Natural Dog Training Video

Here is the replay from our Natural Dog Training Webinar we held with Neil Sattin.

And because it took me so long to post this replay, due to technical video editing problems… Neil has generously agreed to extend the offer he makes at the end of the video through the weekend.

Just go to if you want to take advantage of Neil’s special offer he’s making available to subscribers!

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  1. bernie Petersen says:

    I tried to watch the Natural DOg Training video on your blog but it only played up to the point that Neil starts to talk and then locks up. I had signed up to listen the other night but was tied up with work and missed it.

    Any other way to see it?


  2. Kelly` says:

    This video stops about five minutes in and resets to the beginning. Is there any way you can fix that or is it just me. I enjoyed the webinar but would sometimes fade out or lose connection for a short time now and then, I would love to be able to review it in its entirety on this video. Thanks.


  3. Ed Long says:

    I am really interested in what Neil had to say about dog training. especially how to get my dog to come when called no matter what. she is a 22 mo. old GSP and loves to hunt. when I turn her loose from her leash she’s like a different dog. mind set to running and hunting. I have tried playing the video/replay several times and it will not play past the point where Neil talks about being the Moose. also I simply cannot afford the dvd’s. Is there any way you can send me another link to listen to what Neil has to say. If there is supposed to be video on there, it never came on either. Thank’s Ed


  4. susan says:

    Hi Chet, Just wanted to say I’ve tried to watch this three times now and each time it shuts down on the first set of photos – just after you say “Take it away Neil..” and he begins. I’ll try again tomorrow or sometime. Thanks for posting.
    .-= susan´s last blog ..Reading material =-.


  5. trina says:

    would love to watch the video how ever did what you said restarted mean times no go I’m a trialer obedience and I do use a clicker when training from aussie.


  6. Gary Mac Arthur says:

    I have tried to watch your blog version 8-10 times. I can not get past Slide 14 “Pushing -Next Step”. Would it be possible to get a copy of the slie show presentation and a seperate audio file or transcript of the presentation?


  7. Sarah Earnshaw says:

    Did not get to hear any of it so was rather disapointed, as it stops after neils starts to talk. I have a 6 month old BichonMaltese who does not come on recall but is very good wiyh other commands. He has a strange phobia about walls Does not like to get to close to a wall and woud prefer to walk in the middle of the road which is not practical even though where i live is very quiet.


    Chet Reply:

    Thanks for your feedback guys, I think I’ve now got the video fixed.

    Sorry for your troubles,



  8. Lisa says:

    The video stopped just as the trainer was getting to the “meat” of the video. How can I see the entire video?


  9. Andi says:

    The video only gets to the point where Neil is saying “On the other hand, if you were this big towering thing . . ” It looks as if others are having the same difficulty with the video.

    I’d love to hear more. My dog perfectly fits the description of reaching emotional overload under certain circumstances and I’d like to learn how to be more Mooselike in her life.


  10. Andi says:

    It’s still not working.


    Chet Reply:

    I tried fixing again and it seems to be working for me. Please let me know if you all are still having problems.


  11. susan says:

    Hi Chet, the video is still not working. It resets resets itself at the beginning of the pushing exercise this time (for me).


  12. Louise Irwin says:

    Hi Chet,

    Like most of the other comments I only got to see the first 5 mnins or so before it cut off on me. I was really enjoying it and would love to hear/see the rest of it. Please try to sort this out. Your advice is invaluable and due to recession in Ireland I don’t have the financial means to buy your stuff on line. Looking forward to seeing it in its entirety.




  13. Ella May Smith says:

    Could not get the video to play at all.
    Ella May Smith


  14. Judy says:

    Very anoying video, cant hear speaker properly and then it cuts off just after the inroduction of the video portion.

    Please fix it.



  15. pradeep says:

    after 8 to 10 min. the video restarts automatically from begining.tried lot of times same problem.


  16. Col Killmier says:

    Hi Chet

    Am having the sam problems as everyone else – afte about five minutes the video turns off – the first five minutes i also very hard to hear – volume is quite muffled
    Hope it can be fixed as am really interested in what Neil has to say



  17. AUDREY says:



  18. Gary says:

    Way too rambling; this presentation needs to be tightened up a lot, particularly in the first quarter. It stopped and I gave up— Good luck


  19. Hello Chet,
    only heard/received about 2 minutes of talking by yourself, then unit stopped and went back to the beginning.
    the 4 points to be covered sounded just right for our three dogs.
    Is it possible for the video to be corrected?
    Many thanks, Neil


  20. Tiffany says:

    I had a hard time getting anything to come it. There was talking for a few seconds but that was all no video.:( Is there another way to see this video? I could not watch it because of my work:(


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