Learing To Be Firm But Gentle With Your Dog

All of us love our pets and most of us consider dog as one of our family members. This makes us difficult for many of us to train our dogs. So we let them do whatever they like and our puppies turn out to be naughty rogues and sometimes even unruly.

When they turnout to be unruly dogs, we will have no other go but to send them away to pet orphanage or to some other similar place. If only you knew how to train your puppy or your dog, it would not have gone to that extent of sending away your dog.

When it comes to dog training many of us think that we need to be tough with our dogs or puppies to make them obey to their masters. So many of us think that we cannot be tough with our dogs and thereby we fail to train them properly. Some of us even end up being tough with our puppies wanting them to be a well disciplined dog. These are extremes and both approaches will hurt your puppies one way or the other.

So what it takes to train your dog or puppy well is a firm but a gentle master. When you engage in dog training or puppy training, you must learn to be firm but gentle with them and just not tough. Dogs are very sensitive animals and they can easily sense when you are angry. This can make your dogs sulk and withdraw leading to behavioral problems.

Before you set out to train your dog or puppy for puppy house training or puppy potty training, you will need to find a good dog training program or dog training courses. You need to first be well equipped before you take the trainer’s seat.

Do Your Homework On What’s Available!

Don’t choose your dog training course randomly, before you buy your dog training course review them closely and make sure that it is a suitable course for training your puppy because poor choice of dog training course can hurt your puppy. You can even turn a healthy puppy into a rogue dog through inappropriate training.

Your dog or puppy will take some time before it understands your commands. So until then you need to be firm with your dog without being tough. It requires a lot of patience too to train dogs. By finding the right dog training course you will be able to accomplish things fast.

Good dog training courses will be developed based on sound dog psychology. Only such dog training courses will be effective. So it is your responsibility to pick to dog training course. You cannot blame your dog later for your poor choice of dog training course and your faulty approach to dog training.

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  1. jana rade says:

    I find that dogs can actually learn quite quickly with the right method. They want to learn, because they want to please. If given a chance to please, they quickly pick up on that.

    Of course patience is always needed. I got quite spoiled by our Jasmine, who was house-trained in a week! Of course that cannot be expected from all dogs, J.D. surely took longer than that.

    My first dog training book which I started with had a great piece of wisdom in it. It is much easier to teach your dog what is the one place you do want them to do their business at, than the thousand of places the shouldn’t. I think this applies to other things as well. If they get a chance to please, that’s what they will most likely opt doing.
    .-= jana rade´s last blog ..Product Review: Busy Buddy Bouncy Bone =-.


  2. Hello, I’m currently trying to train my dog (a Cairn Terrier) and I have to say it’s way longer than what I was initially thinking. Do you have any tips on how I could improve?


  3. Marilyn says:

    I hav a 7mon male boxer.went to school basic training.learned all quickly.wen taken for a walk chokes himself by not walkin the way he was taught.biggest problem is he is loveable but many times comes at viciously an bites me.listens to husband on command an not me.I don’t hit or mistreat him.gets much love but wen he displays bad manners an wants to bite only me I hav to put in crate.loves all people especially kids.I spend most of time with him than husband.why did he turn on me an wants to eat me up? He now is just gettin very horny too.not nueted yet.one testicle hasn’t dropped.will b operated on for that an nueted at same x.this rage he goes into with only me has to stop! Don’t no what to do.practice wat he learned at school daily for shrt while not to bore him.needs a yard to run in an live in apt.combine. leashes an take him to park daily to run off energy.comes home an he falls asleep.so sweet at timees.wat do I do about biting.getting worst wit me only!


    Minette Reply:

    Contact your veterinarian and get a referral to a veterinary behaviorist, since I cannot see the aggression I cannot give advice.

    Someone needs to come out and witness the behavior and put you both on a behavior modification program.


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