No More Pulling On The Leash!

Got a wonderful call for you today!

This one was done with Sylvia Tyree, who knocked it out of the park with her simple solutions for how to use halters (a specific kind you’ll need to listen for in the interview) to cure your dog’s bad habit of pulling on that leash.  Get more leash training information from our site.

And the greatest part is that the halter only has to be used temporarily.

It was a GREAT call, and I’m excited to do more calls with Sylvia in the future 🙂

Here’s the recording:


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  1. Vicky Sharp says:

    I get my long coated dog professionally groomed two or three times a year. He hates being brushed and his coat gets so matted that it is well worth $40 a pop to have someone else deal with it. My smooth coated dog has never seen the inside of my groomers, and never will. I brush her weekly.


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