How to Keep Your Pets Safe This Halloween

Costumes are cute for Halloween, especially when it comes to pets. But as with anything related to a holiday—candy, décor, and those adorable costumes—safety comes first.

Take those masks, capes, and more: You should never force your pet to have a mask that makes it so they can’t see or breathe. And think about practicalities: If they can’t go to the bathroom, they shouldn’t have to wear the costume.

Candy is a big risk for pets at a sweet-focused holiday like Halloween. Too much of some candy types that have an ingredient called xylitol can be toxic to animals, causing them severe symptoms such as vomiting and seizures. The wraps around candy can be dangerous, too.

And although lights and strings and glow sticks are fun and festive ways to accent your home inside and out for Halloween, anything within paw’s or mouth’s reach can be enticing, and therefore dangerous, for an animal.

Learn more ways to keep your pets safe with this graphic.



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