’t afford), I really don’t know what else I can do. If you have suggestions, I’m listening…


  7. Jen Gabbard says:

    That’s a great point, and part of the reason why I decided against getting one of these. It certainly looks awesome, and I have no doubt dogs love it, but for me getting out the flirt pole isn’t a big hassle at all – and that interaction is what makes it even more engaging for my dog.


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