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Looking for a product to get rid of pet odors?  Read this product review.

Pet Odors? – Fresh Wave Pet Gel Crystals Review

March 1, 2010, by Kelley,

If you have a dog (or husband) then occasionally you’re exposed to offensive odors. There are a variety of products intended to combat odor, but Fresh Wave’s Pet Gel Crystals is my new favorite stink destroyer. Unlike candles or sprays that mask odors these remarkable Pet Gel Crystals, actually do what they’re supposed to do: They neutralize the stink.

Fresh Wave’s products use an electrostatic charge to attract odor particles and pull them out of the air. Fresh Wave products are made with all-natural extracts of Aniseed, Clove, Cedar-wood, Lime, Pine Needle and Soya. The crystals are non-toxic and environmentally safe, which means you can leave the product out without worry. Like me, you can choose to combat one stinky situation at a time. Alternatively, if you have a stubborn problem area you can leave an open jar nearby for constant relief.

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  1. Tjene Penger says:

    Awesome review, it’s a bit over-priced however.


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