Loose Leash Training

This is a great video of Aidan Bindoff from PositivePetzine.com teaching Tess a 13mo old GSD how to walk on a loose leash.  Through much positive reinforcement Aidan is able to show Tess that pulling and tugging on the leash is not the best way to get what you want.  Read what Aidan has to say on this here.

You can also check out our loose leash training information and our leash training information.


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  1. Jeanette says:

    don’t understand what you are doing to leash train? this dog is older. why is he being trained now? to me it looked like you were just going in circles and giving him treats.


    Jess Reply:

    Not all older dogs are trained to walk to heal, e.g. if they are a rescue dog they might not have any training. If you notice in the video everytime the dog pulls the trainer stops and until the dog comes back so the leash is loose then the dog gets treat. Looks like a good idea and will try it on my rescue dog as he sometimes pulls.


  2. Esther says:

    what if the dog is older and has a lot of energy do you still need to use the plain collar. What do you do if you have another dog and this dog gets jelous and always barks and tries to run there what are you suppose to do?


  3. david r says:

    i have a lab pitbull mix she was impossible to walk all she did was pull so i saw on its me or the dog the halt collar she disliked it at first now she does not pull at all and it does not cause them any pain


  4. Louise says:

    Jeanette, if you undestand clicker training you will get that he is now only rewarding fr when the dog lets the lead be loose and is back with the handler and the handler stops when the dog pulls on the lead. Also walking now is not the object here, it is only important that the dog gets when the lead is loose and he is close to the handler he gets rewarded. Walking straight will only be a next step and it might only be a few steps forward at a time.

    @Esther, choke collars etc are just managing tools that at the end could and will at some point fail. Also it does not teach the dog anything new, he only will walk on lead nicely when he has the choke collar on and not without. So what has the dog really learned? Nothing. Using the method described above teaches the dog that walking next to his handler not only gets him treats but also he gets to walk which is the dogs ultimate goal. Walking is the reward it self and later the treats will be able to fade out and will only be given variably. This is by no means a quick fix, but a lasting one that actually teaches the dog a wanted behaviour by shaping his natural behaviour through positive reinforcement.

    Hope this answers your question.



  5. Linda Smith says:

    This wasn’t helpful for me at all. I rescued a 6-year-old rottweiler who has no formal clicker training nor is she treat motivated to behave. She is motivated by pleasing me. That is my only saving grace. However, I cannot get her to heel. So, maybe I will need to send her to puppy class.


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