I Kissed a Dog and I Liked It.

A recent survey of 482 U.S. dog owners states that more than two-thirds (68 percent) of those surveyed hug their four-legged friends more often than certain people in their lives.  30 percent of the dog owners surveyed say they hug their dogs more than their relatives and one quarter (26 percent) say that they hug their dogs more than their best friends.

A few other interesting statistics from the survey state that:

  • 56 percent of dog owners say hugging their dogs makes them smile.
  • 55 percent say it makes them happier.
  • Almost 40 percent of dog owners say hugging their dog makes them forget about the stress in their life.
  • More than 60 percent of dog owners surveyed say when they hug their dog, it returns their affection

I say that hugging your dog is fine and all but kissing your dog is where it’s at. 

Admit it. You kissed your dog this morning too and you liked it. You know you did, even though nobody saw you, you kissed your dog before you left for work and it gave you a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Come on admit it!

Fine. I’ll be the first one to step up to the plate and admit that I kiss my dogs several times a day.

  • I kiss them when I get up in the morning
  • I kiss them when I leave for work
  • I kiss them when I come for lunch
  • I kiss them when I leave to go back to work after lunch
  • I kiss them when I come from work
  • And I always, always kiss them before I go to bed at night

Now those are the times that I know for sure that I kiss my dog. I am not including the kisses that I throw in just because they look kissable at that moment in time, like during a belly rub or after a good long game of fetch.

I don’t limit my kisses to just a kiss on the head either. While this may be one of the more popular places to kiss a dog, I like to switch my kissing areas up.

  • I like to kiss their paws, which by the way, smell like Fritos.
  • I like to kiss their noses, when they aren’t covered in mud.
  • I like to kiss their ears and tell them that I love them.
  • When they are lying on their sides, I like to kiss their shoulder.
  • I don’t like to kiss their butts literally, but figuratively I guess I do every day.



I mean really, who could resist giving this sweet face a kiss everyday!


So tell me, do you kiss your dog? How many times a day do you kiss your dog? Do you have a preferred kissing area?

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  1. Maggi MacGregor says:

    Every day, when my dog comes over to me when i wake in the morning…..on the wet nose……that’s what love is!!! Maggi 🙂


    Jennifer Reply:

    Hi Maggi.

    A wet nose kiss in the morning is the best!


    Maggi MacGregor Reply:

    Hi Jennifer, Yes, nothing like it!



    Maggi MacGregor Reply:

    I also have to admit to kissing toes (which actually, really surprisingly, smell of human smelly feet!!!), ears, head,tail……everywhere! and also at any time! ‘cos sometimes you just get overwhelmed by the love that they bring to you and that you have for them! so what better reason to kiss your dog….and like it!! Maggi

    Jennifer Reply:

    I completely agree with you Maggi, they do bring us so much love!

    By the way, I think my dogs feet smell like Fritos!

  2. shilohsmom says:

    I kiss Shiloh all the time. I havn’t counted how many times a day, but he gets a lot of kisses. I mostly kiss the top of his head, his nose, his neck, and I love to kiss his whiskers too.


    Jennifer Reply:

    Sounds like Shiloh gets covered in kisses!

    I forgot about kissing the whiskers! Those are tickler kisses!


  3. Lana says:

    I kiss my Golden at least an few times per day, most days. Mostly on the face and muzzle and I have been known to kiss his “lips” which is really gross, because he eats some really nasty stuff around the farm! I also love to hug him and tell him “I wuv you Boo Boo! Your such a good boy!”


    Jennifer Reply:

    Hi Lana.
    It sounds like your Golden gets a lot of good lovin!

    I have been known to kiss a few Newfie lips in my time too. It’s all good if you don’t think too much about it:)


  4. Lana says:

    I can’t wait till I’m kissing Newfie lips, too! No kisses for Beamer today…he rolled in something and needs to get a bath first! I tell him he’s a good boy and this is the thanks I get!


  5. Zelda says:

    A little Maltese was rescued from a ditch in downtown, Big City. I agreed to take care of it. It is terrified of everyone but me, and even runs when I try to pick it up. I understand why it might be so scared; but how can I get it to be friendly and cuddle? I made it soft pillows on the floor beside my bed, which it runs to.

    When it eats its dry dog pellets, it sneaks one and hides under the table to eat it. I have tried many brands of food, and it does not like any. No, it does not like and refuses to eat canned food. It will eat Pupperoni if I break it into one inch strips…then hides with it. Any suggestions?

    It had no collar nor tags, so I took it to the vet and got new shots, etc.She said it is about 2 yrs. old.

    It likes for me to fasten the leash and walk down the driveway – but then it is afraid of going farther. (car noises)

    Is it trainable? How can I ease its fears?
    Thanks for any info. It is a beautiful solid white, long hair doggie.


    Minette Reply:

    Any dog is trainable!! It is just the amount of time it takes to train!

    It sounds like he is either feral or he has had bad experiences, either way it is going to take some time.

    Because he has never needed people he may never really be cuddly, he may accept affection eventually but may not be as cuddly as you would like.

    Start slow and read this article. http://www.thedogtrainingsecret.com/blog/understanding-desensitization-dog-training/

    I would pick one dog food and when he is hungry he will eat. Also I would meal feed him. Feed him in the morning and at night but don’t leave it out and I would put him in a room with you so that you are just “there” with him while he eats. You don’t have to do anything but sit there until he decides to come to you.

    You have to build his trust and this is going to take time, but once you have done it he may be all that you want him to be! Just let him acclimate on his own and take things one thing at a time!


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