Welcome to the Land of Misfit Dogs

Well, He Thinks He is a Dog. Thanks to Ellen Griffin Photography for the Picture

Actually that should read “Welcome, to the Land of Misfit Animals”.  I don’t know why it is, but the misfits of the four legged sort seem to find their way to my house.

I guess it takes one to know one, or so the adage goes, so maybe I should find a therapist and figure out why I fit into the misfit realm.  Perhaps I just don’t want to know the answer to that one!  After twenty some years 😉 I am fairly comfortable with who I am.

Well I am a girl, so most days I am comfortable with who I am and other days the bedroom floor is riddled with clothes that just don’t “fit right” and I have “nothing to wear”.

If you know me from my articles (or you have the true joy of knowing me personally) you must know that up until recently I hated, despised and disdained getting up in front of people and competing.  It just has never been my forte.

But recently I have gotten out of my comfort zone and done all kinds of things I would NEVER have done in the past and most of that includes getting involved in dog competitions.

I have had some major highs (and many, many blue ribbons) and also some “lows” when my dog decided she wanted to do what she wants when she wants (she is a bitch after all).

But because I live in “The Land of Misfits” I knew that none of my dogs could reach their full potential in some of the protection sports that I adore.

So I decided I would take the advice of my new friends and competitors and I would get a dog JUST for competition. 

I'm Afraid of My Shadow!

Now, I can’t spend 10,000 to import an adult dog, or risk trying to integrate an adult dog with my pets, dogs, cats and perhaps a raccoon that thinks he’s a person.  All my dogs live inside, that is all there is to it!

So I knew I needed to start with a pup and do all that I could to raise him to reach for the skies completion-wise.

Puppies are a “crap shoot”, you can do your best to choose great genetics, socialize them sufficiently, and then train them right but you can still end up with a dog that doesn’t have what it takes to take it to win high level competitions.

I figured I would go into this with more “business sense” and less heart.  If the dog wasn’t what I wanted when he matured, I would sell him or find him a pet home and move on to another.

Right before I went into this venture, I told a competitor friend and he giggled.

Seems he knows me too well.

Meet Cerberus My New Baby….

My Newest Misfit

I had been looking forward to getting this little guy, but he had an accident and broke his jaw.  It may never heal right, may cause him pain, or he may even lose 3 teeth and that portion of his jaw.

But I learned something about myself on that day.  I DON’T CARE!!!!

I don’t care if he never reaches high levels of competition, I don’t care if his jaw is a little out of line…all I care about is him and his well-being.

It seems a person can’t just shut off their emotions.

I think this was a test from God.  I think he too giggled and decided to give me a choice; I could refuse the puppy, I could let the puppy get euthanized (***gasp*** although shamefully this was suggested by competition friends) or I could take him and let him be part of my pack.

I decided the latter was the only way I could live with myself.

I still hope that he heals and some day he brings the “fear of God” to some decoy on the field and is still the kinda guy that wags and licks toddlers in the face or lets them blow zerberts  on his belly.

But quite frankly I just don’t care if he never competes.  If he ends up being a toothless, happy dog that is good enough for me.  He will be mine till the day he dies and I hope that is not for another…say 20 years 😉

The quality of a dog is not about the job he can do (unless you are say a police officer and your life depends on it) it is about the love and joy he can bring to your life!  At least that is how it goes for me. Which is not to say that I judge my friends that compete!

Did I Mention This is Gross and Happens CONSTANTLY No Wonder She Can't Grip Full

So it doesn’t matter to me that my 12 year old dog has always had vision problems, my 2 year old dog has some kind of bizarre snotting problem that keeps her from gripping full, my 1 year old dog is afraid of his shadow and my hair dryer.   I have an adult cat that was so starved as a kitten she is only 3 pounds, or that I have a raccoon that thinks he is a Dutch Shepherd or small blonde person like me…I love each and every one of them with all my heart.

So laugh if you want, point fingers and talk about me if you are a competitor; I simply don’t have what it takes to harden my heart and get rid of anyone I love no matter their short comings (even if I do have to clean snot off of the walls, the TV, the cat and my face)…and I think that is a pretty special trait don’t you?

Welcome to my home of misfits, and I guess I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I will find SOMETHING for all of them to do so that they live happy and fulfilled lives!

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  1. Barbara says:

    Well said. I, too, am not competitive, and my dogs are not the best trained, but they love me always and I love them back, even when I get frustrated training them. I think they did better at training me. They are a joy and I can’t ask for anything more!


  2. brenda says:

    Love the picture of the problem. That doesn’t move the needle on the gross things gauge! Can she get any safe medication or herbal remedy for perhaps allergies? Dogs can be allergic to the same things we are. We had a little pitbull who used to reverse sneeze around grass (but not all year, just certain times). My younger collie Nina discovered fetch as a game, and she probably needs some more “games” to work off her tremendous energy. If I needed an actual herding dog and if I were to decide who to breed, it would be Nina. Lucy is a good stately dog but Nina is the one who loves to work. Don’t worry, both my girls are spayd. . .


    Minette Reply:

    Oh yeah, she is gross!! Especially when she sneezes ON ME, but I love her none the less.

    I have had her tested, x-rayed, anesthetized, and have tried everything from steroids, antibiotics, allergy medication and even herbal remedies and nothing works!


  3. Monika says:

    I am a dog’s trainer. Ha, ha.. GSD is afraid of whole universe< collies with genetic, autoimmune disease, spoiled rotten cuz they already live on credit. My house is a joke. Other trainers do "SOMETHING" (agility for example). I just have good pets who know what I want. I get it but believe me, most people are looking to learn only as much as it takes to have good pet. You are great anyway..You love them, they love you, what else can be important? You are the true hero, it's not easy to own/train dogs with problems.


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