My Best Money Saving Tip for Puppies

Puppies are some of the sweetest things on earth! I mean, who doesn’t absolutely adore a puppy!

But, puppies are expensive!

I think people should assess their finances prior to having a puppy, like they assess their finances prior to having a baby.

Here is a lit of the things that a puppy will need:

Seat belts
Puppy Training

And let us not forget…vet visits every four weeks until about 16 weeks. Then, there is the cost of spay or neuter.

My Special Trick For Saving Money With Puppies

But there is one special trick I have used over the years to save me hundreds of dollars. 😉  It works on adult dogs too.

Most of those things you can’t get out of, as all puppies need all of those things.

But let’s focus on toys, for a moment.

I have a laundry basket full of toys.

Dogs need toys, puppies especially need toys!

They need a variety of toys:

Hard toys
Soft toysmoney saving tip for puppies, puppy training
Fuzzy toys
Squeaky toys
Indestructible toys
Chewy toys
Stuffed bones and toys
…the list could go on!

And, please note that even though I list toys that could be dangerous for some dogs, my intention is not for you to leave your dog alone to shred or ingest these toys.  But dogs, like toddlers, like a variety of textures and should safely be exposed to them.

When my puppies are young, I add probably at least a dozen types of toys to their toy box.

After all, these toys are what keeps them from chewing on “MY” things!!!  So, the investment is worth it!

After That

After that, I begin to take their favorite toys from their toy box.

Oddly enough, dogs are like people… if they have 3 dozen toys to play with that have been in their toy box for several weeks, they think they have “nothing” to play with at all.

However, ironically if you take a toy or two here and there, and then add back an old toy, your dog will be mentally stimulated and entertained.

He will think his old toy is new, or at least he will be thrilled to see it!

If I Have a New Puppy

I find an online company like “Petedge” or “Chewy” and purchase a couple dozen kinds of toys. Then, I give my dog one dozen and then keep the rest back for eventual introduction into his toy box.

This is much, much cheaper than driving to your local big box pet store and buying toys that are 4 to 5 times more expensive!

Trust me, one day, you will thank me for it!


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