Behavior Changes in an Older Dog

The effects of aging often bring on fears of Alzheimer's disease in humans.  But our aging dogs can display some behavior changes as well.  Always contact your veterinarian to determine if these changes require medical attention, or whether they are just a normal part of your dog's aging process.

Old dog behavior changes

by alexadry,

Senior dogs get Alzheimers too!

Owners of geriatric dogs often call their veterinarian office concerned about their dog's recent behavior changes. They may report that their dog may wake up in the middle of the night and start howling. Others may report their very well house-trained dog gets up and has accidents around the house or wakes up to drink and then shortly after urinates on the carpet.

I know about these instances as I have personally often taken these calls.

I recall particularly, an owner one day calling concerned about her dog because he started wandering around the home at night bumping into furniture and hardly recognizing her. He would then sleep for most of the day undisturbed. The owner was unable to sleep properly and was very concerned by this recent worrisome behavior. Afterward, the dog also changed behavior, from an outgoing dog he became an overly submissive and timid fellow.While all the above instances required a careful evaluation by the vet via a thorough physical and geriatric blood-work sent to a lab, most instances turned out to be simply signs of good old aging.

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