Maverick The Pirate

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  1. WOO are cute Cap’n Maverick!


  2. Can we vote once per day? It only let me vote once a couple of days ago and not ever again.


  3. Carla says:

    Maverick says, “Aarrrrrrrr….ph!


  4. Elizabeth says:

    Only one vote per picture……aw geez….At least I did not have to give my whole life history just to vote tho – thank goodness for that!


  5. Flurry says:

    Woo Roo Maverick,

    You look great! Can I be your wench?



  6. Norwood says:

    Arrragggh mate. Swab the deck.. and put down that rum.


  7. Chef says:

    Yarrrr Maverick, me matie. You be a fine winner~!!


  8. We vote for Cap’n Maverick and there are 13 of us.


  9. Painter Pack says:

    Arrrrrr!!!!!! Woo look furry good!!!

    Mya Boo Boo


  10. Carol says:

    What’s up with the voting??????????? I have a vote button and when I click it the number doesn’t move off 1986. I find it quite peculiar that Lucy Librarian appeared on the site October 22nd and suddenly has 1986 votes too.

    I feel like this contest wasn’t really fair and perhaps Lucy was placed there by the site administrators as a ringer so they won’t have to pay the prize.

    We have had friends, family, and co-workers voting since the beginning of the month. This has been a major push for our Maverick buddy. This is so not fair!


  11. The Ao4 says:

    Our friends are trying to vote, yet Maverick’s numbers aren’t changing. Is there a problem somewhere?


  12. My friends and I have been voting for Maverick all weekend, and the number hasn’t changed from 1986 the entire time, although it’s still taking my vote and thanking me for it. What’s up with this?


  13. Carol says:

    Thank you for investigating the voting.

    Something was clearly not working right in those last few days.

    We appreciate your attention to the issue.

    Maverick’s fan club


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