How I Trained an 11 Week Old Puppy To “Learn How To Listen”In Just 18 Minutes

LearningToListenArrowLooking for your Learning to Listen Video?

You’ll find it further down on this page.  But before you watch it, I want to let you in on a HUGE misconception most people make when it comes to training your dog to listen and obey commands quickly…

That Good Dogs = HUGE time commitment

You see, the truth is that dogs can be taught to learn VERY quickly, as you’ll see in the video below.

You just need to be let in on the BIG secret.

What’s the secret?

The secret to training your dog in the fastest amount of time possible is to make sure that the very next thing you go out and train your dog, is trained using the Capturing style of training (its also the method I demonstrate for you in the video below.)

How To Use Capturing To ‘Speed Train’ Your Dog

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Why does Capturing train dogs faster?

Two reasons.

With traditional styles of training dogs, the part of the training that slows down how fast your dog learns to obey is two things.

#1) The confusion your dog has about what you wan’t him to do (cuz believe it or not, he actually doesn’t know english)

#2) The stress that is caused from too many failures to do what you want.

And when you combine both of those methods together you get SLOW TRAINING!

Here’s a few more details to help this make more sense…

1st Notice how I let it be the “Dog’s Idea” to go to his bed?


Notice How I’m Not Down On My Knees Luring The Dog To The Bed?


If I had trained like OTHER trainers I would be down on my knees tapping that bed trying to LURE the dog over to it where I could finally reward him.  This would have taken MUCH longer to train the dog as he wouldn’t have known right away if I was just trying to pet him, or if he was supposed to lick my face or a dozen other possible things.

Yet because I let HIM discover what I wanted the FIRST time he got it MUCH faster!

Does he end up getting confused eventually?

Sure he does!

Yet notice its not with the part about going to his bed that confuses him, he gets that in a matter of seconds.  He only starts to get confused when I start to add in the cue of Pointing to the Bed.

This makes total sense right!?  

Afterall… learning a cue is like learning a new sort of sign language.  And not even you or I can learn a language in 8 minutes, so its TOTALLY normal that a dog would get confused at this stage.

Yet because I made the REST of the process as LEAST confusing as possible, he wasn’t stressed at all so I was able to have a longer training session where we were able to get him to work through the confusion until he got it right.

If I had spent the first part of the training confusing him with what he was supposed to do, his little brain would have been fried, and we would have had to take a break and train the rest over the next 2-3 days.

Starting to see how this gets FASTER results?

Plus this has a HUGE secondary benefit that helps you with the rest of your dog’s training

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Did you see how Creative the dog gets with going to his bed?

Did you ever play that game as a kid, where maybe your parents hid a surprise Birthday gift somewhere in your house, and as you set out in search of this gift your parents would yell “Your Getting Warmer” if you were getting closer to the gift, or “Your Getting Colder” if you were moving further away from it?

Well that’s a CAPTURING type of game!  And capturing games train you (or your dog) to do one KEY thing.

They teach you to get CREATIVE about how you try to win the game.

You’d look up, you’d look down, you’d look underthings etc.  Basically continuing to try everything you could think of until you won right?

I’ll get to why this is SUPER critical for quickly training your dog in a moment, but first notice…

That’s exactly what my dog is doing too – Getting Creative!

After he figured out he was supposed to go to his bed, then he started experimenting with HOW to go to his bed.


Go back and look at all the different ways he cleverly tried to see if he could go to his bed:

  • He Tried Standing On His Bed
  • He laid just one paw on his bed
  • He tried sitting next to the bed (still touching it but NOT quite on it 😉
  • He tried crouching until he was ALMOST laying on his bed
  • And finally he just laid on the bed

Now here’s why this is HUGE for fixing your dogs obedience problems…

The More Creative Your Dog Is = The Easier He’ll Be To Train

Here’s an example to prove this point…

Lets take a behavior problem that almost EVERYBODY wishes their dog didn’t have… Pulling on the leash… and lets look at how a creative dog can be more easily trained to stop pulling.

First realize, the mistake that MOST dog owners make with trying to fix leash pulling, is not realizing that there are 4 or 5 ways that a dog can learn to not pull on his leash.

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Most folks only use one of them; where the dog is trained to stop pulling when he FEELS his leash go tight.

Of course this has a LOT of problems because your dog can’t see you, so if you turn or change directions he’ll never know until his leash goes tight.  So walks become a constant never ending ‘clotheslining’ fest.

Sound familiar?

That’s why a SUPERIOR method is to train your dog to walk in a position where he can see your leg without turning his head instead.

There’s a problem with this method though…

LeashPullingsThe problem is that dogs who are trained to NOT do things or they’ll be punished don’t ever develop the creativity to LOOK for being in the right position, so they’re SUPER hard to leash train, until you go back to square one and teach them how to be creative again.

Instead of them trying to REALLY figure out where you want them to be during a walk, they don’t try anything at all.  They just think they’re out for a joyride and are literally waiting for you to punish them.

Its sad.

Yet it doesn’t have to be this way for you!

If you’ll simply first train your dog the Capturing behavior I teach in the video above, the creativity your dog will then take to learning the rest of his obedience will double or triple how fast you can cure his behavior problems.

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