Memorial Day and Your Dog!

As I sit here and prepare for Memorial Day this year there are several things running through my mind.

First and foremost is I am grateful to the dogs that have sacrificed their lives to help keep me free.

Flying “dogs of war” home and finding them forever homes is something that is new.

It used to be these decorated warriors who dedicated their lives to our safety and never complained about a single day of work were left in war zones or euthanized when our soldiers left.

I am happy to report that that is no longer the norm.

And, I might also mention that often these soldiers need a home where they can be loved and live out the rest of their years.

After all who doesn’t want a protective soldier living with them!

Summer is Here

The other thoughts are summer is here.dogs and heat, dogs and holiday safety

Lately I have been reading a lot online about dogs left in hot cars.

There are two separate groups of thinking here.

One is to break the window of any car where a dog is left inside.

The other is to call authorities.

I see both sides and honestly have done both.

There are times people leave their dogs in the car with the car running and the air conditioner on, I know because I have done this on a few occasions.

It is also important to know that cars can over heat, turn off or the air conditioner can fail.

Even if you leave your dog in the car with the car on, you need to be prepared to make it only for a short time and also check on your dog often.

It is also never a bad idea to leave a note on your car that says you know the dog is inside and you have left the car running and will be back shortly, leaving your cell number in case anyone notices a problem.

No one wants to break the window of a car when a dog is not in distress; but sometimes people don’t understand when a dog is or is not in distress and yes, the time it takes to go from one to another is not long at all.

And, I don’t care, don’t threaten that your dog is going to bite me… people in the protection dog industry like to use this particular line.

If your dog is dying, he probably doesn’t have the wherewithal to sink a bite or run off into traffic.

And, sometimes it can take hours… yes that’s HOURS for animal control to arrive at a call.

And, to be truthful it can take just short of that for the police to arrive too… after all they are fighting crime and dealing with “human” emergencies.

I don’t care about the “trouble” I will incur, I care more about the animal that is dying.

Heck, I’ll even take the bite from your protection dog if need be.

Here’s the Key

If the dog is just sitting in the car looking at me and checking out the surroundings, I’m not going to break your windows.

If the car is running, I am going to assume you are probably a good owner, gone for a short time and will be back soon.

If the car is not running and it is hot but the dog doesn’t look like he is too hot; I am either going to call authorities police/animal control (after all I think YOU need to get in some kind of trouble if you leave your dog in the car when it is hot) or I may have the business make a general PA call.

If your dog is panting wildly or not responsive; you better believe I am breaking your window.

I have a fancy tool in my car that is made for breaking car windows.

It is meant to be used in case I am in a car accident and need to break a window to get out.


The heat is a killer!

In your car


Your pets need to be able to find shade, drink fluids and cool off.

It was just a year ago that a dog at a festival died because he had been taken out when it was hot but was not hydrated or cooled until it was too late.

If you love your dog, leave him home when it is hot, it isn’t worth the risk.

Leave him inside your home with the air conditioning on; he will thank you for it!



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