Memorial for a Fallen Hero

To Serve, Protect, and Sacrifice All for the Great Good of Our Communities

I am proud to be an American.  I also consider myself a very hard worker, but I certainly don’t put my life on the line for the good of others or my country every day of my life, nor am I always excited to put aside the joys and excitement of regular life to go to work; sometimes I have to force myself.  I don’t always have the happiest of attitudes or approach work with strength and gratitude each day.  I don’t always spring up out of bed thrilled to get myself together and go to work.  If I did, 100% of the time, everyday,  I WOULD BE A DOG.

For 16 years I have worked and trained alongside a variety of working dogs.  Working dogs come in all shapes and sizes and there is no limit, there seems, to what dogs can accomplish.  But I would like to dedicate this article to those dogs who put their lives on the line for each of us every day.  With happiness and reliability, they jump up each morning, embrace the joy and beauty of life, and live to serve us and their communities.  The more work they engage in the happier they are with their lives, and often, sadly, one must force an old decrepit police dog to retire.

  • Dogs patrol the Olympics, and sporting events
  • Dog are utilized in the military in times of war
  • Dogs guard and protect our elected officials
  • They patrol our borders
  • They patrol airports, and search for components used to make bombs
  • They help find missing children
  • They rid our streets of dangerous criminals
  • They are instrumental in purging our streets, and waterways of drugs

They are true heroes!!

And, they embrace each moment with hopefulness and exhilaration, even right up to the moment that they die in the line of duty.   Although it is a felony to injure or kill a police dog, many dogs still lose their lives each year serving us and helping to keep our children and our streets safe.

I was grateful when a friend forwarded me an email about a funeral in Utah for a fallen K9 hero.  Nearly one thousand people attended Koda’s funeral to respect and honor his service and his willingness to die for the good of his community.  Koda was a one and a half year old Belgian Malinios.

Next time you are out and:

A Dog at Work

  • a K9 vehicle drives past
  • you attend a sporting event or a concert
  • you go to the airport
  • you ride the subway
  • you see someone has been abducted on the news
  • the police are searching for a body
  • a natural disaster has caused people to go missing

remember the sacrifice of those dogs that work in silence with no need for adoration or commendation.

You can also, sustain your local authorities and K9s by raising funds to buy bullet proof vests or support more K9s and their trainers.

I try and remember their elation and complete willingness to work and sacrifice themselves each day.  So, when I lace up my shoes and head off to my work, they are the inspiration I need sometimes to give me perspective to find joy in everything that I do; I want to be just like them.

Guardians Of The Night
Author – Unknown

Trust in me my friend for I am
your comrade. I will protect you
with my last breath When all
others have left you And the
loneliness of the night closes
in, I will be at your side.

Together we will conquer all
obstacles, And search out
those who might wish harm to
others. All I ask of you is
compassion, The caring touch
of your hands. It is for you that I
will unselfishly give my life And
spend my nights unrested.
Although our days together
May be marked by the passing
of the seasons Know that each
day at your side is my reward.

My days are measured by The
coming and going of your
footsteps. I anticipate them at
every opening of the door. You
are the voice of caring when I
am ill. The voice of authority
when I’ve done wrong.

Do not chastise me unduly For
I am your right arm, The sword
at your side. I attempt to do
only what you bid of me. I seek
only to please you and remain
in your favor.

Together you and I shall
experience A bond only others
like us will understand When
outsiders see us together Their
envy will be measured by their

I will quietly listen to you And
pass no judgment, Nor will your
spoken words be repeated I will
remain ever silent, Ever vigilant,
ever loyal. And when our time
together is done And you move
on in the world Remember me
with kind thoughts and tales,
For a time we were unbeatable,
Nothing passed among us

If we should meet again on
another street I will gladly take
up your fight, I am a Police
Working Dog and together We
are guardians of the night.

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