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For some dog owners, training their fuzzy faced friends can be time-consuming and boring. For the most part, they are tired when they get home and the last thing they want to do is to go into the backyard and train for obedience in the classic, instructional way.

Even if they enroll in a puppy training class, it can be very difficult to listen to a trainer drone on about the importance of bite inhibition or proper socialization. Especially while their pooch is barking, moving around, and you are trying to get the dog to settle down. As a result, they have probably not heard one word of what the instructor has said.

This is not conducive to good training habits. So why not make training fun and exciting by playing dog games! 😉

All it takes to reverse the mundane training experience is to spruce it up! Make training all about having fun! When people are playing games with their dogs, they tend to be more happy. I like to use game playing as a method of training. You can set up different games in your backyard and have your family join in on the fun. You can even invite a few friends and their dogs over to participate in a game of dog training baseball or musical training chairs.

The only limit to training fun is your imagination and creativity!!

This is how you might set up such a game with friends to use in training your dog and improving your skills.

Game idea #1:

dog training gamesPlace 4 mats or bases in a typical baseball field fashion. The first person and their dog would walk or run to the first mat, and there would be a card with instructions on what they need to do in order to be safe on that base.

For example, the card on first base might read, “have your dog in a sit/down and stay while a child or adult runs around the dog singing ‘All around the Mulberry bush, the doggie chased the weasel, the doggie stopped to scratch a flea, pop goes the weasel!’.”

Have the rules state that the person must have his dog stay in the down/stay until someone has completed the song, or has tried two times. If you don’t complete the task in two tries, you are out and must wait your turn at dog bat.

Use a stop watch and time these events. That way, the owner can see that it took three at dog bats for someone to finish the song, and then he can work on making it on the first try. You see when people are competing no one wants to be last, so they will work twice as hard to place better.

Then the person moves on to base two, then three and each time the card will have an increasingly difficult pattern of training to complete. If someone says, “I don’t think my dog will do that”, then they better teach their dog quickly or they will be out of the game, and no one wants that.

You can even have ribbons for the winners and tasty dog treats for the winning canine competitors. 🙂

Game idea #2:

dog training gamesAnother great game is musical training chairs. In this dog game, you and your friends would walk your dogs in a circle around enough chairs for everyone except one while music is playing.

When the music stops, you must put your dog in a sit/stay, and then get to a chair and sit down before someone else takes the last chair. If you are left standing, then you would be out of the game.

If at anytime your dog breaks his sit/stay, you must get up and go to your dog, get him back into a sit/stay, and hope that someone doesn’t get your chair (or you will be eliminated from the game).

Again use a timer to see how long it takes you to get your dog to comply, and work on improving your times.

This will let you know that your dog is learning, that he is getting better, and having a better response time. And, it will indicate to you that your skills are improving with time as well.

These dog games are fun and highly effective for training. You don’t need to have a lot of friends over with their dogs, you can make up fun games to play with your dog on your own.

For example, you could play find the treats, tag, and tug of war. It doesn’t matter what game you play, as long as you and your dog are enjoying the time you spend together. And if someone learns a little something along the way, or improves on something that they all ready know how to do, then that’s just frosting on your dog training cake.

You will want to have many rules to the games and have your dog do as many obedience commands as possible. “Come”, “sit”, “stay”, “leave it”, “down”, “stand”, etc. Change these up and use combinations of different skills to help improve your dog’s level of response and develop your skills as a trainer.

Remember, training your dog should be about having fun and enjoying the time you spend with your dog. When you are having fun with your dog, he will be having fun too. And when you mix in obedience training, neither you or your dog will know the difference: is it training, or is it just fun dog games?

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