What Do You Do For Your Pet That You Would Never Admit to?

I read a lot, and a lot of my time is spent reading various articles and blogs online.  I enjoy reading, and its one way I stay up to date on training, veterinary medicine and other issues.  Because of my veterinary technician background I tend to really like the ones that revolve around vet medicine.  Usually I don’t steal ideas or write similar articles, typically I just like sharing them on twitter and educating myself about what is going on in the dog training and vet world.

But, today…I have to steal/share the article I recently read.   It went on to ask what is the most embarrassing thing you do to, with or for your pet…that you would never admit to if asked?  We all have things we do that we would be too humiliated to admit to, especially in large groups.  But since the internet adds anonymity, I figured some of you might enjoy sharing.

I suppose it has to start with me and having worked with dogs for almost 20 years I have plenty of stories and situations to that I have tried to forget.  Someday I will share my most embarrassing public dog training moments.  But for this article let’s stick to the things I do for my pet that most people wouldn’t suspect.

The first, which I have admitted to before is: I let my dogs (that don’t have dominance or issues challenging me) sleep on the bed and get on the furniture.  I spend a large amount of every day vacuuming dog hair, dusting and swifering but I don’t care.  I even relish spooning with Nix when my husband is away J

I also must admit to getting super goofy when training.  It’s mortifying really, but while playing hide and seek and teaching my dogs to come and find me…I have hidden; in their crate, in the bathtub, in a storage bin and in cabinets that are just big enough to fit me.

Typically I prefer engaging in this behavior solo because I don’t need the giggles and stares of family members…but I truly believe that dogs have a sense of humor.  Maybe it is because I think it is funny and they can see it in my demeanor, but my dogs always have the silliest look when they find me in entertaining places.

I also confess I really never have any alone time.  When I shower, I am usually accompanied into the bathroom by 3 dogs and a cat, and we have a SMALL bathroom.  AND, if I take a bath…my cat wanders out onto my body, lays down, and plays in the water.  I am an island, but it is never a lonely one.

Yup, shamefully that is My cat on My legs

As a matter of fact one day last December I asked my cat out loud “Do you want to take a bath with me?” and I guess my stepson was within ear shot because he shrieked in horror.  I assured him I was speaking to my bath buddy, the cat.  I know it’s silly, but I kinda like when she does it.  She even enjoys dipping her tail in the warm water and then flying around when she jumps out and it showers her on the head.

When Snitch, my late Malinois, was a puppy he use to drop his ball into my bath water so that I would throw it for him.  It got to the point that I couldn’t do anything in there without a ball dropping on my face, so one night I figured I would no longer retrieve it from the water for him.  As the “masterful” dog trainer I figured he would struggle to reach the ball and then give up and stop bugging me.  What I didn’t expect was for all 80 pounds of him to pounce me in the bathtub.  Not only did he join me, he happily laid down in the water on top me.  It was suppose to be a relaxing just before bed soak, that ended up turning into a really wet night!

Dogs are wonderful!  And, admittedly I have done all kinds of things to entertain them and love them over the years.  I don’t mind being silly, making mistakes or falling short because dogs never judge.  Dogs love unconditionally and most often they are my best friends!

So tell me your stories, or what you do for your dog that you would never admit, even to your family!  Whats a few giggles amongst friends?


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  1. Awesome blog! Is your theme custom made or did you download it from somewhere? A design like yours with a few simple adjustements would really make my blog jump out. Please let me know where you got your design. Thanks a lot


  2. Jan says:

    I admit to everything I do… I really don’t care if people think I’m a nut, or a loser:) My Doberman’s comfort comes before mine, most of the time. I won’t stop to eat or shop if the weather is too hot, or if there’s no abundant shade. My boy’s a service dog, so he IS allowed to enter all places… but if he’s not ‘shiny clean’ I won’t take him in – he’s a beautiful dog, and I want people to see him at his finest! – I may look like something the cat dragged in, but he’s GOT to be perfect!


  3. Jana Rade says:

    LOL I don’t know if I could pin point just one thing I do. I think it’s my general attitude of a mother hen that makes people think I’m nuts. All they have to say is: “Thank God you didn’t have kids!” You do the math. LOL


  4. Jamie Poe says:

    Looking at the first picture in this article…people need to be very careful with peanut butter jars or anything of this shape/size. Several years ago I had a Schipperke who got into the trash while I was at work and pulled out a peanut butter jar that I hadn’t screwed the lid back on. By the time I got home he had rammed his head into the jar so tightly that he was suffocating and I had to literally sit on him and wrench the jar from his head…he was beginning to turn blue. Needless to say it scared me TOO DEATH! Another 30 minutes and I think he’d have been dead! That little corgi in the picture could very easily do the same thing. Convinced me that I need to wash out and cap all trash of this nature…also to prevent wildlife from wedging it onto their heads at the landfill! Thanks so much for your interesting/informative articles. Jamie


  5. Kathryn Snyder-Gibson says:

    I have a blind piebald dachshund. Bad breeding choices that led to a genetic blindness or “tiny eyes” as I have heard it called. Anyway, I have never had a blind dog before and I was a complete wreck when I first brought him home!! I was so scared he would run into something that I couldn’t bring myself to leave him on the floor to run around!! I must say that by the time he hit 4 1/2 months old he was a real arm full!!! His gaining weight is what finally convinced me to put him down and let him run!! Now if I could only have figured out how to bubble wrap his nose, I might have a few less gray hairs!! Here’s to my blind Charlie Brown!!


  6. Carolyn Pace says:

    First let me say that I SO enjoy your website and training tips. How wonderful to find someone who trains with love and compassion for the animals! I have a chihuahua who was already half grown when I got her, and she came from a bad hoarding situation and was not socialized to people. Although she has no problems with other dogs. (I have to confess I have always had a tendency to “spoil” my dogs anyway though.) Anyway, I have gone a bit overboard with her because of her background… and I do things like cutting up her meat treats into tiny pieces for her so she doesn’t have to struggle with large pieces. I throw a couple of pieces of ice in her water bowl when it is hot outside, not enough to make the water really icy, but enough to cool it a bit for her. Since she has really bonded to me, I can trust that wherever I am in the house, she will be as close to me as she can get. So, I have put cushions for her comfort in all her favorite spots, under the bed, under my regular chair, etc. I guess I sound like a real nut case, but I really love this little dog, and she is pretty special to me, because I got her right after my daughter passed away, and I think I transferred an inordinate amount of affection onto that little dog, who I call my “baby”. She is quite a character now, and doesn’t even resemble the little terrified creature I brought home four years ago. She still doesn’t enjoy being around other people than myself, but she tolerates them. When we are alone, she is quite a comical little thing, and I sometimes believe she is laughing at me!


  7. Smolfsine says:

    When you talked about your bath and were the dog jumped into the bath to you. I had once 3 labs they all tried to take a bath with me. So I had to close my door into the bath room when I were taking a bath. Just not enough space in a bathtop with a human and 3 labs.

    Also when I go potty the 3 dogs I have now thinks it is petting time when I go to the restroom. Because what in the world do you else have to do when sitting on the can.


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