I LOVE My Dog, and Why You Should Learn to Appreciate Everything About Yours!

A little Girl’s Best Friend

Okay, okay I usually write some very deep articles.

Some on Euthanasia, some on the unregulated pet cremation business (please read this one), some on aggression or rehoming an aggressive dog, and the wildest most controversial article ever (I still am not sure why this ruffled so many feathers; yet it did) on how to train at or “clear a dog park”.

I won’t spoil that one if you want to read it 😉 or just the heated comments.  Thankfully, it didn’t last long so I didn’t need full time counseling afterward.  Just kidding!  I like different opinions.

But some of you have learned to know me well and are avid readers.

You have gotten to know me and my pack through my writings and videos and specialized programs.

And, today’s article is just a little “Happy” break to remind you that life is short and your dog’s life is shorter.

I kind of dread the fourth of July here in the States.

I used to love it; used to do the barbeque and the fireworks at night.

We even used to walk our very well behaved, very well adjusted dogs walking through the neighborhood with fireworks (not all dogs hate or are scared of them).

Then my old guy got old and had meningitis and the last few years I hid in my bedroom eating Cheetos and drinking mountain dew (I know I should see a nutritionist hahaha) and watching loud movies.

Now, even though he is gone I miss him!  Although it was sad that the fireworks and noise caused him trauma, I enjoyed the snuggles and bonding.

I laying in bed the other morning, my girlie Fury trying to bat my phone away and I realized how much I love her.

Really, really love her!  She is the only one allowed to bat my phone and send it across the room.

Seriously, don’t mess with my dog… I watch enough crime dramas to know where to hide a body (just kidding of course)

So I was thinking about all the things that I love to love and love to hate!

I know she is gross but I love her!

I know she is gross but I love her!

I love that she is so smart she has learned to “snot” me awake in the morning when she is seriously hungry.

I’m not trying to be super gross, she has a condition called “Primary Cilia Dyskinesia” where the hairs in her nose don’t function and so she snots, usually green or yellow snot all over all of the time.  It is much worse when she is hungry or excited!  So I have snot on the walls, the cat, the TV, the cupboards… well you get the idea.

Funny one of the vets I saw when we were trying to find out just what was wrong with her, recommended I let her live outside… #^&%#$^#&  WHAT?  I wouldn’t make my spouse or child live outside if they had a health problem they couldn’t help either.

So although I feel sorry for her that she continuously can’t breathe and never really will, and I do get tired of dog boogers in my hair or on my clothes… well, I just can’t help but love her.

  • Even if she snots straight up in my face… after 5 years, I think she is charming.  I know only a mother.
  • I love that she knows just where my kidneys are when she tries to wake me up at 2 a.m. because she has to pee (the nose condition makes her drink more water and therefore tinkle much more!)
  • I love that when I cry (shhhh big girls never cry) she sits on my lap or on my chest.
  • I love that she insists on pressing her forehead and furry eyelids on my forehead and face, and so I can feel her slowly blinking as she soaks up my love.  Like butterfly kisses but soooooo much better.
  • I love that she is always ready.  Doesn’t matter what she is doing, or how she feels she is happy to go anywhere or just hang out with me.
  • I love that she is such a bitchy bitch (yes she is a little edgy) that she can fend off an amorous dog by making absolutely no noise and only flashing each and every tooth.
  • I love that she gets so excited at dock diving and bite work practice that she would nearly break her teeth off or try to squeeze through a 2 inch hole!  She has great drive!
  • I love that she helped raise my coon.
  • I love that she is my constant companion.
  • I love that I rely more on her than she ever could on me.
  • And, I love that even though she is great with children and people 99% of the time, that other 1% she is happy, willing and able to bite and defend me with her life!

What a dog she is!  One of a kind.  I will cherish every single day I am blessed to call her mine, and me hers.

What do you like about your dog?  Share your experiences of what makes your dog your best friend!

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  1. Kassie says:

    My dad is an old farmer, he doesn’t really train his dogs, yet somehow they end up as reasonably well behaved pets. My parents live out inbthe country and subscribe to a more free range pet policy. This has worked well for them for the most part, but his dog Dozer (a German shorthair/black lab mix), who was very aptly named for he is very pushy, became a nuisance to the neighbors down the way, who had gophers in his wheat field that the dog couldn’t resist. Neighbor never said anything, so they didn’t know it was an issue. Instead of letting them know, the neighbor sent his 15 y/o son out with a shotgun to kill him. He shot him, didn’t kill him, and Dozer came home with bird shot all over in his nose and mouth. He’s had several surgeries, which the police had the neighbor pay for a couple (cop said it would have been different if he had killed him since that was his right as property owner, but since he didn’t he was at fault for the injuries), but he still has a hole in his sinuses.
    Dozer doesn’t roam as far anymore and my mother is home most days now, so she makes sure they stay home. It was a hard lesson, but it turned out OK. Dozer’s just a big lovable dummy and we all should have been a bit more responsible. I’m sure he walked right up to the boy with the gun (he called him closer) because he leads strangers, like the post man, right to the front door. If it’s not closed right he’ll even open it for them.
    My whole point here is that I can empathize with the snotty nose. It’s sweet to see my old dad grab a tissue and wipe Dozers nose because he loves him. This is a man you can’t even say ‘snot’ around without him gagging.


  2. Kassie says:

    Also, I’m so glad I found this blog. Thank you so much for writing it! I have like ten tabs of different posts open on my phone and I’m learning a lot from you here. Hopefully there will be better behaved dogs in my near future!


    Minette Reply:

    Thank you so much! You just made my day! As a writer and trainer it is hard to tell what impact you make… and it is very nice to know that I have made a positive one on you 🙂


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